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    posted a message on how to one-rend kill mobs, more chd?
    To maximize rend damage you should replace gear pieces where a lot of the dps is coming from attack speed. Currently your Lacunis are a prime example of this, if you remove the attack speed the only damage bonus from it is 40 str and 5.5 CC. Obviously the movement speed bonus is a must, but if you switch your Ice climbers to MS ones you can craft bracers with 200 more str than you currently have.
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    posted a message on What to craft next?
    It won't be as easy to upgrade that neck as many here seem to think. You already have 3 out of the 4 possible damage modifiers (CC, CD, average damage, attack speed) and the ones you have are more or less at max possible value. You also have 172 str on it (including socket), which is quite close to the base str from a crafted neck. I estimate that you would need to craft several thousand necks to upgrade the dps compared to the current one.

    It's probably best to craft vit shoulders, even though the chance of upgrading your current ones is small. But vit shoulders are definately the way to go, since you can get 100 more base stats compared to str shoulders.
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    posted a message on Gear Upgrade (Budget ~800m)
    I don't agree with the above poster about changing gloves. Your current gloves have 195 str, 10 CC and 47 CD, so good lucking getting more dps from crafted gloves unless you roll trifecta. The only real way to get better gloves IMHO is if you get IK with a better 2nd roll (instead of current one which is cold resist). But getting a good 2nd roll (attack speed, vit, str, resist all) along with max CC and almost max CD will be insanely expensive. I say stick with your current gloves and upgrade something else.

    I do agree on the belt, it's probably your weakest piece at the moment. It has low attack speed (8 out of 9 possible) and low CD (goes from 35 to 50, and you have 37), with only 52 str. Only good part is the high resist all and the fact that it has at least some vit on it. Keep in mind that depending on gear levels, 1 attack speed is worth about 20 str, and 1 CD is about 4 str. In other words a non-str WH with 9% AS and 45-ish CD will give the same dps as your current one. Expensive part is getting both 9% AS, high CD, resist all, str and vit. You will have to skip the resist, str or vit unless you are realy rich. I suggest skipping the vit, and also expanding your search to include belts with a bit lower resist all, 50+ is good enough. 100-ish str, 9% AS and 45-ish CD will be a good dps boost for you. The vit you lose by getting a non-vit WH is easily compensated by the fact that you gain 2 vit per paragon (at p100 you'll have 40 more vit than now), plus at p100 you'll get a life gem for your helm for a massive life boost.

    I also don't think that IK belt is a very good option, at least not in the long run. I see IK belt as an option mostly for those that use a non-life steal Skorn, a build you are obviously not using. For dual wield it's pretty easy to get life steal on at least one weapon like you currently have, so you don't realy need it on the belt (unless of course you don't use the passive life steal and instead use for example brawler).

    After the belt it's time for better boots. Of the 3 random rolls on ice climbers, you got 1 good (vit) and 2 crappy (int, lightning resist). In the long run I think it's a good idea to go for movement speed on boots, either ice climbers (expensive) or some other boots. That way you can craft bracers which will be better than your lacunis. For crafted bracers you can roll pretty much any str along with 5% CC and you will break even on dps compared to your current lacunis. Not to mention the possibility of getting higher CC, higher str and defensive rolls (resist, armor). Plus with your current neck it will be hard upgrading it through crafting, and your shoulders are realy nice and you will most certainly keep using IK gloves. So not much else to use those essences for other than crafting bracers anyway :)

    Now you only need 20 more paragon so you can get rid of that Hellfire ring and get a life gem in the helm.
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    posted a message on Where should I be farming
    General impressions: good defensive stats (high life steal from gear, massive resistance and armor, massive vitality for a p13 character) but not enough offensive stats (in particular low crit chance, crit damage and attack speed). Your resistances are about 100-200 more (and your armor is about 1k more) than many who farm mp10. Getting more dps should be your main concern, even if you might loose a bit of defence in the process.

    Your strength is pretty good, if you were p100 with your current gear (but upgrade all rubies to +58) you would have almost 2900 str so this is obviously not what you are lacking. You realy need to get your CC up, it's only at 30 out of a possible 45 for a non-shield build. Strive to get CC to around 40. Your CD is also on the low side with +358 from gear, you want to get at least 50 more, preferably 100 more. Only piece you have with high CC is your gloves (but low CD), only piece with high CD is neck (but low CC). Attack speed isn't too important for a rend build, but you don't have attack speed on any single gear piece.

    Gear upgrading as follows:

    Helm: The obvious piece to upgrade first. Since you are only using one single Immortal King item (chest) you will get the partial set bonus (+60 resist all) if you use any other IK piece. Helm is the obvious choice, since you don't need the IK belt for lifesteal (you have it on the Skorn) and your gloves are pretty good. You can get any IK helm with 170+ str and 6% CC, it will give a big boost to your dps, without realy loosing anything in the process (you get 10-12% life instead of vit, and also some melee damage reduction). It costs basically nothing if you don't care about the random roll and it won't be too expensive finding one with a reasonably good random roll like physical resistance (it's much more expensive with resist all or vit).

    Movement speed: you only get movement speed from boots, you realy should get it on bracers (Lacuni) or pants (Innas) as well. Both of these also add attack speed which you don't have on any single gear piece. You will loose some defensive stats in the process but most likely gain dps. It's not entirely obvious if you should go for Lacuni or Innas, but your current pants are very good so Lacunis seem like a good bet.

    Crafting: you don't have any crafted items at all (besides pants, and they don't use demonic essences). You have good gloves and shoulders, and if you go for Lacunis you won't need to craft bracers. And your neck is quite weak on offensive stats (low CC, low str). I would recommend that you use all your essences crafting necks, trying to get one with high CC (8+) along with at least one other damage mod (crit damage, attack speed, +X-Y average damage).

    Hellfire ring: since you aren't using a ruby in your helm you might as well use a real ring instead of the Hellfire. You can get a random strength Unity for nothing, and it will be a huge dps boost for you. You can get one with low crit dmg as random roll for cheap.

    Gems: upgrade that 90% emerald to 100%, or just borrow one from your demon hunter :)

    I wouldn't consider upgrading the other gear (shoulders, gloves, chest, boots, Skorn) until you have taken care of the above stuff. Belt you will eventually want to get a Witching Hour, but you will loose a bit of vitality and str in the process (unless you are rich). Considering the CD and attack speed you still won't loose dps. Alternative is to get a higher dps Skorn with higher crit damage and no life leech, and get an IK belt and possibly also the life steal passive.

    For skills I realy don't see the need for Revenge-provocation. You certainly don't need the life steel since you have that on the Skorn. I would go for Overpower-killing spree instead, since during combat this will give you more or less non-stop 10% more crit chance. The above mentiond gear changes should give you roughly 10% additional CC, in other words 20% more than now, which will be a huge dps boost, even more so if you upgrade your crit damage.

    I would look to farm mp6-8, always in a 4-person team. Look for a good team including a monk with conviction mantra and a cm wizard. Do the standard act 1 run (woods-hollow-fields, repeat). Hope any of this helps :)
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    posted a message on Gear advice!
    Overall very good changes. Some things to consider about yoru mainhand:

    1) With a spear as mainhand you get (from passive Weapons Master) +10% attack speed instead of +10% CC. 10 CC is much better than 10 AS, so if you ever upgrade your mainhand look for an axe or mace.

    2) The damage from sprint tornadoes is based on the mainhand damage, not the mainhand dps. The tick rate of the tornadoes is based on total attacks per second, so a fast mainhand will add damage to your tornadoes, but not as much as one would think. Ideally you want a high dps mainhand that is SLOW. The slowest 1h will be a mace without any +AS (= 1.2 APS) or an axe (= 1.3 APS). Your spear has + 9% attack speed, this isnt necessarily bad (you end up with 1.31 APS, i.e. much like an axe). In the future I recommend looking for a mainhand with high dps but without any +AS modifiers, since this will do more damage for your tornadoes.

    In all, your weapons are very good compared to some of your other gear pieces, so I wouldn't consider upgrading those for a long time. You don't have any obviously weak gear pieces, what you need to think about now is if you want to spend your gold adding dps or adding survivability (mainly vit and resist all). You have 400 resist all, if you want more a good place to look for this would be on rings. Other places would be belt/bracers, but getting resist on those with similar stats as your current ones will be expensive. You can still get a lot more vit from your chest as it goes up to 300 (yours has 154). For dps there are a few things to consider:

    To add dps you should be looking to increase your CC, you have 34 of the possible 45 from gear (non-shield build). If you factor in the extra 10 CC you can get from using an axe/mace as mainhand you only have 34 of the possible 55 max.

    You can obviously get a lot more CD, since neither of your weapons have CD (except gem in socket). You can still upgrade one of those gems by 10% (from 90 to 100) which is probably the cheapest way to get CD currently. A bit more CD on gloves, and crafting more necks for one with CD (would need trifecta or high CD to beat your current one).

    You have +35% AS, so you are above the most important breakpoint for sprint tornadoe ticks. Getting more AS will be expensive (trifecta rings or gloves), so this is probably the worst way to get more dps. Trifecta gear is good, but unless all 3 are high rolls it usually isn't worth the gold.

    Average damage:
    There is however one thing you don't have on any gear piece: + average damage (you can only get it on rings/neck). This adds a surprising amount of damage, even more so when dual wielding (since lower base weapon damage than a Skorn). Try getting a ring with high average damage. Try not to get +min or +max, but +X-Y, like +30-50 or something similar. This will add a lot more dps than you think. Only go for high CC (5-6, preferably 6) and high CD (40+). With good rolls on all 3 you won't even need str on that ring for a dps increase, and it will be a lot cheaper than a str ring. You can also look for survivability (vit, resist all).

    You have reasonable amounts of str from all your pieces, so upgrading this won't be cheap. Only place that realy can have more str (besides str Inna pants, which I dont recommend) is your mainhand. However a high dps mainhand with socket and/or LS is insanely expensive. You can get a total of 32 more str by upgrading your gems, so in the long run this is something you will want to do (future rings might not have sockets, so its usually just 6 gems that need upgrading). Instead of upgrading str I would look for adding CC/CD/average damage. Your best way to get str is actually free: paragon leveling. You can gain another 210 str if you reach p100 (along with 140 vit).

    To sum up: upgrade 90% emerald to 100%, look for higher vit chest, rings with combination of high CC/CD/average dmg (preferably with resist all), craft more necks, and level that paragon. Go as high as MP as you can handle without too much dying (MP8-10). Key is to get a strong team, I prefer to always have a monk with conviction mantra, even better is if he has cyclone strike combined with a CM wizard.
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    posted a message on Gear Upgrade (Budget ~800m)
    I don't agree about crafting gloves. With IK gloves you get 10% melee damage reduction (6 from the gloves, 4 from 3-piece set bonus) which as a defensive bonus is very powerful from just 1 single piece of gear. Instead of crafting gloves I would look to upgrade to high str (190+) with 10% CC and either good CD or attack speed. Craft vit shoulders instead, it will take quite a few tries to get both high str and resist all, but will be worth it once you do, as it will be a minimum 200 vit upgrade for you.

    Other things to look for are high CC lacunis, which don't need str on them as long as they have high CC. I also recommend switching out bash on left mouse button to HotA (smash) for elite fights.
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    posted a message on Gear advice!
    Your top priority is to switch places between the echo and the rare mace! That's a free 20% damage increase to your tornadoes, even though your paper dps won't change at all.

    Some other things to consider:

    1) you only have +12 movement speed from lacuni, you realy should get 12 more. Since your boots are realy good but lack movement speed, you should get innas pants instead of blackthornes. You aren't using any other blackthorne pieces anyway, so removing the pants won't remove any partial set bonus. Get a pair or innas pants with 100+ vit. If you are on a tight budget look for low dex (90-92, as barb u wont mind anyway) and 8% attack speed. You can get 130+ vit with 8% attack speed realy cheap.

    2) that neck realy must be upgraded! Of the 5 random rolls you get, only 1 is good (high CD). Get a neck with a minimum of high CC (8% ore more). You have good shoulders so you won't need to craft those, and you will use IK gloves anyway (for 2-piece set bonus), and you need the lacunis for movement speed. Ergo, all your essences will be used for crafting necks.

    3) get lacunis with CC. with enough CD from other gear you will probably get a dps upgrade even with non-str lacunis as long as they have high CC. High CC is the first thing you should be looking at for any gear slot that can have CC. Since your resistances are low you should probably stick to the mempo for a while, but if you get enough resistances from other gear slots you should upgrade that mempo to a 6% CC IK helm instead.

    With the above changes you will increase your CC by roughly 12-13%, so fury management will be very easy. That means you can drop bash on left mousebutton and use HotA (smash) instead, making it a lot easier to take down elites.
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    posted a message on From monk to barb! Need some gear advices! (~1b budget)
    Looking at your barb it's evident you know what gear to get, and you already have good gear. One thing to consider is that when you use sprint/WW, roughly 75% of your damage will be coming from your sprint tornadoes, which only use the mainhand for damage calculations (but offhand weapon decides tick speed). The in-game displayed dps (aka paper dps) isn't a very good indication of how much damage your tornadoes will do. In other words, for tornadoe damage it's more important that the offhand be fast (obviously an echo is fast) and have crit damage than high dps. Upgrading your offhand to a similar echo with socket and crit dmg will obviously be horribly expensive, but even without an increase in paper dps your torndoes will do a lot more damage from this one single change. However with our current gear that money is most likely spent elsewhere.

    You are also right about 6% CC IK helm > non-CC mempo. Only thing is that the mempo has resist all as standard affix, but you can often get enough resist from other gear pieces, plus the IK helm has decent melee dmg reduction. Some opinion about what I consider to be your weaker pices of gear:

    1) chest: it won't be too expensive to upgrade to an IK chest with similar stats but with 50 more vit and 100-150 more armor. Always look for high armor on the IK chest (it goes up to 850). Your total armor (just over 5k) is on the low side.

    2) pants: you are getting decent str from these, but the total base stats (str+vit) is only 104. Getting good str/vit Inna pants is very expensive, I recommend going for non-str and high vit. Since a vit roll goes up to 200 it's easier to get more total base stats from pure vit pants, and it's much cheaper. Sure you'll loose a bit of str, but you can get that from other gear slots (see crafting below) and you'll gain something on the order of 130 vit. Since you have a lot of gear with % life (total of +56%) this means about 7k more hp.

    3) neck: yours is trifecta, but with medium CD, medium str, no average dmg and realy low (5%) CC, plus 2 wasted rolls (mf, lightning resist). CC is your most important stat to get, so you should keep crafting necks until you get one that's better. You'll get 100 more str as standard form a crafted str neck anyway. In my experience a high CC bifecta neck with some average damage will most often beat a trifecta neck. The same holds true for rings, and on rings you seem to be following that policy already.

    4) bracers: yours are good, but you can craft better. You'll get 60-ish more str as standard, and potentially 150 more str with good rolls. Hard part is getting that along with both CC, resist and vit, so you are most likely best off using those essences crafting necks instead. Your shoulders and gloves are realy good (and in the long run if you get mempo you will want IK gloves anyway) so best is to use all those essences to get a good neck, and after that go for bracers.

    Other than the above your main priority should be gaining paragon, which you obviously also seem to be good at :)
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    posted a message on What stats are reasonable for MP10?
    Hi, somewhat new to monk, wondering what you veterans consider minimum stats for MP10 (multiplayer). I'm wondering mainly about resistance, armor, life and dps.

    I also wonder if it's viable with only LOH on higher MP, or if life leech is a must. High dps life leech weapons are obviously very expensive, so I'm wondering if maybe 2k LOH would work instead.
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    posted a message on new to barb from wiz, need sage advices :D
    1) Better gems, you can also strongly consider switching to amethyst in helm for % life (you'll get enough XP anyway on mp10, plus you aren't using a hellfire ring anyway)

    2) Replace Mempo with a 6 CC IK helm instead (as random roll look for resist, armor, str, vit). With enough crit dmg the added 6 CC will give you a huge dps increase. Only downside is you loose the resists from Mempo, but you will get extra 10% melee dmg reduction (6 from IK helm, 4 from 3-part IK set bonus) which more or less makes up for that. Obviously the best is a crit mempo, but then we are talking roughly 500m and upwards.

    3) Neck with crit dmg: I bet you won't need more than 10-20 crafts to beat your current (rather sucky) neck

    4) Upgrade pants to Innas with vit, vit on pants goes up to 200 and you can get 100-ish realy cheap. Since there are so many vit Innas on the AH also look for ones with 9% atk speed and high armor (base armor is 397 to 457).

    5) It won't be super cheap but upgrade the left ring to one with similar stats and resist all. Keep in mind that (depending on gear) 1 CC = 40 str and 1 CD = 4 str. So a 5,5 or 6 CC ring with a little more CD can have no str and still give the same dps. In other words look for high CC/CD, vit, resist all. Such a ring will be a lot cheaper than similar ring with str.

    Other than the above, you need to start figuring out 2 important things as barb:

    A) Dual wield or Skorn: Skorn will be cheaper (1 wep vs 2, also only need 1 gem) and is better for a Rend build, but DW will be better in the long run and it's easier to keep fury up. If going with Skorn/Rend it will affect gear choices sine you will value CD much more than atk speed.

    B) Where is the movement speed coming from? You'll need 2 of the obvious ones (boots, Innas, Lacuni). To me this is one of the hardest choices, since MS Ice climbers are realy expensive, but so are good Lacunis. Also you can craft realy good str bracers, so I've chosen Innas and MS Ice climbers and keep crafting bracers.
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    posted a message on End of crafts?
    Shoulders seem like the obvious one, since you can get armor, % life, fire resist, and more resist all.

    I'm curious to know how many crafts you've made total?
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    posted a message on Farming MP10 to slowly
    As has been pointed out already, you need more str. None of your weapons add str. Other then that your gear is good, in many cases better then my own and I do MP10 quite easily. You can of course get a bit more str on neck, but it's trifecta with average damage so very hard (and expensive) to improve. You could always get more str from crafted bracers, but to maintain 24% MS you would need boots with MS, which will also be expensive. The obvious places to get str is weapons and paragon leveling. My suggestions:

    1) Realy work on your paragon level. At paragon 15 raising it should be your biggest priority
    2) Play act 1 instead of 3
    3) Play multiplayer with 3 other good players. Your build has good AOE damage (more so if you replace war cry with rend), in multiplayer you will find others with better single-target dps.

    Points 2 and 3 will help you gain paragon realy fast. Maxing out paragon gives you 250 more str and 170 more vit, plus the obvious magic find.
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    posted a message on What to Upgrade? (800 Million)
    It would probably help if you posted the english version: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Lorthas-2282/hero/620162

    Hard to say since you aren't wearing any pants/boots, but regardless it's obvious your crit chance is too low. +29.5% from gear (or 30.5% with Innas pants) is way too low. In fact it's about 10% too low. You have reasonable crit chance on rings and bracers, but low on gloves/neck (6 and 7%). Since the gloves/neck are otherwise good the obvious piece to replace is the helm, i.e. Mempo with crit chance. I would spend all my money on that.

    Other pieces to consider are your rings, since they don't have any crit damage. Attack speed is nice, but won't do anything for your Rend damage.

    Upgrading your IK chest is probably a good idea. Your current chest has high str, armor and resistance but low vitality, you should be looking for a chest with +vit instead of the ignore durability loss. You can get over 200 extra vitality from replacing that chest. It won't give you any more damage, but will help to offset the vitality loss from replacing your vit Mempo with a crit Mempo.

    Upgrading for more crit chance with a crit Mempo along with crit dmg on both rings will give you a big dps increase. For Rend the difference will be huge.
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    posted a message on what should i change/update to survive?
    1) Better gems (as you have already noticed). Upgrading all to 54 gives you 92 more str, upgrading to 58 gives you 116 str. Also 1 str = 1 armor. Upgrading gems is also quite cheap, since you only need to do it once.

    2) Bracers: either crafted bracers or Lacuni with crit (for max run speed). Since you have no crafted pieces I'm guessing you have some demonic essences stored up, so just craft away.

    3) Not a gear change, but you realy do need to gain some paragon levels. Paragon 11 is realy low, at that rate and in a 4-player game you should be gaining 3-4 levels per hour. Each level up is 3 str and 2 vit. Getting to p50 gives you as much str as upgrading all your gems to 58. Not to mention the magic find.....
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    posted a message on Can i get my barb farming mp10 with 450million gold as is now?
    You have enough dps to farm mp10, you just don't have enough life and resists. My suggestions:

    1) With the kind of money you have I suggest spending all of it on a Mempo with crit. I don't know what prices are on the US server, but you won't be getting a top-end Mempo, more like 4% CC. You will likely take a small dps hit compared to your current helm, but will get massive life boost of +30% life, which is around 10k with your current gear, more when you gain vit. You also get a minimum of 70% resist all.

    2) Where's the crafted gear? If you've been doing all the runs you say you should have horded lots of demonic essences, use that to craft something useful. I suggest amulets since your current one is very weak.

    3) Paragon 23 is far from where you want to be for high mp farming. If you gain 50 paragon (p73) you will gain 150 str and 100 vit. Join public games doing standard act 1 runs (woods-hollows-fields), this should get you a minimum of 100m XP per hour, at current levels thats at least 2 paragon per hour. If you play with a good group it's easily 3 paragon per hour.

    Concerning build I see you are using some sort of variety of the smash build and that all of your gear is oriented around this (high attack speed). IMO there are much more efficient builds for farming, all of which will include Sprint + run like the wind rune for greater runspeed between mobs. With the increased mob densities in the new patch I suggest a better skill for AOE damage like sprint/WW and/or rend. Since you are using a Skorn this would work very well with Rend.

    My gear: http://eu.battle.net...1/hero/16232962
    I do mp10 quite well, I die mostly from elites with some combination of plague, molten and electrified. Could still use more resistance (Mempo, resist on ring, resist on crafted bracers)
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