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    I have had similar single player issues and issues with start-up. I haven't had issues finding gear- it's basically time played= gear found. It doesn't hurt to double check builds and make sure you're statted properly, as statting for me was the difference between GR55 and GR 75.

    I also have had startup issues where it's common for me to need to restart the game because it authenticates account and then doesn't get further.

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    I liked monk for 4-5 previous seasons and this season went wizard. Pretty fun and takes a while to learn to play after being able to tank a bit more damage (that 35% less damage that monks/barbs/crusaders takes is finally noticeable ;) ) and almost can take T70 now after optimizing gear a bit.

    That being said... I like to mix it up and if I roll a 2nd character on a season (hopefully with a quick power level from a clan mate), I usually roll a character with different stats than my main guy (monk/DH agi, wizard/wd int, barb/crusader- str). I would roll a crusader or barb as the whirlwind set and hammerdin spec (sader) both seem interesting to me. If not sure still, I'd recommend watching soem of rhykker';s 2.5 build guides and seeing which playstyle peaks your interest.

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    I get the idea about the problem; however, I think your solution isn't the best way. If you're having trouble finding people to play with that are good, maybe you need to find a good community. It isn't hard to check someone's character before joining a group with them *GRANTED- that does take time when8 people want to group and only 3 of them are worthwhile or have legit geared characters and paragon*. I thought this would turn into a "Here's my battlenet account name- I play at these times and these are the characters I main- and here are the build(s) I have (zdps/dps/etc)."

    Just my thought- I never was a big group player but in games where I needed it, reaching out on websites/communities like this helped. (Rhykker or Shinobi communities used to be good... I think rhykker is one of the main ones that still plays...and I'm unsure if deadset has a community).

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    Quote from AnaheimDanger»

    Quote from MugsyAU»

    Quote from Triceron»

    like requiring low grift runs to level up gems or running a rift solely for the grift key at the end.

    Really wish that they'd grant something like 20 upgrades if you do a GR that's 40 levels above the gem you're trying to upgrade.

    Yeah I think you should gain extra upgrade chances based on the level of the gem and GR you do. Such as every 10 GR lvls above the level of you gem grants you additional upgrade chances.
    GR100: lvl 99 gem can be upgraded once.
    GR100: lvl 90 gem can be upgraded 5 times.
    GR100: lvl 80 gem can be upgraded 10 times
    I'd like this system a lot. It would remove the grind of it by a lot but as a more casual player, I waste a lot of time grinding normal rifts to get GRift keys to grind grifts to level up gems. It doesn't happen that much but enough to make it a boring grind- speed running grift 50 to level up a level 12 gem.
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    I like bounties where they are at personally. I don't typically group with pubs but usually one act solo takes less than 15 minutes and usually around 10, as quick as 5 if I'm fortunate and flying. I would prefer more mats for TX1 to TXIII.

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    Quote from mioduas»

    Quote from FEIF81»

    Then china bots will apear and sell items for real money again.

    so no tnx

    Trade is not a problem.
    Core of the problem is a botters.
    In real life Trading/buying products its a problem, or stealers/scammers are the problem?

    Seriously? Don't insult someone like that when this was WHY they came out with the AH in the first place- so much trade was happening in D2 that people were getting scammed. There was enough gold spam in chat during D3 as well. --> Yes this was a legit issue. Not just botters. The combination of them both is why trade can only happen between people who were in the group when the item(s) dropped. I currently like that system although I find that the timer is a bit long. I don't need 3 hours to decide if I'm going to let a person in my group have the item.

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    This may not be the best place to ask. It was less than a week ago that people were talking literally of "offing" themself because Diablo 3 isn't coming out with an expansion or Diablo 4 (at least that was announced at Blizzcon).

    If you haven't played for a few seasons, I would recommend coming back. I find it fun and although the amount of time I can play greatly limits the amount of content I can get to, it is still fun and refreshing.

    Now as for build diversity, it is very limited when pushing greater rifts and almost always will be as only the top one or two viable decks can truly push the highest levels. This will naturally happen unless they truly try to make all sets equal which could happen.

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    posted a message on My top 5 NEEDED changes.

    I like where D3 is at now and I know I'm in a tiny minority.. maybe 5% if that. I like where paragon's at, although paragon does feel like it relates more to power than gear at time. Maybe there is a positive correlation between the two.

    4, The loot before wasn't balanced. People getting 10-20 legendaries per hour by certain farming routes compared to others getting 1, maybe 2 an hour. IT wasn't even necessarily based on who had the best MF gear even. I would rather see more legendaries/set pieces drop than less; however, I do think they have it right at the moment. You really need to spend a lot of time getting the right pieces of gear that let you run through Torment 10 or higher quickly. At 30+ hours in this season, I'm not there yet (mostly due to time I'm able to play but still).

    Other notes about your points- THEY WONT ADD A TRADING SYSTEM EVER! - Why? Don't you remember the ebay/bots farming for gear since they could sell it online for money? This is why they started with the AH- figuring people could only trade through their system and they'd get a cut. Well I'm guessing they found out some people were making plenty- enough to have a tax form to fill out from the money they were making. Now Blizz didn't cut out AH because other people were making money.. that'd be dumb; they did run into bugs that were ruining the system- a bug that would post your auction incorrectly and if you cancelled it, it somehow gave you way more money back (erroneously). Bugs like this plagued the auction house at time and it was down quite often... because of this they dropped it from the game and made most items that are worthwhile soulbound (aside from group members now). They won't bring trading back because then people are going back to amazon and ebay to sell digital goods. (also being able to sell digital goods like that ends in people trying to hack other accounts- See WoW).

    TLDR: Some of your ideas couldn't ever happen: Trade, loot balancing. PAragon balancing is a good idea- it was a great idea at first but after ROS, things didn't quite get back to how it was before), I do think PVP could be added back and custom games- they made this online game a lot less about playing with random diablo players as they made about- play with your friends or clan only.

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    IS there no salt thread on diablo fans? Maybe you should start one jmurbach... as you seem VERY salty... and a lot of the community is in the same place.

    I enjoy that they still put in time and money into the game- I would guess D4 or something else in the future as they do still have a lot of fans interested. I knew they wouldn't live up to anyone's hype unless they announced an expansion AND D4 in progress as well as 27 new classes. So many people were expecting D3 to be the spotlight of blizzcon and it just seemed blind to me- just looking at the schedule from a rhykker vid made it obvious nothing huge was going to happen.

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    I've always felt that the Witch doctor was the necro, with other possible/viable spell versions. I don't see them releasing a necro in d3 as it adds little to the game... potentially a new class with more content might make sense. If it was a necro, how could they make it different than what witch doctor does?

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    posted a message on What you will expect from Blizzcon 2016?

    I do think it'll be some D2 remade as much as people complain about this idea, hasn't it been like 20 or so years of Diablo? Maybe 25 if I heard right. They'll do something to make it look better but not sure if there will be anything aside from that.

    Maybe a Hellgate London style of Diablo coming out... not sure First person style really fits Diablo but an idea and I enjoyed HG: London. I think Blizz would do a better job with that.

    What I want? More content from D3 before they roll out D4. With how the game ended, it's too easy to make up how Diablo could come back.

    I think that could be down the road however in a year or so. Potentially at next Blizzcon (2017 one).

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    posted a message on Which class will you use to start Season 8?

    I think I'll still main a monk. I try other sets but then look wistfully back at other monks wrecking stuff and switch -.- Might as well start with monk and farm away. Only TXIII has any interest to me as I didn't play Season 7 since nothing was new.

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