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    posted a message on David Brevik on Twitter...

    Ok you read it first on diablofans:

    Diablo the Movie

    Brevik as a consultant.. pushing the franchise to new hights isnt a new game or xpack or refurbished diablo 2 but puttig diablo in the cinematic world of hollywood!

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    posted a message on Hardcore is dead...

    Its very simple if you lag due to blizzard you lag and they lag too. Game "freezes" on both ends. Had in D3V a crash server shut down once and all was ok even i was standing in the middle of nasty packs. If its your side you lag.. server doesnt then you can spamm but you only send several commands to the server at a slow pace and risk a death.

    My best check when I see that bar going orange i type some stuff in /say and then see what the real delay is before going on. ISP stability is hard to measure I guess but here in Holland its really great. But a 1 sec interupt from your ISP can cause a DC on your side.

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    posted a message on Madstone vs Gundos please help !

    When doing ubers me and a friend monk clearly noticed without madstone that our cold EP's stacked when both of us used SSS.

    So I really dont think that comment you need Madstone when playing with an other EP cold monk is true.

    As for the Broken promises wait for proc nah if your just bum rush farming it will proc fast enough and stuff will die and trigger explosions fast enough :)

    My current xp on that on T7 is just litterly rush in hit SSS and half way the animation the place goes boom!

    Gundo still is a must since it creates the chain effect which is lovely for speed farming. Madstone only applied EP on your targets hit by SSS. So in order to Explode the EP's you need less then 14 targets!

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    posted a message on Server lag and my death

    If your connection is unstable often I guess equiping the Town Portal shoulders is BiS for HC ;)

    Or Cube em! :D

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    posted a message on Server lag and my death

    All I can say watch that meter in the lower right side of your screen or when you notice some banding just back off.

    So far in my entire D3 adeventure I never had issue's with the Blizzard servers on the EU that is. Except for login in and creating characters ;)

    I have had several technical DC's from there side but that shut down there server so it also insta closed my game.

    I am not sure how the other regional servers are in terms of stability. I did die due to a blue screen (corrupted memory bank), Cellphone going off taking the call and not hitting ESC to pause the game, just being damm stupid with a teleport to friends while they just killed a molten horde pack in S3 and just removed by Death passive since it "took the fun out of HC".

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    posted a message on Madstone vs Gundos please help !

    Madstone in cube when farming solo fast runs :) no need to hit with a generator just jump in hit SSS.

    That talk about running with an other U6 monk I dont get it really since Madstone only applies it and EP simply stacks from multiple monks.

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    posted a message on Hardcore is dead...

    Check your own connection ;) every hour on the clock seems like your router needs a reset.

    Been playing a lot and not a single issue so far.

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    posted a message on Quick Question: Survivability with Uliana

    Look at your hero I would say hmm Softcore so just gooo crazzy!

    I notice that having Madstone is nice for the faster clears where you dont really need Focus & Restraint up all the time.

    Say you walk in a semi empty rift set or just looking for Elite packs to farm Deaths breath I love madstone. Just walk up and press 7sided :)

    I have all sets now and Uliana's is great for speed farming but a bit slower then the full Rainment set. T7 goes smooth with both. Higher Torment is a lot harder with Rainment and then Uliana's still feels very well. TX is just retarded in HP so even there Uliana's takes a bit of work.

    I ran Grift 45 yesterday with my monk and I must say it was doable. With the belt that gives 15 stacks, dodge rune the Spirit Guards yield a better result then the madstone. When I ran with the madstone I noticed myself falling back a bit and losing time. I do feel that LoH or LPS doesnt really mean much. With my current setup there is just a big danger when buffs fall off and you dont notice a big beast crashing in or miss an arcane beam ;)

    Fully buffed its around 340 mil thougness on sheet. But like I said miss one molten and my death passive procs since out of combat its only 34mil.


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    posted a message on Lost #1 EU HC Ancient Calamity to a DC. Time to go softcore in S4? :b

    Problem I see here is: Windows 10. Still way to fresh to run for Diablo HC ;)

    I am running on Windows 7 using a cable connection and I had my share of lag spikes but those could be spotted on time.

    But I never had a DC on my side killing my characters.

    I did had some DC's on Blizzard side when there server just stopped and that kills your game instantly and thus never resulted in a death.

    All my deaths have been due to my own fault. Playing on an unstable mobile connection while in a hotel. Picking up the Phone and forgetting to press ESC to pauze while playing single player. If you die due to DC's if its lag or just a game crash on your side I can only say fix your system and get it stable.

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    posted a message on Patch 1.0.5a, Barbarian With 2.6 Million DPS, Scheduled Maintenance - 10/25/2012, Witch Doctor Fan Art
    Dont nerf barbs... buff the other classes :)
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    posted a message on Community's HC progression
    Finnaly finished Inferno on my witch doctor :) Difficulty feels good for me now with 0 MP.
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    posted a message on Best Hardcore Class
    Only reason I am still playing WD is because he was my highest after my Monk died.
    Now my WD is paragon 14 and as long as he is alive I will at least play and farm on him till I cleared Inferno.

    Without crazy build that focus on crazy life regens I enjoy Monk the most due to healing power combined with good defensive and offensive stuff. And I love punching stuff in the face! :P As you see this is personal pref.
    With all classes you come at a point you need to get some upgrades first before you can continue.
    The problem with a monk is that there are only a few teleport / get out of the waller arcane descrated zones situations.
    And thats how all of mine died and I decided to go with a ranged class to stay max range until I want to come close :P

    So bla! Long story short my opinion: Most classes have good escape abilties to make them viable for HC. Only each class has its own play style. My play style doesnt compute with the monk class on HC :P Find your perfect combo I guess.
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    posted a message on Common deaths in HC
    Act1 inferno. Wiee lol i just cleared hell! Woop woop to inferno... BASEMENT in old tristram! Wieee running!! Elite pack! aaaanddd its gone.....
    Thats what happens a lot I guess underestimating the first elite pack people encounter.
    I still remember my first time in Catacombs level 1 inferno. I just ran like hell trough catacombs level 1 finding the exit with a horde of normal monsters + champion carion bats on my ass :P
    Managed to escape with a few %'s of HP.

    And carion bats for example with random affixes that don't do much you kill easily. You think oooh this aint so bad.
    Then your next pack is a waller / teleport / molten / electrified group or what ever pain in the ass affix you can think of that manages to catch up with you in no time and lock you in spamm some aoe or beams..... and pooooof and your gone :P

    Same happend to me now again with mp1 enabled with my MF gear... ran like mad for a pack of zombies that spammed Arcane sentries and walls like they were on acid :( they also had teleport and relfect damage.... took me 4 ports in and out of the area and a good 2 - 3 minuts to get them down in my farming gear. Was the first pack and thought I would manage :P

    Fun stats indeed. And dont forget most people used to run act1 farms in HC aswell. Meaning more risk of dc deaths and stupid deaths aswell from fatigue orso. If i think of my time spend in inferno i spend about 15% progressing and 85% farming act1.
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    posted a message on Monster Power 0 in Inferno
    Yep. Played some yesterday. I was in Act3 inferno with progres gear. Also have a MF set with half the damage output. And even with that set i managed in MP1 in Act1. Takes a while to kill elites and extra health packs but it works. I dint dare going in MF set in act3 pre patch :P
    Playing act1 with monsterpower disabled felt like I was in my progres gear instead of my MF gear :) So it really got a lot easier.
    Even with 0 resist stay out of the shit and get 15-20kish dps (depening on class) and you can run act1 inferno mp disabled i guess.

    I guess you can say that Hell act4 pre patch is now the difficulty of Act1 inferno. But there are some small differences.
    But a lot of people that used to be stuck in Act X can now do that Act X and even some progress into the next Act.
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    posted a message on Monster Power
    Quote from Chriss007

    There would be a lot less confusion if ppl would just read the patch notes. And then follow the link to Blizz site that explains all about monsterpower.

    For act 1:
    At MP 0 (or monsterpower off), mobs will be lvl 61.
    At MP 1-10 they will be bumped up to lvl 63.
    lvl 63 monsters is what u find in act 3 and 4.
    All dmg from all mobs in all acts have been nerfed about 25% if i remember correctly.
    This means that as soon as u put on monster power, not only will the mobs go from act 1 difficulty to act 3 difficulty, but the will also get the the increased health and dmg they get from each MP lvl.
    If u then look at the numbers, MP 1-2 will about the same difficulty as act 3 was in 1.04.

    So if u havnt been able to farm higher than act 1, how can u expect to be able to just jump to act 3 and not get facerolled?
    Cuz that is what u are doing by putting on monster power

    The nerfs will help players progress through inferno faster, and as soon as they can farm inferno act 3, they can start putting on MP and then progress through the MP levels.

    Monster power is for the players who are getting bored out of their mind farming act 3 over and over again. It opens up posibillities to use the other acts for farming, and the better gear u have, the higher MP u can put on and still farm effectively.

    Monsterpower is NOT for players still strugling in act 1 or act 2. BUT those players will still win with 1.05, cuz everything has been nerfed. Lets say u where farming act 2 in 1.04, and maybe u could progress a little in act 3, but act3 was to slow to be farmed, then with the nerfs u should now have a much better chance to farm in act3. Now u can farm in act 3, all monsters will be lvl 63 and therefore all affixes on loot will be rolled as 63.
    So where u in 1.04 was limited to act 2 and the loot u get there, now u can go to act 3 and start farming for the new and improved loot And b4 long, u will gear op enough so that u can start farming with monsterpower and not be limited to only farm act 3!

    :Thumbs Up: coulndn't have said it better myself! Good to see people still have common sense! This is the extra info they perhaps needed to add to the post of monster power on the blizz site. Since 18+ people can't seem to get it if you look at the official forums...
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