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    Very usefull stuff this is!

    Btw, has anybody been able to calculate the formula for critical hit percentage? If it's the same for all classes, the barb will have a hard time getting a high crit %
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    Quote from Superstate

    My best guess so far is that the spender gcd has a hidden ias bonus. Something like this:

    spender gcd (in aps) = weapon aps * (ias effects added) * hidden bonus


    spender gcd (in aps) = weapon aps * (ias effects added + hidden bonus)

    Anyone got any thoughts?
    Very nice work, this is very usefull to us poor guys who aren't in the beta.

    Another possibility would be:

    spender gcd (in aps) = (weapon aps + hidden bonus) * (ias effects added)

    The hidden bonus is perhaps like any other +aps from gloves, rings etc.
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    I agree it won't be optimal for tanking a boss, that's what life leech is for.

    Quote from Jackzor

    That being said, even if this does make a high-vitality barb extremely hearty, you'd still be sacrificing damage and even then it wouldn't be a huge deal seeing as skills such as these are really the only way to gain life, as theres no healers or anything. So in the end its something a tank would need in order to survive.

    I don't see how you would be sacrificing damage. Do you mean from using the +% life gear? Many of those have other good attributes: Helm of Command with +45% crit, Innas belt with +0.16 APS and a socket, Ashearas pants with +0.15 APS and +20 all attributes. Even if you go for all gear with +% life there are still 5 other items slots where there are no such +% life items (unless there is on rares): ring x2, gloves, bracers, shoulders. So you could still get the partial set bonus from Immortal King (armor + gloves -> +30% damage). And for rings (where there is no +% life) the highest vitality ring is Bul Kathos (up to 116 vit) which also has +% damage, res all, LL etc.

    You wouldn't realy be sacrificing any damage from skills either. The only skills you need are War Cry and Revenge. The way I see it War Cry is more or less mandatory when playing on inferno, and it's a good starter to get fury going for other skills. Revenge also does a bit of damage, and with the indigo rune (so it activates with a 31% chance per hit), every third hit you get will be causing 150% weapon damage over the 8 yards around you.

    And btw, Revenge isn't the only way to gain life. For barbs LL will be a big source, and with the right equipment you can gain a lot of life by just spending fury. Plus the life from War Cry (+/- Inspiring Presence).
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    I'm assuming you will be doing MF runs in Inferno with this build, in which case I see several major disadvantages:

    1) Low survivability: the War Cry golden rune only gives you more fury, when you will most definately need survivability to make it in inferno. You will need to use alabaster (life), crimson (armor) or obsidian (resists). Replacing the golden rune removes quite a bit of your fury generation.

    2) Ancient Spear: good luck trying to actually kill anything with this in inferno, other than with multiple hits (which won't happen cause of the cooldown). At a base of 55% weapon damage, even the x2 from your passive skill gives very little damage. Sure, if you land a crit it will do a bit of damage, but compared to other skills the damage will still be low. I'm guessing you will have the cooldown reset very, very seldom. With grappling hook you are also likely getting yourself into trouble: you bring in large numbers of enemies close to you, which is good if you have enough fury to spam HoA.

    3) No spammable damage dealing skill: as long as you have fury left to fuel a few hits with HoA (or one of the fury generating skills is no longer in cooldown) you are all good and safe. But what happens if you run out of fury and all the fury generating skills are on cooldown? I think this will happen in inferno much more often than you think. Inferno will be insanely difficult, with champions, enemies with high defense/armor/dodge/etc.

    4) Low max damage: you have no skills that deal any kind of major damage. If you run into bosses/champions/etc you are in big trouble (unless you constantly switch skills, and no good build can rely on that). With this build you can hope to put out at most 20 HoA per minute, and at 180% damage that won't be enough. Ground stomp and Ancient spear don't deal much damage at all.

    5) Low damage dealt while gaining fury: the fury generated from War Cry does no damage. The fury from Ground Stomp does very, very little damage. For Ancient spear it's OK, but with the cooldown you won't be using this too often.

    6) The max fury generated per minute with this build is 457 (provided the Ancient spear cooldown doesnt rest, which it wont do very often). This is quite a bit, and with it you could prolong a Wrath of the Berserker (golden rune) by 457/9 = 50 seconds per minute. If you go with your current build it would probably be much better to replace Revenge with WotB (Revenge will give you more crit but less often, WotB gives constant crit while its up, plus lots of other bonuses).

    7) For a crit build it's a bit strange that you don't have Battle Rage, which is basically the best skill to have in a crit build: +30% damage and +4% crit chance, and runestones give you 4 different options on stuff that happens when you land a crit hit (including gaining fury, or more drops).

    8) Gear selection: generally good stuff, but for an MF build I would definately swap one of the Bul Katho rings for the Wanderlust. That way you complete the set (you already have the amu), gaining 90 MF, +70% crit damage. You do of course loose roughly 10% res all, the +vit and LL from the Bul Kathos. From a damage point of view I think it's break-even, and the 90 MF is easily worth the loss in LL/vit.

    In short: you will be doing a lot less damage than many other builds, have low survivability, no spammable fury generator for emergency use, and no spammable high-damage skill for bigger enemies. Not exactly the optimal way to play in inferno.

    My version (basically same gear):

    1) Higher survivability: with alabaster rune in War Cry and Inspiring Presence (+1% life regen per second, double time for shouts) I will be greenerating something around 550-600 life per second which will keep me alive a lot longer in inferno (or switch the rune for more resists/armor, which ever works best)

    2) Spammable high-damage fury generator with Frenzy: as soon as you get Frenzy up and running, you are doing 200% weapon damage with 75% IAS, generating fury like crazy generating 3 fury per hit, and every crit will give 7 more fury. With WotB up and Overpower activated, your crit is 50% or more, so you gain on average 6.5 fury per hit (or 7.5 with a Mighty Weapon). With the gear you list the base is 2.4 attacks per second, and with +120% IAS (providing no caps etc) you are doing 5.28 attacks per second, gaining 34 fury per second, which is more than enough to launch a HoA every second while in combat. Each of these 5.28 APS will be doing 200% damage (plus the 30% extra from Battle Rage), and will be activating Overpower at least 2 times per second, dealing at least 300% weapon damage in a 9 yard radius, per second. With Frenzy you can realy beat the crap out of any big monster, and once their health is down you spam 5-6 HoA in a row, killing them and getting loot.

    3) Fury gained from HoA: with a roughly 65% crit chance on HoA (with WotB and Overpower up), each HoA gives back on average almost 5 fury, which is a 25% discount, meaning that with the same amount of fury i can put out 33% more HoA.

    4) No need to rely on getting hit (to activate Revenge) in order to get the crit up. With War Cry you generate 30 fury, so even if you are all out of fury (back from town etc), you still have enough to cast Battle Rage for 20 fury. With this setup you will have roughly 20% base crit (5 each from your two passives, 4 from Battle Rage and perhaps 6 from gear). With 3 hits (from Frenzy) there is a 50% chance you will have activated Overpower so it won't take too long. Once thats up you will be gaining massive fury from your new 42% crit chance, and you will quickly gain the 75 fury needed to launch WotB.

    Going from a completely empty fury ball to having cast both Battle Rage, activating Overpower and casting WotB shouldn't take more than a total of 14 hits with Frenzy, which will take at the most 4 seconds. Then you can perpetuate WotB as long as there are enemies around, and spam almost as many HoA as you want. And still have nice survivability (from War Cry/Insp Presence), and leeching massive amounts of life.
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    The skill description says "Inflict 150% weapon damage to all enemies withing 8 yards and gain 5.0% Life for each enemy hit". I find this a bit ambiguous, and see two ways that this could work:

    1) you get 5% of your max life for each enemy hit (i.e. if you have max life 1000, you get 50 life per enemy hit)

    2) you get 5% life leech on the hit enemies, gaining life equal to (weapon damage x 1.50 x 0.05) per enemy hit

    Anybody with the beta who knows how this works? If it's option 1, you could have a massive life-build barb with +vitality and +% life items, making hits to you almost meaningless. With 20k life, a 5% of max life is 1k life, so if you are in a mob with a lot of guys within 8 yards, you would gain several thousand life each time Revenge is activated.
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    I just looked through the craftable high-end weapons for barbs:

    2H axe: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/artisan/blacksmith/recipe/exalted-grand-sagaris
    2H mace: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/artisan/blacksmith/recipe/exalted-grand-slag-hammer
    2H Mighty Weapon: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/artisan/blacksmith/recipe/exalted-grand-behemoth

    The Mighty Weapon has lower damage (both base damage and DPS), but costs 10% more gold and resources to craft. Plus it's barb-specific, so less potential trading partners if you want to get rid of it. Only reasons to craft the Mighty Weapon instead of the normal ones would be if you wanted the +1 Fury per hit from Weapons Master passive skill (instead of the +5% chance of crit for axe/mace), or if the crafting recepy for the Mighty Weapon has other (higher damage) affixes, which seems less likely.

    In short, they better beef up the Mighty Weapons a bit, or change their name to Puny Weapons :P
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    At least when Legendary items are concerned I think the Mighty Weapons don't seem very might at all. The Immortal Kings Stone Crusher is both significantly slower and has less base damage than the two best Legendaries (Messerschmidts Reaver and Overfiend).

    And the whole Immortal King set is very far from impressing. No life leech at all (though it does have "Gain life per Fury spent"), MF only on the helm, only small amounts of +life and very poor total resists. The only realy good parts are the gloves and the helm (which with the right gem is the highest MF helm in the game). The rest is pretty mediocre, including the set bonus. The IK set is definately not an end-game set for the advanced players.

    Comparing the IK set to the other class-specific sets (Tal, Natalya, Inna, Zunnimassa) just makes it even worse, since the armor bonus on the IK isn't realy much bigger (at least not on helm/torso).

    So the barb is a tank, but his class-specific set has no life leech (while the witch doctors has 20% LL), small +life, almost no resists and the armor value isn't much better than other classes. Why would anybody be using the full IK set? I sure as hell won't!
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