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    Hey guys,

    would be interesting if some1 else noticed this, but the density in the new rift layouts are pretty bad.

    Guess how many elites I found here:

    There were two elite pack. Besides that also very little normal enemies. Didnt they do several improvements to density in rifts ?

    I guess the new layouts arent affected by this.

    I like the artstlye of them though but the density puts them at the bottom of all rift layouts.

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    For me the best thing about D3 is the loot hunting. There is nothing better than to start fresh with absolutely nothing and gearing your char from zero. I have no idea how ppl can enjoy this game if all classes are fully geared. Farming for days just to get an item which gives you 1% more dmg or toughness must be boring as hell. For me there is absolutely no point in playing non season at all, but each to their own.

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