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    posted a message on [Spoiler] Chris Metzen hints at future Expansion(s) direction
    Leah is Cain successor. If she is permanently gone, there will be no continuity in the next game after Diablo 3. Tyrael would probably die of old age by then. Lame!
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    posted a message on (Massive Spoilers) Important Ingame Models
    Quote from TwistedAmbition

    I cant believe nobody noticed that this model is called tyrael.

    I was wondering why amongst the angels, there is no model for Tyrael!
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    posted a message on Φ Imperius - The true threat to Sanctuary?
    Quote from Sloth

    Yes! Yes! I like it all- I tried saying that there were two angels in that artwork but no one would believe me. It's nice to see that there are still people with eyes on these forums :D

    We know that angels can't stay in sanctuary for long (Act 3 cinematic of D2 when Tyrael says that the power that holds him to Sanctuary is fading fast and he can't stay)...so how is it that Imperius could come to Sanctuary and stay while retaining power?

    That is what the soulstones did for the Prime Evils... They allowed them to anchor to the mortal plane and retain great amounts of power

    Any ideas on how Imperius could do this? Maybe a shard from the Worldstone? Or maybe it isn't needed any longer since the Worldstone is destroyed?

    Of course! The whole plan of Hell was to fight Heaven straight-on, but until the Worldstone was destroyed, they couldn't do it. Now they can use Sanctuary as the battle field since there are no restrictions.

    What do you mean? Hell and Heaven fought each other straight on in the Pendemonium Fortress area many many times over.
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    posted a message on [small spoilers] Tyrael vs. Imperius! I made a .gif of it!
    Quote from Bleu42

    Quote from keranov

    Quote from KehrBehr

    Nice comparison! And not to be the devil's advocate, but I really do see a slit in the spear Tyrael is holding. The spears look a little different, but Blizzard changed many things in Diablo to look a little different. Tristam being one. So mabye they are the same, maybe not. By the time DIII comes out, we'll know the answer, and forget all about this thread ^_^

    Yeah I think I see something too, but it is not like this slit here:

    It is from the same cinematic. I doubt they changed the look of Solarion in a single cinematic.

    don't even look for a slit... look at the object at the base where the handle meets up with the blade. It's some star shaped object, while the base of the blade that tyrael is holding is completely different. They are holding two different weapons.

    This guy got it. I was staring at this star object on Solarian too and I didn't see it on Tyrael's weapon.
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    posted a message on 2 TV Spots to Date; Which do you prefer?
    The second one is more revealing. We see Imperius fighting Diablo and Tyrael.
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    posted a message on No deathanimations in Diablo 3
    Wow ... they more they tell us, the more I realize that the Diablo 3 dev team is just spending time on all the basic stuffs. They are basically trying to make a Diablo 2.5, not Diablo 3. There are less and less features to impress me. And this is resembling more and more to Duke Nukem Forever 2.0.
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    posted a message on Disappointment in Blizzard
    Quote from Painapple

    I dunno, but I for one have always loved Blizzard's games, ever since I started playing. In my eyes, the games they develop is less something which I am entitled to have, and more a gift from Blizzard. And I'm not in the habit of demanding gifts from people.

    I will get the gift when the time is right, and not before, and I am content to wait for it. Because they never fail to deliver.

    <3 Blizzard

    A gift is something that is free. Blizzard products are not free.
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    posted a message on Black Soul Stone - Spoiler
    Tis da key to da panda island.
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    posted a message on [Idea] Diablo 4 (Diablo Prequal, Angels and Demons?)
    No, thanks! I hate prequels. Instead of going forward, you just want something in the past that has no future. Absolutely not!
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    posted a message on SPOILER
    Quote from Feabreg

    Ok I know this have been discussed over and over again on the forums...

    but i was watching the 15th anniversary movie and i caught this (from the uncut version)

    I know he wasn't on the data mined stuff... but this is from an official Blizzard movie. So do you think we can have some hope?? :P

    How do you even spot whatever you wanted to spot on there. Then how can you be sure it is what you think it is?
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    posted a message on Hint at a possibility to a fourth Diablo
    Quote from TheAdziK

    Don't quote me on this but i think Blizzard stated that there will be no D4.

    But there should be 2 expansions.

    Actually they said it would be the end of the trilogy but not the end for future story taking place in the Sanctuary.
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    posted a message on Any beta player not using your account?
    Really? If I give you my account, what is stopping you from going to play my WoW and SC2 as well? And he could just email all my gold and gears to god knows whose account. Did the TC even think about what he is asking?
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    posted a message on 3 new peeks at D3 cinematics from 15 anniversary (video)
    Apart from Imperius who is the other angel? At first I thought he looked like Tyrael except he was holding a long staff/spear(??) weapon, not a sword that Tyrael used to wield.
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    posted a message on Which artisan are you leveling first?
    Other than the Blacksmith, I have not seen any sign of the other two artisans. So you pretty much have to level blacksmith first at least in New Tristram, no?
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 Opening Cinematic
    Quote from LordRayken

    Very unimpressive. Ultimately, I expected much more from a game in development for over 5 years now.

    The cinematic was boring, uninformative, and simply unfitting to introduce us to the world of Diablo with some weird drawings of Angels and Demons fighting.

    Compare this, if you will, to the cinematic intro of Diablo 1 and Diablo 2.



    Sorry Blizzard.

    Your intro was disappointing and bland.

    This cinematic is not supposed to tell Diablo's life story or introduce anyone to the world of Sanctuary. It is merely a lead into Chapter 1 of Diablo 3. Just like that in D2 with Marius telling us how he met the wanderer leading into chapter 1, then connect chapter 1 and 2, 2 and 3 and so on.

    You seemed to have played D1 and D2 but you failed to grasp what was the purpose of those cinematics. So now you complain complain and completely missed the mark.
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