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    I noticed the difference the most in T13 or up to GR65.

    In higher tiers you rely on the MH procs to deal damage anyway. In lower content you should be able to deal at least some damage without MH.

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    Quote from Bagstoneยป

    About the Archon rune: When I ran speed rifts with Jamoose yesterday (double wiz action), and he had Black Hole, we observed sometimes that the color of the beam would change. Probably if you cast Black Hole and suck enough mobs in to give you more +cold% damage than your +lightning% on bracers, Archon gets overwritten and is cold instead of lightning (and thus no MH proc). Maybe there are some other, similar effects happening. But the color of the beam should tell if it's an elemental issue. I don't think the rune has any relevance, as it gets overwritten anyways due to the Tal sets which gives you all 4.

    You would have to use the cold rune on black hole to overwrite your lightning rolls, spellsteal (which is most likely used) buffs all dmg straight, not just a single element.
    The issue im talking about is that sometimes you dont seem to hit with the beam at all. And im not talking about dmg numbers to show up, i mean you deal without MH proc literally zero dmg to a single white mob (healthbar not moving), which should not be the case. Its like you dont hit his hitbox at all while directly aiming at him.
    Its weird i know.. normally the Archon rune should make absolutely no difference to the actual dmg of the beam but since the ring seems to be overall bugged as hell...
    Test this rune changes please and tell me if you think it makes any difference, even though, if all works as intended, it should not.
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    i did some testing after most players experience some (probably bug related) issues with the build, such as not hitting mobs (not at all) with the beam when Manald Heal is not proccing or sometimes way less MH proc chance than it should be.

    My theory is, that this is an issue with the Combustion rune on Archon. The Combustion rune is chosen for one reason: to give the fire Tal'Rasha stack.

    Having Combustion, we dont need an actual Fire skill so we can use Arcane Torrent: Static Discharge for a) resetting Archon afap - its the best rune for proccing Obsidian, and B) being able to kill mobs outside of Archon fast.

    However, it seems to me that the game mechanic has problems with Archon's dynamic damage when Combustion rune is chosen. I didn't experience that on PTR btw.

    So, based on this theory, i tested a different setup (2 rune changes):

    Arcane Torrent: Flame Ward

    Archon: Pure Power

    And indeed, it seems the build performs significantely better with this runes.


    The difference is noticed especially in T13 or up to GR 65*

    The "non-hit problem" i think is way less noticeable, sometimes its still there, but way less common. Also MH seems to proc more often overall.

    I want to clarify, that this is not an 100% guaranteed workaround. I found it to be much better but its subjective, i could be wrong on this whole theory.

    Now, what i need is Feedback from other players before i update the build.

    Test it and let me know if you feel its working better or not, by posting in this thread or in the poll.

    Thank you very much!



    One more thing to mention:

    There are several other bugs with Manald Heal which have come to light during the season:

    • +Elite dmg on "The Furnace" not working
    • +Elite dmg on "Bane of the Powerful" not working
    • +Lightning dmg on gear not working

    This workaround does not fix these bugs (have tested it).

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