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    posted a message on How long until Blizzard fixes people "cheesing" normal mode?
    They buffed the T1 to 6 leg drops to try and give incentives for players to play the game on T+.

    Baby steps, but I wouldn't be surprised if they did more. But that should NOT mean nerfing Normal - Master modes. They should up T rewards if anything.
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    posted a message on How to get a succesful start in ROS.
    Thanks for the tips.

    Most valuable one : don't kill Maltheal before reaching level 70 :)
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    posted a message on More information concerning ladders coming TOMORROW at 9pm PST!
    Quote from Laevus
    Quote from Vaizard87

    Why would they announce a ladder system right at expansion, people wouldn't waste their time?

    The smart thing would be to wait a few months until people have played the game and start to get bored and then announce ladder to get interest back and then get ladder going in another couple months after that.

    If they announce it now it takes the buzz away from the expansion IMHO.
    I see it as an aim to drum up interest in RoS and pull people off the fence.
    (Following made up by me as a hypothetical quote).
    "Not sure about buying the expansion? Well in x months time, we'll be giving you ladders to play with! If you want a chance to compete with the rest, pick up your copy now and start learning the best way to be competitive so that you're not at a disadvantage when they're released."
    This. And from a marketing pow, it's pretty clever.
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    posted a message on So, 3 questions about your expectations when expansion goes live
    1.a. I'm pretty confident that Blizzard took all the necessary measures to ensure a smooth transition, without too much trouble. I don't believe it'll be as smooth as it should be (cause you know, it's Blizzard!), but I do believe it won't be as painfull as D3V launch.

    1.b. See my 1st point.

    2. People will find exploits, and Blizzard will address them when/if necessary. You don't run a closed beta this small expecting everything has been taking care of. We (the players) always find ways to exploit the game (whether or not it's been on purpose). I suspect the first major exploit will be found on the first few hours (let's say a day or two).
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    posted a message on Questions about ROS launch
    Quote from Bagstone

    1) Should be perfectly possible. Just make sure he gets enough "level gear" with high vit so he isn't dead all the time (dead = no XP). Lots of amethysts and gear with many sockets. And of course at level 60 have some good strength gear prepared (can just be taken from a barb of his, at least most of it). That'll make it a bit smoother - of course he'd still need to figure out how to play a Crusader and get the right spec (unless he played beta and knows it all already). There is one huuuuuuuuge drawback though: your friend, after you gave him the Diablo waypoint, needs to re-start the game - just after midnight. That might not go smooth (extremely long game creation queue). So what I would do is the following:

    • A few hours before midnight, your friend opens a game with Diablo waypoint
    • You join with a level 1 char of yours, so you have the Diablo waypoint on a level 1 char
    • You create a new game, Torment 6 level 1, at Diablo waypoint, and idle in town until midnight (you might invite a random toon of your friend)
    • At 0:01, your friend creates a crusader and joins your level 1 game
    • You give your friend lead, leave the game, switch to your main character, rejoin, kill Diablo, and go straight to act 5.
    I'm sure it'll be fun!

    2) You have to have completed the entire game, yes - but no one knows if that means to complete the entire game including all quests on one character, just once on your account, or even just kill off Malthael. Not sure. So just because I don't want to run into any bad surprise I made sure that my wiz has everything completed (the "reset quests" button is not grayed out).

    3) Already have a group, but I'm quite sure there will be a couple of people online tonight. You might wanna add battletag and server region.
    Don't take my word on it, but I'm pretty confident that you need to complete all the quests with, at least, one character. You cannot unlock Adventure mode with parts of quests completed across different characters, or just by doing the final quest.That's how I understood it from beta, but again, I could be wrong :)
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    posted a message on RIP AH you will be missed
    When RMAH was announced : "Worst decision ever"

    When RMAH was shut down : "Worst decision ever"

    Should we lol or something ?
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    posted a message on [spoiler] All RoS cinematics
    Quote from Pietrak

    I don't have a preorder and after modifying that text line I could have watched the cinematics, but I chose not to :)
    that's wise :)
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    posted a message on [spoiler] All RoS cinematics
    Can you add that I per-ordered RoS ? Maybe it only works when you per-ordered it?
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    posted a message on [spoiler] All RoS cinematics
    Quote from Overblaze

    gonna post this at blizzard forums as a bug report
    Please do as I can't (I'm at work and can't access Blizzard forums from work).
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    posted a message on [spoiler] All RoS cinematics
    I just did (spoiler tag), thanks :)

    Well I didn't watch those except of the 1st that is:

    The cinematic trailer but without the logo at the end.

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    posted a message on [spoiler] All RoS cinematics
    Hello there,

    So, when patch 2.0.1 hit us, I lost all my cinematics (Act 1 to 4). I saw a Blizzard post saying that if that happened, you should go to the D3 file setting and change the value next to "PlayedCutscene0" "PlayedCutscene1" "PlayedCutscene2" "PlayedCutscene3" to 255.

    So i did, and I noticed that a "PlayedCutscene4" was added with this patch, and the value next to it was "16". I tried changing it to "255" thinking Blizzard would have thought this through, and....

    Well, try it, logging to the game, go to "Cinematics", and you'll see.

    PS : I'm just sharing the tip "how to unlock them". Please don't flood this thread with actual content without using a SPOILER TAG.
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    posted a message on Help! I cannot make it through Act I Normal
    Quote from Thunderz

    * When escaping, always kite back to where you came from
    * Make sure you have an exit nearby like a dungeon or a town

    Those two may seem obvious, but it really IS imperative to always know where you are going.
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    posted a message on A little rant... My first HC death.
    I agree with everything you said Emmo.

    But my point was (and remain) unfortunately this is bound to happen sometimes. We have to accept the fact that the game is an online-only game, and sometimes it comes with a price.
    Sure, I'll rage when/if it happens to me. I really will. But hey, my char was going to die sooner than later and I knew the risks I took when creating one ;)
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    posted a message on Say hello to the next WOW: MISTS OF PANDORA BETA TESTER!
    Quote from Serpenth

    MoP isn't getting the usual hype, and we all know why, but I don't think it will matter it will likely do as good as any other expansion. But I just don't think there's a demand for beta access as there was for Diablo 3.

    Cataclysm was a let down. At least for me. It seemed like they put old contents, added a little color, and boom, Expansion set.

    When they first announced MoP, I really though it was a joke (Like really, I waited for the trailer to end like : GOTCHA!!!). I really thought it was the end of World of Warcraft for me. 7 was a good number to leave.

    But hey, believe it or not, months later, I'm really impressed by the word Blizzard is putting on this one. I am not hyped because I moved on, but I am definitely going to give it a try once it's released.

    I have access to the beta, but I didn't even care for it. I did that for Wotlk and Cataclysm : Got burned out playing beta even before release.
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    posted a message on Bonjour Québec
    Suis pas du Québec mais de France :)
    Bonjour :)
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