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    posted a message on A viable Tal Rasha setup?

    Hi everyone,

    I want to try a TR build but I lack the following items:

    Ring of Royal Grandeur
    Wand of Woh
    Firebird Pinions(in case of TR+FB)

    Pretty much have all the other items essential to wizards. What kind of a build would you recommend for TX runs?

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    posted a message on Newbie Torrent Starter

    Hi all,

    I began to go Torrent with my wizard.Here is a link to my profile :

    Now I have 2 Tal Rasha, 2 Vyr's, 4 Delsere's, 3 Firebird's and 3 Sage (for DB) set items.

    I found many useful legendaries except Halo of Arlyse, Furnace.

    I am not sure which way to go in regards to skills, sets etc. I want to make a build that will farm easily in T+ difficulty for the moment.

    One other question is: How do I benefit from the stun procs of Parthan Defenders? Which skill should I use?

    Is the set Legacy of nightmares worth using when compared to Endless Walk? I have two ancient items.

    Suggestions and answer are very appreciated. Thanks!

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