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    I believe if you want an item you just can't seem to get hold of you need at least 16 rares and mats worth (400 of each) and upgrade all of them in a row so you give RNG a chance to get around to what you want. I've found if you break the upgrade sequence and come back to it again then you will get the same easy to get items up first again.

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    They don't change it because why change a winning formula, you may disagree but in my clan I've seen at least a few dozen brand new players in the last few months, that's only english speaking players and one's who have crossed my path in the clan. Blizzard don't release results but to their shareholders which they can't lie to by law, Diablo 3 is one of their biggest money earners.

    I notice a lot of people complain because the game has gotten stale but have spent a 1000 hours on the game, of course it's going to get stale. D2 only had one big change during it's 12 year run, nothing else, no 3 mth patches with new items and set buffs.

    I just don't get the constant complaints from a select few, is this really the only thing you have in your lives. No other game, no real friends just the desire to complain about something that won't change, you know what they say about the definition of insanity.

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    As it stands I have at least one of each character and which ever character I'm playing at the time which sometimes might be the whole season, the other one's are used as mules to carry their own class specific pieces.

    I'll admit if Blizz are going to introduce new, buffed or re worked items each season then it only stands that they need to make it easier to add stash tabs as it is themselves who are encouraging the hoarding of more and more stuff.

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