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    Thanks for the feedback.

    1) Lifesteal on weapons: seems you are right, this is actually rather cheap on weapons, I will have to look into this a bit more :)

    6) I still think that crit chance on bracers is a must. True, the combination of resist all, crit chance and high str is expensive, but if you go for resist all + crit chance + high vit it's a lot cheaper. Either replace the str with vit, or replace the resist all with physical/fire resist, but keeping the crit chance is realy a must in my opinion.

    9) I dual wield and I don't have resist all on my gloves, nor on my belt, but my resists are still 800-900 (buffed by WC). I have resist all (50+) on one of my rings, and I realy try to find gear that has resist all along with an additional single resist (physical/fire in particular). If you can get reasonably high (40-50) fire resist on 2 pieces and physical resist on another 2 pieces, with the WC bonus this adds around 150 resist to fire and physical.

    Another thing I recommend looking for on the AH is rings with +armor, since this is a realy undervalued mod on rings. With enchantress and WC you get +35% armor, so 150-200 armor on a ring will give you around 250 armor which is quite a lot.
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    posted a message on Barb ah strategy for dps and survivability
    The only way your recommendations are any good is if you are spending 20+ million for each gear piece, and if that's the case I don't think this guide will teach people anything they don't already know. For the vast majority of players your search suggestions are so bad that they are downright misleading. Some of the biggest mistakes:

    1) weapons: both weapons don't need LOH or lifesteel, for the mainhander all you need is high damage with crit and/or socket. If you can get both its nice, but this will be very costly.

    2) when searching weapons, if you enter 150 crit dmg you will miss a LOT of good weapons simply because they are socketed with low emeralds , other gems or simply empty sockets. Many sellers will unsocket the high-lvl emerald and put in a flawless square (+45%), and if you have 150 as search criteria you will miss 100% of these weapons.

    3) for WW/sprint (which I assume are the vast majority of DW barbs) the damage of the offhander can be zero and you will still do very good, no point in having 700+ dps. I have a 420 dps offhander and I faceroll A3.

    4) helm: by having 5% crit as criteria you will only get the ilvl 63 helms and you are thus missing very good helms in the illv 61 and 62 range (including all crafted helms), as well as many good ilvl 63 helms with less than 5% crit. It's MUCH better to use 4% crit as criteria

    5) rings: same as helm, lower the crit to 3% or you will miss most of the good rings

    6) bracers: again it's the same thing, lower the crit to 4%

    7) amulet: crit chance is much more important than crit dmg, and you suggest only having 4% crit chance (where max is 8.5) but a whopping 50% crit dmg (where 65% is max). I would suggest the exact opposite, using 6% crit chance and leaving the crit dmg numbers box empty, or not even include crit dmg in the search and instead look for LOH.

    8) belt: belts with life steal are by necessity mighty belts, and thus the max ilvl is 62 which means that resist all is capped at 70. By using 60 as a cutoff you miss almost all the good belts, unless you are willing to settle for a belt with almost no strength on it which is a VERY bad idea. I just did a search for belts with life steal (any %), resist all 60 (as you suggest) and 150 str (on belts it goes up to 300, so 150 is pretty much minimum) and I got only 9 hits. I suggest lowering the resist all to 50 or even 40, or removing it alltogether and replacing it with physical resist or fire resist. Belts with life steal, 60+ resist all and high str usually go for 40+ million....

    9) gloves: with no less than 3 damage modifiers on gloves (crit chance, crit dmg, attack speed) it's a very bad idea to look for resist all on gloves. Remove that criteria and look for 8% crit chance, crit dmg and str.

    10) chest/pants: with 70 resist all as cutoff you again miss (almost) all of the stuff that isn't ilvl 63. By lowering it to 60 you get something like 5-10 times more gear to choose from. I suggest looking for max sockets, 50-60 resist all and 100+ vit instead.
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    Some suggestions:

    1) replace the passive Superstition with one of the armor passives (Tough as Nails or Nerves of Steel), whichever gives you most armor

    2) unless you are already using the enchantress, this is the follower to get, with the armor passive

    3) you need rings/helmet with crit chance

    4) get belt with life leech

    5) upgrade your gems to at least star quality, this is pretty cheap compared to getting new gear

    6) you need better boots, the ones you have now give 84 str and no vit
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    posted a message on Need gear upgrade advice for struggling WW barb (Act 3)
    Some of your realy needs upgrading to be viable in act 3:

    Chest: your chest is equivalent to a 3-socket chest with 70 resist all and no other mods. Look for 3 sockets, resist all and 100+ vit. bonuses to look for are +armor, physical resist or fire resist
    Pants: pretty much the same situation as your chest
    Rings: besides the +attack speed these are merely stat rings. Look for rings with 3% crit chance and other useful mods. For around 1m you can get a decent ring with crit chance, 50 resist all and str and/or vit
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    posted a message on Is it even possible for act 3 to be >= act 2
    Quote from Geodoni

    i noticed that you didn't mention desolate sands so i'm assuming you start the run in the vault. i use the belial quest since it lets you take leah and adria with you, and its not much but they do a little damage and keep elites engaged if you die (in outside maps that is)
    I don't start in the vault of assassins, I honestly don't even know if that's possible. To get to the vault I start in ancient path and then go east to desolate sands. I don't realy try to find anything in the desolate sands except the vault, as soon as I find the vault I go down there and then never go back to the sands.

    I realy suggest you start with the quest I mentioned, killing Kulle is realy fast and easy and if you for some reason have to (or want to) quit your run early you just take the waypoint to Kulle and kill him in like 30 seconds, for 2 easy rares.
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    posted a message on Help with stats for "safe" a3 farm.
    Quote from FleckerMan

    I thought every other hit uses your off hand though...?
    For bash/WW this is true, but for sprint tornadoes it's only the mainhander.
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    posted a message on Help with stats for "safe" a3 farm.
    My stats with WC but without BR/enchantress:

    Damage: 48k
    Armor: 7,0k
    HP: 40k
    All res: 800-900
    LoH: 1440
    Life steal: 2,5%
    Crit: 52,5%
    Crit dmg: 376%
    Attack speed: 1.59 or 1.71 (depending on what I swung last)

    Keep in mind that the in-game displayed DPS is rather misleading, at least if you offhander has a lot lower dmg than your mainhander. My offhander is only 420 dps, so my "real" dps is thus much higher than 48k. My stats are quite similar to yours, except that I have slightly higher stats overall, 50% more LOH and about twice the damage.

    I suggest working on your damage (more strength, more crit chance, better mainhand, some +attack speed) and your LOH. Best (and cheapest) places for LOH is on offhander (aim for at least 700) and neck (as much LOH as you can possibly get). Unless you already have a gear piece with a reasonable amount of +attack speed I suggest picking this up, either on ring or neck. Blackthornes neck has as standard mods LOH (300-450) +attack speed (6-7%), +11-12% life and 2 random mods. If you can pick this up with crit chance it's arealy good neck.
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    posted a message on Is it even possible for act 3 to be >= act 2
    My A3 run is quite similar (listed in the order I do it):
    Sewer 1 (leave after first pack)
    Black Canyon 3-5
    Howling Plateau 1-4 (always go down into Sirocco Caverns if it spawns)
    Singing Winds 3-8 (including Ruins/Temple of Idol)
    Alcarnus 1-2
    Ruined Cistern 1 (leave after first pack)
    Oasis 5-7 (including ruins)
    Vault of the Assasin 6-7
    Archives of Zoltan 5-8
    Zoltan Kulle

    I start my run at quest 8, Soulstone Chamber. In the above numbers I count goblins as 1 pack. If you count Zoltan Kulle as 2 packs (since he has 2 guarenteed rares) this run gives me on average 40 packs and takes about 45 minutes. An important part of making it fast is to not clean out the maps, as soon as you have done most of a map (and found a reasonable amount of packs) its time to move on. I also pick up very few items, for weapons only ilvl 62-63 (for 2handers only 63) and armors ilvl 61-63. I do a quick search on blues, picking up only stuff that sells fast, mainly high amounts of goldfind. All other stuff stays on the ground. I don't salvage anything, just vendor the crap rares. I use a WW/sprint barb with 10% MS boots. I die perhaps once every 2-3 runs, usually due to mistakes on my part (WWing in beams and having moltens explode on me etc). I don't skip any packs.

    Comparing to A3 I get a lot more drops doing A2 runs, but the quality is a lot worse also. The biggest difference is on weapons, as only ilvl 63 weapons sell for any meaningful amounts of gold. Only real advantage of A2 is that (due to much higher kill rate) I get a lot more plans. I'm not realy sure which is most effective, they seem to be about equal. I do both A2 and A3 runs for some variation. From time to time I also do ponies, but the only good way to do ponies is with full mf gear, which barbs are less good at (unless you have amazing gear).
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    posted a message on How do I remove NPC dialogue?
    I've been looking like crazy to turn this stuff off, like when the ghost of the cow king starts talking before entering ponies etc. I can't find it anywhere in the options, but I've seen this stuff being turned off on youtube clips. How the heck do I turn it off?
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    posted a message on Gear requirements/budget needed for WW/Tornado build
    Quote from Turar

    What levels of

    Crit dmg
    All res/armor

    I've currently only got around 14M, is that enough to get started?

    Suggested starting build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/barbarian#ahPUik!bYZ!YZbZYc

    Crit chance: 50% unbuffed - base 5, passives 15, gloves 8, rings 3.5 each, neck 7, helm 4, bracers 4) I have 52.5% unbuffed
    Crit dmg: 300% is a good starting amount - base 50, passives 50, socket on both weapons with 70% from star emerald, some extra from your gloves and either a ring, neck or from the offhand and you easily have 300 total. I have 376% crit dmg.
    Str: as much as you can. In my experience, once you have around 50% crit chance, 300% crit dmg and reasonable resists, its all about stacking str. Besides the obvious effect of increasing damage, stacking str will give you more armor (x 1.35 from skills/enchantress) and more dmg will give you more life leech. I have 1700 str.
    LOH: as long as you have reasonable armor/resists 1200 LOH or around there is just fine, provided you have life leech. Best way to get life leech is from your belt. I have 1400 LOH.
    DPS: this is a bit tricky, since the displayed dps is a big lie when it comes to a sprint/ww build. 75% of your damage comes from sprint tornadoes, and for this the offhands dmg is irrelevant. I would say 40k dps is a minimum for a3, preferably 50k. I have 50k unbuffed, 59k buffed.
    Resists: 800 resist all is more than enough. It does however help a lot if you can find gear with extra physical or fire resistance. I have 800-900 resists.
    Armor: 7k is a good number to aim for. Use enchantress, for passive either nerves of steel or tough as nails (whichever gives you most +armor). Stacking str means getting armor for free. I have 7.8k armor buffed.
    HP: 40k, with good resists/armor you can do it with 35k. Only reason to get considerably more than 40k is if you have crappy resistances. I have 40k hp.

    If you already have a barb you will have at least some gear that is usable, like shoulders, chest, pants, boots. For 14m you can definatly get gear that is enough for a3, but as has been pointed out its probably best to start in a2. Its not just about gear, its about learning how to play with this build, and a2 (or even a1) is a good place to start out. Otherwise you will die a lot in a3, even with realy good gear and you will get frustrated like hell.

    Tips on getting good gear at reasonable prices:
    1) Low dps offhander. This is what will save you the most gold, and it will not reduce your sprint dmg at all. You can have 0 dmg on your offhander and the sprint tornadoes still do the same amount of damage, and around 75% of your damage output comes from these tornadoes. It took me a long time to figure this out, during which time I wasted a lot of money on bad offhanders. My current offhander is a 420 dps sword with 96% crit dmg, socket, 710 LOH, 107 vit that I bought for around 4m. I faceroll a3, taking down siegebreaker in 5 seconds. With a 1000 dps offhander I would increase my bash/WW dmg, but my sprint dmg would be the same. I don't think its worth 300+ million to take down siegebreaker 1-2 seconds faster.
    2) Instead of high resist all, find gear with +fire or +physical resistance along with +armor.
    3) % life is a lot cheaper than +vit gear
    4) sockets on rings are usually a lot cheaper than high amounts +str, this is even more true if the person selling has socketed it with +vit/int/dex gems or has the socket open.
    5) on gloves get only the basics (no resist all etc), but with high numbers of crit chance, crit dmg and str.
    6) look for chest armor with 2 sockets, since end-gear is 3 sockets many people will overlook the 2-socket chests despite otherwise very nice stats.
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    posted a message on WW Barb - good gear but still getting owned act 3
    In short, for A3 farming to work you need to get 3 things right: gear, build, playing skills. Your gear seems quite good, in many cases better than most who do A3. I did A3 myself with considerably weaker gear than you currently have. It would seem you need to work on build and playing skills.

    In my opinion there is no need for overpower in this build, and no need for such high LOH. If you have life leech (and you have the maximum possible 3% on your belt) and reasonable damage/armor/resists (which you have) you can get by with around 1200 LOH.

    Unfortunately you don't link your current build which would help a lot. What passives are you using? You have a enchantress and a lot of +armor from gear (on no less than 7 pieces!) but still your armor seems a bit low. Besides the mandatory ruthless + weapons master I suggest taking either nerves of steel or tough as nails (whichever gives the biggest bonus to armor).

    In the video you post you are taking massive damage from a prolonged stay in molten, which is one of the quickest ways to die. What you need to do is slowly move away from the molten pack, and once in a while make a quick sweep towards the edge, hitting 1 or 2 of the champs and hopefully not travelling through too much molten. Then quickly back off again, repeat a few times and they are dead. With pesky monsters that like running away this is a bit trickier, one thing that can work is to sprint after one of them and just bash him 1-2 times. Try to single out the champ with the lowest hp, as soon as you are down to 2 champs the firechains will be a lot easier to handle. Its important to understand that if a room starts filling up with molten, plague or arcane beams, its time to move to the next room and start over. This takes only a few seconds and will save many deaths.

    I've also noticed that with tougher packs (especially invulnerable minions) its a lot easier if you manage to kite these into an area with normal white mobs. The normal mobs will give you a lot of extra life (from loh, life leech and health globes), and if you decide on popping berserk+slaughter they will help a lot by triggering the slaughter effect. You can also herd 2-3 different elite packs into the same space and pop berserk, I often take down 2-3 packs at the same time in just a few seconds.

    The easiest way is to have berserk+slaughter, and save it for the tough packs. I pop berserk only when I see stuff that will limit my healing ability (frozen, jailer, shielding, invulnerable minions) or that will deal massive damage (firechains+molten, frozen+arcane, demonic tremor packs). I'm finding that with practice I don't need to use berserker very often on frozen, as soon as you see the ice orb building up its time to retreat. If I'm fighting in open terrain. I often also instinctively make a short pause after having cleaned a pack with berserk, spending a few seconds on managing inventory (quick trip to town, ID some rares etc) which increases the chance of it being available again for the next pack.

    Some opinions on your gear:
    General opinion: too high loh, good resists, good vitality, not enough crit dmg or +str.

    Offhand: dont even look at the dps, look only for 700+ LOH and crit dmg, preferably both socket AND built-in crit dmg. Find an offhand with high attack speed if possible (dagger or sword, try avoiding spear/mace/axe). If you can also get vit or str its nice, but not mandatory. Don't be afraid to use a 400 dps weapon with nice stats.
    Mainhand: you want a mace, if you cant find a good one get an axe. Nothing else will do (spear, sword, mighty weapon etc = big no no for mainhand). Unless you have amazing amounts of gold you dont want LOH on your mainhand. Go for high dps and crit dmg, either from a socket or built-in, or if you have a lot of money get both.
    Neck/rings: you get around 500 loh off these, and good stats (str+vit slightly over 700, which is realy massive!) and reasonable crit chance. Any upgrades on these will be expensive. Concentrate your money on other items.
    Shoulders/helm/bracers/boots: looking realy solid, all have +armor and resist all, and extra resists from +int. Upgrading this would include +% life or vit on shoulders or some single resists, which is very expensive.
    Gloves: solid stuff, you could get higher str but at the cost of tons of gold or loosing the resist all, I say stick with the ones you have.
    Belt: you have a bit of everything on these, but none with any higher numbers on them. Counting 1% life = 10 vit, you get 168 stat points (str+vit+% life) which is quite weak. Str on belt goes up to 300, and you have only 51. The resist all is low as well. I know that it is INSANELY expensive to get a life leech belt with resist all and high stats, so unless you have 20+ million to spend you cant get all of this. Instead get a belt life leech and about the same amount of hp and at least 100 more str, preferably str over 200. This would give you roughly 150 more str. To maintain the defensive aspect of your belt get either single resist from fire or physical, or +armor (or both).
    Chest: good defensive aspects but no sockets, low str. Needs upgrading, the cheapest way to get this is to go for a chest with about as much vit as you currently have, no +str, 3 sockets, resist all, and physical/fire resist or +armor (or both).
    Pants: no str, no sockets. When comparing gear I count 1 socket = 50 stat points, so your pants are basically 2 sockets and 66 vitality which is VERY weak. These definately need upgrading.

    Concerning resistance on gear: I'm not sure if its something you strived for, but you have additional single resistence on 5 pieces of gear, which is realy good. Unfortunately not even ONE of these is in a usefull category (physical, fire or lightning) which is something to consider as you upgrade gear.

    I would get the weapons sorted out first, then either belt or pants, last would be chest. This should add a whole lot of str without loosing too much relevant resists. Keep in mind that as you add str, you also add armor. The added damage from getting just a little bit more str is multiplied greatly by your crit chance and crit dmg. Getting 150 more str off your belt, and around 150 more from pants+chest will give you 300 more str which is a damge increase of about 25%. This also means that your life leech gets 25% more effective.

    Sorry for the long post, hope this helps.
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    posted a message on Need Gearing Tips [Act 3, Inferno]
    Your resists, life and armor are more than enough to survive act 3. You don't mention your damage, nor does it show on any of the pictures. With only 1268 strength, 3 defensive passive skills, non-existent crit chance/dmg and a 787 dps weapon I'm guessing it's realy low.

    You don't mention how you intend to play with this build, but if the plan is to farm A3 solo then you will need a LOT more damage for it to be effective. If you plan on going solo I strongly suggest switching builds to the popular WW/sprint build and giving it a try. For the 4 million you mention you can buy the relevant gear (crit chance on rings/neck/helm/gloves/bracers, 2 new weapons with socket).

    If you intend to play A3 in team games then I suggest going even more defensive, looking mainly for gear with more armor, vitality, resists and % life, and upgrading your shield to a sacred shield (=higher block amount).

    Basically your gear is too low dps for solo play, and not tanky enough for team play.
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    posted a message on Does Off-Hand DPS matter? *Double WW Build*
    Quote from Swagger

    Would a weap with solid stats but only 200 dps be too low despite being the off hand

    It depends on how much you use WW and bash as pure damage dealers. If you use these a lot (which alternatve between mainhand and offhand damage) a 200 dps stat stick will hurt your damage. But as has already been pointed out, if you play this build correctly the biggest part of your damage will come from sprint tornadoes, probably around 75% of your total dmg output. So from a pure sprint point of view the dmg on your offhand can be 0.

    What actually does matter is the attack speed of your offhand, you want as high as possible since this has an effect on your tornado dmg. The number of ticks per second (and thus damage per second) is based on the attack speed of the weapon that you swung most recently (you can see this in the stats section). So all other things being equal, you want a fast offhand rather than a slow one. This also has a small extra benefit when using bash from the fact that your low-dps offhand will hit faster, reducing the time interval until your next heavy hit from your mainhand. The ideal offhander is thus a dagger with increased attack speed, second best would be a sword.

    My offhand is a 420 dps sword (1.4 APS) with 105 vit, 710 LOH, 96% crit dmg, socket. Despite the seemingly low dps I kill siegebreaker in around 5 seconds. If my offhand had 1000 dps instead I would kill him faster, but the difference would be quite minimal. The main difference is that such a weapon would cost at least 100 times what I paid for my current one :)
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    posted a message on How do you rate various types of resistance?
    Quote from Gnarf

    0 cold, poison and arcane
    How do you plan to survive plauge, succubi and chain-frozen? With 0 resist this stuff will more or less instagib you unless you have massive armor.
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    posted a message on Show me pictures of your enchantress gear
    Concerning templar over enchantress for mf: you can still get enchantress up to 101 mf as compared to the templars 121, and after reduction this means a difference of only 4%. Is it realy worth it to take the templar and loose the IAS and armor bonus for a measly 4% extra mf?
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