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    im in EU server have paragon 800+ (normal all classes), HC (200+ crusader, dident play that much played just for acivements :D), and this season (600+ monk).

    I main monk (dps, this because i play solo and with some friends of mine to have fun not to get competitive... i just want the portrate frames and transmogs) but i would like to see how it is with a competitive group as well.

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    Well... in my opinion a pvp cant hurt the game that much... i thought it like this:

    create a separete caracter creation (like season or hardcore) and in that specific categories only pvp gear that you can loot from playing maches and progres like in wow, and in this category all the % base dmg from all clases should be lowered and mached for a nice balanced game (in my opinion to last more that 5 min a fight not just insta death). And in this way they can create leader boards and score, all you need to make it competitive.

    I dont know but they have the knolege from other games that blizz have and they can implement it in some way to have some pvp as well.

    But i like Diablo 3 as it is right now :D... it will be nice to have a pvp to relax from geting bored of farming :P...

    And sry for my bad english but i thing you guis will understand were im aiming :P have fun ;)

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