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    Quote from maka

    This is all just because some people are so anal that they do the stupidest things just to get an edge, like swapping gear mid-fight. If you wanna stack MF, do it like normal people, and take the drawbacks that come with it (more MF = less DPS/survivability). Gear-swapping is just people wanting to have their cake and eat it too. It's unacceptable, to me.
    There is a pretty decent solution that nobody's mentioned yet (or at least I haven't seen it). Remove the possibility of item swapping during boss fights. I know it doesn't prevent people swapping during fights with elite packs, but it's a start.
    I would also like them to bring back charms in some form or another. Just don't make them take up inventory space, that was horrible. Create a dedicated inv space just for them or something.

    Quote from Zakaz

    Again, your way of playing absolutely does influence my way of playing - it affects the economy, which impacts my time requirement to achieve specific levels of gear or progression, which affects my choice in how I play the game. Stop pretending like your experience is the only experience, ok?
    Was gonna write this but you hit the nail on the head. People don't play in a vacuum, what others do still affects everyone else, via the AH, for example.

    I tend to be agree more with what you're saying. It's hard fight Blizzard is trying to win here. All there options are horrid fixes, that only add in further time delays or "punishments"

    To further your idea, and really the only idea that MF will work as intended (via Blizzards point of view) without Nerfing the crap out of it would be either one of the following two options:

    A.) Have the game client check MF% of character (group) on first hit of mob, and last hit of mob. Take value that is lower (non-swapped gear MF% value) use that for actual MF%

    B.) Build in an "In-Combat" and "Out-of-Combat" system. Blizzard has stated Diablo 3 does NOT have this, it is an open world. This would be the much trickier option, but would other good things as making it much easier to give us dueling.

    These are really the only two options they have, if they don't want to touch MF in anyway, keep it working the same, but stop the swapping out right.
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    I want it all
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    Quote from Balzacc

    Let me guess, 5 beta keys for each site : >

    Hope you won't make some writing contest - English is not native language for every user here :P

    "I can not comfirm nor denie the contents of that email *looks at sig*"

    : D
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    Quote from AFd3

    I would be interested in using a community D3 voip server. A huge server for people to get together an essentially play and trade on. I'd be down to help pay for the thing if someone is pooling money for a big server. I'm sure there are clans/communities doing this I just don't know of any. It could be a lot of money but if people who are serious about this like me put 5-10$ in a pool I don't think it would be hard to collect a years cost of running the server (60-30 people with respective donations could pay for a 200 person server). I think it would be cool to play with some of you guys and be able to talk with you. It would also make a sweet diablofans trading post. Good or bad idea?

    We at Diablo Expressions already have this very thing! It is free to use and will be used for a lot of things in-game and non-game. We want to get as many possible people in it to use and come together, from all different communities and fansites to make the D# gamers stronger as a whole. got a few, but looking to have 100-200 people by/at game release : D

    All you need to do to full access the vent channels is get together with an admin and make avent account, but there are public channels that will be expanded shortly.
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    Quote from FreddyBenson

    /yawn boring

    anyone fancy coming and staying at my place until diablo is on sale

    i have spare beds, beer, cake, a awesome coffee machine, NES and sega games we can play

    box sets of many si-fi shows and most importantly we can shut off the internet so we dont have to read anymore stuff from people who are so square

    If you pay the rent in full and don't watch me as I sleep, im game LOL!
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    Quote from DDodds

    More and more i just dont trust this Jay Wilson. Reminds me of the politicians, always talking never progressing.
    I felt the same exact way. Saying the release date is nearing, without us knowing what that release date ACTUALLY is, that's saying the release date is "soon", which is what it is; not nearing because there's no date to gauge by!
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    Quote from Harmonica39

    Quote from Drkclone

    Am I the only one fearing that we will hear soon "Mid 2012"? I like how they are showing changes they have made/are making but a lot of this I feel could of waited till after release or an expansion.

    how could they waited to make those changes? these are CORE changes which directly influence the gameplay

    Not a flame, more of just mild fustration at this "development"

    How could they waited till now to make these changes? These are core changes to a game thats been in Cloased Beta for a solid 4 months, friends and family alpha for 1-2 months before that? Been teasing us along for months now saying game is "good for release" but appaerently not? Most of all, annouce the game nearly 4 years ago?!

    This was meant to be a anger release in general, not flame : D
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    posted a message on Beta Key & "Book of Cain" Contest from Diablo Expressions
    Only three days left to enter both contests! Get a chance at the fresh start of Beta with the new patch incoming or winning a "Book of Cain"
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    posted a message on Jay Wilson's Article Will be Going Up Tomorrow
    I had a whole essay in my head I could write here (which I would half enjoy to do), but it all boils down to these two simple things to anybody who just wants to play the game, and is a Diablo fan:

    1) Blizzard seems to have a bad case of multiple personality disorder with Diablo 3 from "pushing" Beta to the end of the "Q3", shady start of Closed Better vs Press Closed Beta, NDA press mess, saying game is "Technically" ready for release but go weeks without official word, now we know of an article but takes two weeks to get it and it's not a release date, which means it could just say "Polish on, polish off!" Much love Mr. Miyagi.

    2) THIS ARTICLE WAS DOOMED FROM THE START if it did not contain a release date for a vast majority of the Community. NOT to say the information we get (if it has a healthy amount of updates on artisans, rune system, finalizing of classes and abilities and most important still on track for "Q1" release) is bad, but if we get the rune system, if we get a high cap or any other thing that we most likely WON'T get in Beta; at this point it's just "red meat" to the fans with out anything behind it.

    Remember, even if they did add more to the Beta (which should throw up red flags!) only people in Beta would be able to test these things out...a still seeming small trickle of water compared to the water behind the dam pushing out!

    At least with a release date, in my own opinion and how I feel about it, a release date does NOT make me certain that Blizzard will have the game out, BUT a sign of CONFIDENCE in their ability to get the game out...with out the release date I can't have CONFIDENCE in Blizzard, nor any information they may put out and finalizing of the game till we get a release date because until then, there giving themselves time to play around with systems and other game elements. A release date means there're all said in stone with a race to print the CDs.

    Simple as that as far as my feelings go!
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    posted a message on Beta Key & "Book of Cain" Contest from Diablo Expressions
    24 hours later....bump for community. More on topic, got some really great entries for the "Book of Cain" contest. Want to see more!
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    posted a message on Beta Key & "Book of Cain" Contest from Diablo Expressions
    Hello all,

    Here are the last of our big contests for now. Good Luck!

    "The Final Archive Page for the 'Book of Cain' "

    The "Book of Cain" may be out but it needs one last page. The archive page that you will create. This contest will work in the following way.

    Contest outline:

    -This contest is going to be an inverted Caption Contest.
    -I will provide you with a quote that MUST be used!
    -You will need to dig through the vast internet for any material from Diablo 3 and work in the quote.
    -You can alter the material OR not, it's up to you.

    The quote that MUST be worked into every entry is,

    " Hello, my friend. Stay awhile and listen..."

    Rules, Guidelines and Restrictions:

    -The quote above MUST be in every entry in some way. You can add more if you want to, but not needed.
    -You're allowed to enter two (2) entries max.
    -You can change, edit, remove and switch out your entries at any time till the contest ends.
    -Be creative!
    -You have till January 21st (Midnight EST) to get your entries in on the official thread
    -Entries will be evaluated on the 22nd and winner pick later that night.
    -Anyone can enter (Us AND non-US residents) just make sure the address is clear when I ask for it if you win.
    -Winner will have 48 hours to reply to the forum message telling them they won, otherwise another winner will be picked!
    -Lastly, I will include your picture into the "Book of Cain" as the fabled last page with a thank you from the us here at Diablo Expressions.

    The second contest:

    "Make Your Expression Known!"

    This is our last Beta Key contest (maybe, for now). This one is just as simple as our last one.

    To enter, all you have to do is "Like" our Facebook page. That's it!

    I will random number a person from the combined Facebook "likers" with the pool of valid Twitter followers from the last contest (your promised advantaged, one free entry!)

    -You have till January 21st (Midnight EST) to "Like" the Facebook page.
    - Anyone can enter (Us AND non-US residents).
    -Winner to be told on January 22nd.
    -Winner will have 48 hours to reply to the forum message telling them they won, otherwise another winner will be picked!

    This contest has been shown AND approved by the moderation satff. We at Diablo Expressions thank them for allowing us to post this contest and continuing to allow us to do what we want to do with these contests. Giving a chance to the entire Diablo 3 community to win something and bring us all together!

    Thank you!
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    posted a message on "A Beta Key for the Winter of Solace"
    Quote from mekanykl

    Entered.....maybe I`ll win one too...

    well you're in, but anyone else has just 4 1/2 hours to enter. Winner will be announced tomorrow at 7pm EST

    The next Beta Key contest and oOoOo "Book of Cain" contest will be announced too!!!
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    posted a message on "A Beta Key for the Winter of Solace"
    Necro-ing to say 3 dyas left!!!
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    Quote from WishedHeHadBeta

    Quote from Molster

    THat gives me a good idea..... I need to make a "Build Lookup" it will load all the builds for class X, you can see what builds are being used... OHH and if I change the link (to a redirect link, instead of direct to the calc) I can also track which builds get the most views...IDEASSSS


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