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    posted a message on Blizzard is ramping up efforts, yet another Banwave on US Servers

    GJ Blizz, you just lost a customer.

    umm.. they already got your $$....
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    posted a message on Factors that killed D3

    For such a dead game there is so many walls of text here.

    Launch - this game had problems

    RoS - fixed alot of problems

    Perfect game? No, sure I would like to see this or that fixed -- but at this point this game has almost as many hours of my life spent as I did in D2 and WoW.

    I have gotten my moneys worth and then some -- $ spent per hour played puts this game 2nd only to D2 for value.

    When D2 came out there was nothing close to compare it to. D3 has so much more competition now as the game industry has exploded. The player base has changed and people move game to game more than in the "good ol'days"

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