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    posted a message on Bring back trading - Clan trading only - Diablo is missing certain social dynamics within the game
    Quote from Bagstone»
    Nope. Not gonna happen, and in my opinion it's good that it isn't. You need to earn the items yourself, and the trading restrictions we currently have actually panned out really well for the majority (there are some edge cases, but the pro's outweigh the con's by far). Just to reiterate again, one of the things that Josh said at Blizzcon was so 100% right in my opinion; starts at ~48:33 in the following video:


    "Trading has the potential to wreck the reward loop, just like the auction house did". Absolutely 100% agree - if I could trade my clan mates, who have been away for a few weeks, some of my awesome gear I found like my 2nd Kridershot that is idling on a twink, it would be awesome for them... but it would also make it a bit more pointless for them to play and farm for it. Plus, it just doesn't feel great if you jump into the game, get all awesome gear right from the start and... that's it. Just like the AH. And of course we're not even talking about the potential exploitation through "trading clans" (your 30 day thing does nothing, you could easily join a D2JSP trading clan or whatever and just play GRs with your friends over friends list).

    I always asked for trading in the game since AH left and Smart loot cames out, but you got a point there ... I got a few items that are also idling there and could get some worth if trading was possible...

    but yea, we could go for another way, and make a loot class selection. Iknow smart loot is not 100% but it would be awesome if we could choose what class we would like to be selected by smart loot (kinda the same functionality that exists in WoW).

    Since we can earn shards with one character and spend all of them with another one, I guess this would not kill the game as trading system would do.
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    posted a message on Loot tip of the day !
    doesnt work for me .. sry
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    posted a message on Outages affected drop rates?
    if you dont find a legendary in the first 10 runs, just logout and go play something else ... your rng is bugged for that time ... dont even waste time playing more...

    if you find some useless legs and souls in the first 10 runs,just logout and go play something else ... your rng will be bad and you will find only useless stars (souls)

    if you find something really really good in the first 10 runs, printscreen, call your friends, say the game is the best game in the world, and go answer rng is rng in the forums, and dont forget to logout so you will no be frustrated on this day.
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    posted a message on Your take on ladder-only items?
    I dont get where you are obligated to play ladder if you do not want, cant you still play normal?

    ladder is almost all about lvl race, at least for me and thats the only reason I am a little happy and motivated to get back for d3 ...

    specific items are not motivational, since I can be in the same situation as now (looking for something that can never drop) ... so I dont bother saying I am obligated to play ladder just cuz I want the ladder only items, ofc this can change if they remove bind to account, but untill there I will be playing only for level, if somethin ladder only drops, ok, if not, ok .. hc ftw :D
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    posted a message on Why are we forced to play rift ?
    Quote from Bagstone

    I never understood how "AFK farming Battlefields of Eternity" or "chest farming in T6 Arreat Core" is more interesting than rifting/bounties.

    Rifts and bounties take you to all kinds of different acts, areas, environments, monsters, and so on. Rifts are so diverse in their appearance. Saying that chest farming was better than rifts is just something that I will never understand.

    Why does Blizzard want you to kill monsters and not farm chests? The answer is because Diablo is about killing monsters, not about evading all evil and just open a few dozen chests.
    yea but its so strange that you find more legs on chests (even in rifts) than killing monsters ... should we run chest farm in rifts now?
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    posted a message on Why this game moved away from me.
    played a month, im done with the hardcore mindset play now ... kinda same feeling as you.. I need two set pieces, that I can not trade and do not know when Ill get it ...

    So now when friends call to play, I go, make a few bounty/rifts just for ''fun'' without looking for any kind of progression and get back to another game ... waiting them remove BoA items (or any other kind of GOOD buff cuz' 100% of 0 still 0, lol jk) so I can get back hardcore for this =D
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    posted a message on Idea RE:Trading of Items
    ppl talk about trade like its an obligation ... if it turns the game easy for you, just play purist like today, self found or whatever it calls ...

    I like the idea of trade, trade > legs (soul), we could make good use of garbage legs trading it for legs for other classes and stuff .. I dont care about credit card characters .. there is no competition in this game ... and you willl always have the chance to play without trading ...
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    posted a message on How Not to Enchant a Shard of Hate
    fun video :D
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    posted a message on [Poll] Would you like old trading system back in D3?
    I really dont like the Bind to account system, trade is good, I dont care if many will make credicard barbarians of whatever, just play they way you like, this will not make the game less fun for me, I play only with my friends, how this can impact my fun? lol

    I also prefer the d2 trade yell system, I didnt like the AH system so much ...

    When you start to find 6 mempos per week (rng is rng, or not? well, I lost the track of how many times I ve find the same item), trade becomes your best friend ... lol
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    posted a message on Legendary Drops /Unnecessary nerfs / State of the game so far
    I agree with almost everything ... with this kind of a single player game ... all those nerfs are so boring ...

    We still play cuz we love Diablo, but ofc the game could have some tweeks here and there ... who wants to craft a legendary with 6 random atributes? lol

    and ofc I would like they remove the gems for enchant rings/ammys ... =D
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    posted a message on Legendary Drop Rate Modifiers Analysis - Rifting versus Non-Rifting, Equation Basis, and Magic Find Implications
    There is something not accurate ...

    Yesterday, me and friends found a lot of legendaries doing rifts. In 4-5 hours of game all of us get like 7-10 legs ...

    Then we played again today, and none of us found legs like yesterday, like 1-3 in 4 hours of rift ...

    Many will say RNG is RNG, but is so weird how stuff works, one day all of us were luck with RNG, the other day all of us had bad luck with it ...

    Ok RNG exists but it seems that exists something more in that RNG script ...
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    posted a message on The Spirit of Diablo is Trading!
    hope someday they remove the bind to account .. or change it to bind on equip / bind on trade .. or at least let us trade plans and some other items .. :)
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    posted a message on Repeat Legendary Drops from Kadala
    repeat drops everywhere .. I found 4 wailing host rings since yesterday while ''rifting'' ... and a lot of blackthornes ... farming torment btw ... tired .. lol

    this RNG is so weird
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    posted a message on What's a real decent legendary drop rate?
    Quote from Jamoose

    Not really saying anything but i found these as a part of this run more towards the end.

    http://imgur.com/a/ITmBF#VgbdzOG (it's an album of 3 pics)

    the nat xbow dropped and then like 30 minutes later the boots dropped... And like 10 minutes later i got the wh from kadala.

    This was my first run after the patch ^^
    TWH, this rly exists in lvl70, guess Im back to kadala full belt again, I spent a lot of shards and decided giving up since I did never sa a WH lvl70 before lol Thanks man ... :D

    @ OP - I usually get 2 rifts - 1 leg, when I find leg I usually dont get soul, when I get soul usually no leg, I consider both a leg per rift btw ... since almost all legs turns into soul atm due to the SMART loot thing
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    posted a message on Being trolled by Blackthornes all day long....
    yeah, a lot of blackthorn .. maybe blizz want us to use them
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