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    I feel like everyone who is not satisfied with what the devs are doing and how they are ' listening ' should just ditch the forums, any testing PTR etc and just quit the game, maybe than these devs will understand their way is not working.Since even though 99% of the player base since release of most anticipated game of the decade left long time ago.Some have returned, to forums mostly, in hopes blizzard will change the way game works.Sadly that never happened.It's 2017. This game is 5 years old almost. Sure many things have been fixed since that dreadful version of vanilla, but many things were never changed ( like set oriented dumb thing ).

    This is all happening because they don't have competition, that's what i believe.

    This can be a very long topic, but i will not even bother, it's not worth the effort anymore.

    After Star Craft universe, diablo comes next to me, and they butchered it. I mean they ruined SC2 since WoL as well. And those are different devs completely.Star Craft 2 is dead almost.The only thing that is alive over there is co-op, it takes 3-5 seconds to find a game.Other than that non-pro players are almost non existent.

    Sure we can't expect them to fix all for free. But i propose a rise up.Some kind of a petition ?

    for example, for us, the players to have patience and for devs to take their time and make a completely new diablo game, where sets dont dictate how to play. A day will come when Lost Ark will be released, and if it's not p2w, if its proper looting game even for 100 euros cost, people will buy it ( including myself ) and forget about blizzard for ever.Not to mention if its possible to play multiple builds with aprox same power.And not this build does trillion dmg, that build does million dmg

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    Instead of them making us able to play our way, with no sets, with abilities ( builds ) that we want, they just increase stats on existing items and call it developing.Jesus f Christ i wanna punch myself in the .!.

    How can someone so retarded be paid 5+ figures a month probably.God damn it

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    I was hoping for ultra new diablo 4 engine to be announced ... we get old class from before , which is behind pay wall

    no engine upgrade

    no build diversity upgrade


    Its amazing to me that people are still playing this broken game.But i hope Lost Ark or Lineage release very soon and bury this crap of so called game

    all the best to all people in here, i just had to write my frustration. R.I.P Diablo

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