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    posted a message on Diablo 3: "Show Some Class!" Win a signed D3:CE & Mini-Tyrael Statue
    Diablo 3: "Show Some Class!" Contest

    DrJDredscythe From Diabloexpressions.com

    Thanks to Moderation team for permission ahead of time, always like working with ya!

    With BlizzCon13' coming later this year and the real possibility of having an expansion shown one of the new things could be is a new class. That's what I want to see from you! I want you to step up to the plate and create a new class and a few things to go along with it.
    What I require at minimum (more couldn't hurt):
    • Class Name*
    • Archetype style (caster, ranged, healing, tank, hybrid)
    • At least 3 unique spells and/or abilities, but more are always welcomed.**
    • Any artwork or lore you like behind it (if you can draw great, if not provide some lore to it)
    *Can be named anything but keep it clean.
    **Can model your spells after D1, D2, or really anything out there, but I'm looking for new ways to do old things. Copying may not win me over.
    • The contest is open to US and Non-US residents.
    • You can only have one entry, BUT YOU CAN EDIT YOUR POST any amount of times before the end of the contest.
    • Contest starts Thursday January 10th, and goes to Thursday January 17th. I will pick a winner on the 18th and announce him or her that day.
    • Please post all submissions in this thread.
    GL, HF
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    posted a message on *SPECULATIVE* Looking for PvP theorycrafters to form guild/clan
    Hey, may be interested. Have a few other people? What are the main goals? Just want a clarification : D Great idead to do now with dueling coming out, practice for PvP in future.
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    posted a message on America Softcore Ventrillo Group
    I have a 300 slot server. Its free to use for anyone (US and Non-US), regardless of gear, or level of experience.

    Only thing to know is be mature and if any issues arise, use the in Ventrilo complaint system.

    All the information can be found here!

    If you want to help community, don't exclude, include. otherwise you just segment the community more make more fractures for infighting to happen.; negating your purpose.

    Feel free to PM if you want to talk about this : D
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    posted a message on PvP Delay - State of Diablo 3 Commentary Bonus Ep
    Glad to have stopped by and listened. Great stuff.
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    posted a message on "Remnants Of War" Recruiting! Active D3 Clan!
    Interested in looking at myself, but login in to fetch a url seems a little much to expect from any potential recruit to a clan. Would like to see myself though, GL!
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    posted a message on PVP Blog delayed!
    Quote from gothamknight

    RAGE FACE. Seriously though. How many times have we been disappointed by this man.

    Nothing short of this, give it till right before or after new years for blog, give it till mid-late feb march for patch if that lucky
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    posted a message on Duping is rampant in USA servers now.
    All I can say to maybe add to this is that with ease of farming on a mass scale, it is only a matter of time, Not if, Not maybe, Not "Oh, no sir your wrong" when we start to see this happen. The AH is not so much the issue but only illuminates this.

    With people farming more, wanting to sell every set piece, decent weapon, and the hardcore people by now have their top end piece or getting rid of there "Characters" for a different class...it was bound to happen.

    Can dismiss and say its all 110% duping, which Blizz and others here have said happens, but also, the longer the game goes on the higher chance at see exact rolled items on AH...besides as most agree on..items should be getting cheaper too.....by a lot....
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    posted a message on Paragon Leveling Guide 1.0.5
    On map ping / sound:

    Well all I can say is look where you kill. In second video you do see the Legendary Sprit, don't here the sound though. This could be (sound wise) as was pointed out on a thread that a blue responded to, that the sound may be classified underneath a different category.

    Like it's underneath music volume, but really should be underneath sound effects...for example.

    Just thought to point out.
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    posted a message on Tal Rashas Unwavering Glare
    How much you looking for, I may have 3-4 mil on it, but need to check account when I get home
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    posted a message on SICK OCULUS FT
    Ill bid 4.5 mil for that.

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    posted a message on Sell: Whole Monk Gear Set (Unbuffed 43K DPS)
    Be willing to do gold for both swords (3-4 mil total) for both. Money running tight these days.

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    posted a message on Arcane Monk Items For Sale
    #5 250k
    #6 500k
    #8 300k
    #10 500k
    #12 300k

    Be willing to do 2.5mil for all, if you be willing to sell all five in one shot (best options for min/max with what I already got). please let me know, ty!


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    posted a message on Nerfing gear swapping will have unintended consequences on Act 2/3/4 farming
    While, changing X % here and Y drop rates across this act there seems like a decent thing to do,


    What most people AND Blizzard has to realize that Magic Swapping gear is not a requirement, it's a BEHAVIOR!

    They are fighting a human behavior here, not a design design, not a balance, but the human condition itself.

    Raising drop rates, making a larger flatter MF % across a a broader spectrume of the player bass, making NV better all raise yet equall out MF as a stat...making it worthless on gear...and the stat balancing on the gear worthless...

    either keep it the way it is, or get rid of MF completely...Blizzard's digging a big hole here...they can almost get out of it
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    posted a message on Why Option 2 is the only viable option for Magic Find.
    People are focusing on the trees and not the forest here,

    The issue on why all these are horrid choices is because it turns an advantage (increase in finding magic items) into a process. You can what ever you want, but your grasping for the short straw on least painful/punishment choice when Blizzard has failed to recognize the reason why people stacked, bought, and swapped magic find to begin with, which was to gain an advantage in this gear hunting game.

    These choices we're given will do very little in the end no matter what! They will knock off a percentage of the swappers, but most will have enough to convert over to MF/stat gear within a day or two and keep on doing it the right way, but as long as people are free to stack MF in the beginning, the economy will get no better no worst...

    So in the end, the easiest option is to just leave the damn thing alone...

    If people are bitching over a need to MF swap, then Blizz needs to tell them this is a gear hunting game, use AH, RMAH, BUT MAYBE adjust MF% to not be as weighted stat (which means a potential to get more per piece).

    Any option, to allow BS to add it, to a separate item, etc that will give everyone a decent MF% 100-200 Kills MF as a Affix stat, and like GF and some what pickup radius, becomes a watse of an affix...

    Again, Blizz should leave it alone to the people that do and just focus on real important things:

    -Class fixing
    -Game bugs and issues
    -Being able to buy/sell everything in the RMAH

    ...You know, everything they promised would be a cool part of the game at release but DO NOT have yet...
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    posted a message on Magic Find Gear Swapping and RMAH Commodities Coming Soon, Gold Not Included Initially
    Quote from Benegesserit

    Quote from Savages

    Quote from magicbitch

    Bashiok, dont u think all of those "solutions" are exaggerated? Why not, just once, choose the easy way, what about to forbid gear swaping while you are in combat? There have to be some combat status in D3 am i right?? If there is, this is the best solution.

    There is no "combat" system in Diablo. There was some issue that came up during beta (can't remember what it was) but Bashiok posted that there is no combat system and in order to add such a system would require them to do a large overhaul of the game.

    This is bullshit. They make you take durability while in combat even when you take or deal no damage. They absolutely can tell you are in combat. If for some mind-warping reason they can't (which again is already proven to be possible by the durability wear-and-tear mechanic), they can simply have a hidden debuff that prevents gear swapping for 10 seconds after taking or dealing damage.

    They most likely felt (in the beginning) that a full on combat system a-la WOW, was not needed for Diablo 3. They most likely have the wear-and-tear trigger off of weapon landing damage / character taking damage, which is a form of combat state, but not the full on combat system that would be reliable enough (more so in groups!!!) that would prevent swapping.

    I really am confused why they never did to begin with, would make a lot of these issues go away quick with a simple hotfix.....
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