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    posted a message on Ups and downs announced so far for ROS?
    _No words on ladder at blizzcon, that can't be good
    _The mystic might just be a glorified stat reforger inpired from wow, not actually enchanting items with new effects.
    _Stats remains the same, primary stat give +dmg instead of having the stats system from before beta, which had more depth.
    _Gems only add stats. More primary stat stacking.
    _No words on items only dropping from certain bosses.
    _No words on crafting like in d2 (for exemple transmuting 3 magic rings into one rare ring)
    _No words on screenshakes, skill ui

    They have not shown anything really in depth at blizzcon, this does not look good from here for now.
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    posted a message on Why are you happy about the AH announcement
    I will finally be able to play the game by myself, without having to barter for almost every piece of gear I wear.
    I repeat: play.the.game. Not the AH. So far d3 have been a very tasteless experience and I hope I can have my fix of d3 at long last.

    At least that's the plan.
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    posted a message on No, they won't replace the AH. Trade needs to be painful.
    Quote from Zeon1129

    you DON'T find a good item every 20h with this itemization...

    Itemization at launch IS what killed the AH. Not the easy access to it.

    We had NO CHOICE other than to use both AH's because items that drop are just EXTREMELY BAD unless you run a bot and manage to have tons of each items to ID and roll one good.

    Fix the goddamn itemization and people will leave AH by themselves! or maybe only using it to buy crafting mats and gems.
    it i the other way around.
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    posted a message on Diablo III Auction House is Shutting Down on March 18, 2014
    Quote from Ashes

    Bah... I don't see much good in this. To me AH provided fast, safe and easy way to trade. But I guess most people prefer dealing with all the scammers like it was in D2.

    Oh well... the game goes on.
    it also provided 95% of the gear you ever equiped. That is a problem.
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    posted a message on Requiem For A Dream.
    Glad to see even the most zealous and vocal players can come to reason at some point.
    You were one of thoses that constantly shut every critisism after release thanks to your ease and craftyness(?) with words. All is forgotten now but I sure wish people like you would have stop doing blizzard's advertisement and defense work sooner, then maybe we would have got something.

    Maybe it goes to show blizz is losing an other pan of their consumers (but the shifting have been in progress for some time already), but I don't think they will react at all.

    Like everyone else, me included, you'll wait for blizzcon for the right changes. Changes that will never come.
    Blizzard will be riding the hype behind an expansion release but they already shut down every bit of listening and are doing their thing for a while now. They are just not willing to please the core, it is their game not ours.

    So I hope you are not waiting for d3 to be anything more than a watered down d2 for the masses.

    God speed.
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 Devs on the AH and Always Online, Community Commentary: Project Nephalem, Mephisto Fan Art, StarCraft Universe Mod
    Quote from omnom

    Also RMAH did not do anything to make it safer for d3 players thats simply a myth all it did was increase the amount of players that thought of gold/items in terms of dollars ruining the integrity of the game 3rd party sites are bigger than ever.
    But now blizzard get its share so all is good.

    "We acknowledged early on the Auction House did have an impact on the moment to moment gameplay,"
    They most likely aknowledge they would never do anything about it else it would already have happened.
    Like giving us the actual drop rates the console players are enjoying right now.
    And I am going to leave this here:

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    posted a message on RoS Price Point - What do you think ?
    Quote from Bleu42

    I expect nothing less than $59.95. If you can't afford it, get a better / another job.
    Such an educated post.
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    posted a message on Will you buy Reaper of Souls?
    Quote from Bagstone

    What's that? I think you meant "new skill UI", right? What exactly is bothering you about the UI as such? Some things could be a bit easier to access or involve less clicks, and in particular I'd like to have a "save/load build" option, but other than that... I think it's fine, care to elaborate what's bothering you?
    Having to skills scattered on 6 pages, then having to put you mouse on every runes to know what they do, then go back to an other page to reread a rune of an other skill to see if you could make a combo out of it is not fun. And while leveling I like to know what I am working toward to, to skim through 6 pages of skill and their runes and try to remember at which level I might get a new game changing ability is no fun. This is so inconvenient.

    Why not just put have a first page on which you can access all the skill, then by clicking a skill that open a panel on the side with all the available runes and they description without having to mouse over.

    The actual skill ui boggles my mind. Don't tell me it is better once you get to learn and remember everything.

    Quote from Bagstone

    You must have missed the news yesterday. So let me tell you... there was a D3 addon announced, with new awesome loot and build-changing legendaries. Haven't played WoW lately but things like Goblins that pick up white items and throw legendaries back at you or a wand that spawns Hydras on mob kills doesn't sound like WoW, so not sure what you're talking about.
    You might want to take a look at the rare items he picked up. More wow stats yay. I am so not hype for this.
    Lets see more than 2 legendaries before we can judge them then, since there was apparentely no focus on rares. Lets see sets pieces.

    Quote from Bagstone

    Well, not the case anymore, there's at least a new gem with the diamond and I'm sure that's not all of it. They haven't even talked about gems yet.
    Source or it didn't happen.
    And it does not change the fact that there is only 4 primary stats represented across all gems. There is much work to be done.
    Anyway you might be talking about the diamond and the skull that were in the game at some point but good cut before release. The diamond might still be in the game files I think...shame

    Quote from Bagstone

    They haven't talked about it yet, but since the 3k DPS weapons posted yesterday weren't black weapons. They also admitted in a Reddit post that elements on weapon were meant to have a purpose, but it was somehow bugged and so everyone started getting black weapons... and before they realized what happened, it was too late for them to change. But they know about it and won't make the same mistake twice.
    Yet, if they wanted elements to be meaningful the Mystic would allow it for us. Instead of merely change primary stat numbers. This is not a feature for me.

    Quote from Bagstone

    The waypoints are exactly as in D2, I think what you mean is cross-act waypoints. Yeah, it's something I'd like to see as well, but we gotta admit that's gonna be very difficult to integrate now.
    We? Anyway if there is no will for doing it, it sure as hell won't do itself.

    Quote from Bagstone

    No idea what retcon is.

    Seriously, there are some things that I would've like to seen (option to skip cut scenes, save builds, quick gear swap, SELF-FOUND mode, ...) but the points you mention are really strange. Some of them just sound like splitting hairs, and some clearly indicate that you wanna complain about deliberate, well-justified design decisions the team made (weapon DPS for example).

    from wikipedia: Retroactive continuity, or retcon for short, is the alteration of previously established facts in the continuity of a fictional work.

    I can't ask for the whole d3 to never have existed and beg metzen to hire a good writer (that counts for sc2 aswell), can I?
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    posted a message on Kripp and Alkaizer talk about Diablo 3
    Have fun with your d3 and its rabbid community which destroys every game it touches for the sake of accessibility. You won. Enjoy your game, it is as good as it will ever get. Hell, you'll soon be able to play it on console.

    Eat this, there is more coming.

    It has been 11 months since release and the only salvageable part they had to take care to make the game lasting and appealing to the core diablo crowd has not been touched. I am talking about the itemisation which is a f****** shame. Don't get me started on the story or the overall customisation, the MF AH.

    I am done with this game. Blizzard have completely shifted gears, milking successful IPs until their balls drop and they only are the shadow of their past selves.

    I am disguted. Have fun arguing with the blizzard marketers storming this site. I'm out.
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    posted a message on Seriously guys
    Quote from Zambi666

    An endless dungeon and another harder monster power level would really keep this game alive
    new itemisation with new stats and without AH ladders/leagues would keep this game alive.
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