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    posted a message on DiabloCast: Episode XXVII
    Somehow the topic title reminds me of the Achmed the dead terrorist: "Premature detonation" sketch.
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    posted a message on The Demon Hunter
    Why would you want to make a lower poly version?
    Higher the better I say ^^

    On a side note - you're re-creating an existing item which is copyrighted by blizzard. You won't be able to do much with it other than create images etc which you can't sell.

    If you were to create something else, from scratch, but with the detail that you have done here... I imagine you could sell the model for a decent profit.

    Quote from overneathe

    It needs more breasts. :o

    Bigger breasts you mean... ?
    "More" would be disturbing.
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    posted a message on Unable to post on Blizz forums?
    If you used the search feature, you'll find others have posted exactly the same thing in the last week ^^

    No, a battle.net account won't allow you to post.
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    posted a message on Set items in D3? what?
    Quote from Daemaro

    Sets seem to also be incredibly rare and hard to obtain. First you'd need the plans for them to drop in Inferno which I imagine is a lot of searching on it's own, then I can bet that it's hard as hell to get the crafting materials for each piece, bet it requires Inferno materials which means you'll be scrapping Inferno rares and legendaries.

    Well, they might be tradeable?
    Unless they bind on pickup.
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    posted a message on Torchlight - Is it worth it?
    Your chars won't transfer.
    Torchlight is worth it - but get it from steam when it's at a discount.

    Don't expect more than 30-40 hours of playtime from it, as there is little to no replay value from a single player game.
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    posted a message on Retirement -is it worth it?
    Put it on an amulet, and pray you don't get life on it.
    That way the item is usable on all the character classes.

    The reason you don't want life, is because of a bug where the health increases exponentially.

    You'll get 200 health on it, 400, 800, 1600, it'll be an AWESOME item for a while, but then..... It flips into negative numbers.
    If you have it equipped, you will drop dead upon login and can never log the character in again.
    I don't think that bug ever got fixed yet either.
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    posted a message on Torchlight got boring fast
    It was good fun for the 5 bucks I spent on it.
    A fun distraction. Not a high replay value - but you'll find that in other threads.

    Buggy as heck, often crashes, high end items disenchanted, hierloom bugs that crash your character upon logon, pet constantly getting stuck, endless dungeon which was only semi-random, predictable monster spawns.

    Fun and recommended for 20-40 hours of game time, but don't expect much more than that.
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    posted a message on Torchlight 2 makes use of upset D3 community
    The more you expect, the more easily you'll be disappointed.
    Expect nothing, and be happy with what you receive when it's time ^^
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    posted a message on Well, I got Torchlight
    It is a fun distraction for a few bucks, but,
    * no multiplayer.
    * no great replay value.
    * too easy to cheat, much like diablo 1.
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    posted a message on now playing - Torchlight II
    The fun bit was the enchanting system. It had no limits really, your uber enchanted weapon would be truly unique.

    The bad bit, was the enchanting system. Your awesome bow could turn from the most godly item ever, to the most worthless piece of crap on a vendor in the blink of an eye.
    And you would have paid a ton for getting it into that state.

    I'd rather have seen a big "failed" message, and lost twice the gold instead of having it turned into toilet paper T_T

    The pet is amusing, it's nice to send it to town to sell your junk much as we'll have the horadric cube in D3

    And then there were the bugs... so many, and all of them "known" but never resolved.
    Poor devs never allowed to fix them because the managers want TL2 done and ready.
    Blizzard is much better in that aspect, at least we have seen a ton of fixes on D1 and D2 even years after their release.
    Torchlight hasn't really seen much love even after weeks of it's release.
    Stupid hierloom health bug....
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    posted a message on The GRE has to be the silliest thing ever created..
    GREmlins? SATtelites?

    What ARE you talking about?

    I could google it,,. but still, your post is kind of random.
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    posted a message on Looting in World of Warcraft
    Have a cursor fixed to the front of your character so you can rotate the character to aim at the corpse, and then attach a button on your controller to simulate a right click.

    If those chinese farmer bots can do it, I'm sure you can find a way to do it with an actual controller ^^
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    posted a message on Curse and account scam emails

    Quote from Molsterr

    Not the right forum to post in =P

    But it sounds like you marked your email to "public" somewhere and a bot picked it up.
    as I can say I have never had issue with spam emails from this email address

    I see changed my public email now fu scammers u suck :(((

    EDIT: Yday i opened my mailbox and saw Diablo 3 beta invitation.. I was Like YES FUCKIN FINALLY YEAH!! IM SO BOSS then i open the mail and im like fuck someone shoot me im out of suicide pills atm >.< at="" least="" the="" adrenaline="" rush="" for="" a="" few="" secs="" was="" cool="">

    I agree this is a serious problem though.
    Such options should be OFF by default to protect the users of the forum.

    I encourage you to send a mail to a site admin, or report some of these posts in the hope the main site admin reads it.
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    posted a message on First memory from Diablo
    The butcher certainly scared the shit out of me when i opened the door the first time :P

    But the one that comes to me most clearly was simply walking into the church itself - whoa its dark here, huh whats that? *Screee*
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