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    Really too early to say. There really wasn't alot of 4 man testing on the PTR since most people spent time playing the necro :P I tried to get 4 man runs together but it was hard to get people to play support or other dps classes to get a true sense where the necro will fit in.

    Likely monk will still be in every 80+ gr since there is nothing better for heals and grouping.

    2nd support is unknown -- Barb is outstanding for scouting and damage and damage reduction buffs, BUT there is a necro support build that is insanely tough and can do some significant damage. It is not clear how far this will go yet -- but the barbs spot may not be guaranteed

    dps -- nothing new on the existing classes, but still up in there air where the necro fits in. I have a feeling no matter what there will be a spot in a group for the necro for the frailty curse, most likely as trash killer role. I don't want to see the necro forced into a support only situation but it is possible based on DH rg killer ability and the WD LoN insane dps.

    There is likely to be some changes over the next few weeks that will make this only guess work right now. I have a feeling the likely changes will be more overall survivability to the necro dps builds and nerfing out the invulnerability build. I wouldn't be surprised if the WD LoN build gets knocked down a bit too.

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    GJ Blizz, you just lost a customer.

    umm.. they already got your $$....
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    For such a dead game there is so many walls of text here.

    Launch - this game had problems

    RoS - fixed alot of problems

    Perfect game? No, sure I would like to see this or that fixed -- but at this point this game has almost as many hours of my life spent as I did in D2 and WoW.

    I have gotten my moneys worth and then some -- $ spent per hour played puts this game 2nd only to D2 for value.

    When D2 came out there was nothing close to compare it to. D3 has so much more competition now as the game industry has exploded. The player base has changed and people move game to game more than in the "good ol'days"

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    Please keep in mind on whine posts like this that this is a Diablo fans website. You can post your negative rants if you want but maybe you should look for Diablo hate sites to get like minded people.

    Is the game perfect? No

    Did I feel ripped off with vanilla? Yes

    Has the game been fixed to be playable and fun? Yes

    Do I want more (content, classes, etc)? Who wouldn't.

    If this isn't the game for you there are plenty of alternatives out there for you. Seek some happiness in your life and don't dwell on what seems to make you miserable. You will be happier and the fans who still like this game will be too.

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