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    Quote from Enslaved2184»

    Ok, my reading skills are just a bit worse than my WD skills.

    LOL, this reminds me of something Elpresador said in a vid. "i need to purchase a capture card cause the quality is unacceptable it matches my gameplay" :lol:
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    posted a message on I got banned for botting when I never botted!!!
    Quote from ashante»

    wtf can I do? They closed my d3 account and my appeal without even telling me what I did.

    I know I did nothing with diablo never botted or used any mods and as I told them the only thing that can relate is that I often ran in the background the Crusaders of the Lost Idols game with a simple autoclicker script.

    Nothing to do with diablo WTH is this!

    "Account Action: Account Closure
    Offense: Use of Third-Party Automation Software (also known as bots)"
    "While I definitely understand the frustration in this matter, we can assure you that a very thorough investigation was completed on this account. Even after an additional review, we have still concluded that we will be standing by our decision on this account and the action will not be removed under any circumstances. "

    So you where cheating in another game, but not in diablo? aaaah, i get it.. :facepalmsign:
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