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    602 paragon here with ~80 hrs played, run groups with exp/heal monk (actually i'm playing one hehe) 55-60 grifts. I can easilly imagine that without afking in town, doing bounties for reagents, farming keywardens and playing sometimes solo i could be well in 800 range with the same amount of hrs played.

    Actually if you're playing monk after crafting exp gear, getting RorG and gambling Inna's pieces solo rifts, bounties and so on just aren't worth it becouse your ancient weapon will be crafted (born's) and amount of shards you get in 55+ grifts will gear your dps spec extremly fast. So you just farm towards 800 paragon, meanwhille leveling gems and getting gear for pushing grifts solo.

    P.S. Got bored at paragon 600, might farm some later))

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    If you're having troubles with wasps and poison champions then anciend APD is better becouse of soild poison resist.

    Also talking about numbers, when runing melee i've 10M toughtness without buffs, double unity, APD, esoteric alteration - that's enough to clear 45-47 consistently.

    Against poison champions - esoteric altertion is your best friend, against wasps - blizzard frozen solid and teleport repositioning. If you're unlucky to run into rift full of them then often the best choice is stacking arcane dynamo then droping hydras to burn them and teleport stuning when they're grouped followed with electrocute for double meteor to nuke group down.

    All in all wasps and other elusive ranged mobs are the bane of this build, but on the bright side all those pesky charging and jumping retards won't be a bother unlike for conventional range Tal Rasha.

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    For the build you're playing (looks like Jaetch melee build) unity is the best choice indeed.

    Also you're missing focus and restraint combo that amps dmg by a lot so the poster above is completly wrong - it may be hard to pass grift 40 +- dps check in your current gear.

    Few things to note:

    1. Diamon in your helm gives you close to zero benefits - your only cd skill is teleport and it's cd is supposed to be reseted with dmg through illusionist, since you're taking dmg anyway to proc Halo or Arlyse.

    2. Parthan defeners have no crit roll and that's a major dps loss.

    3. Esoteric alteration is better then gizzard for this build since it allow you to facetank nasty ground effects much better.

    4. Electocute dmg on belt is irrelevant since it servers 2 purposes: stacking dynamo and procing Tal. Dmg comes from meteors and hydras, not from electrocute.

    So replacing gem in helm and rerolling belt will add you some durability, Then it's the matter of double unity, better serpent sparker and parthan defenders. Build is pretty consistend and fun, but don't exept to facetank 50+ rifts becouse ppls who do so have extremly good gear,

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    posted a message on Bellmystic (t6 rush) build, is it viable?

    It won't outweight Torch and 4wuko build, becouse you:

    1. Need 5-6 pieces for Inna 6-piece bonus, that on it's own is weaker then wuko.

    2. Combinining both 6-inna and 4wuko is a) overkill for T6 B) limits recourse cost reduction for wave of light.

    3. You've lost fleet footed and MoC: Anihilation for a huge speed boost.

    Torch+4 wuko+cindercoat+warzerchain armguards+ 25 boon of the hoarder + MoC + fleetfooted already blows T6 rifts in 1.5-4 mins depending on density. And you still have flexible spots like for example gloves of worship if you're runing few act bounties at time (shrines stack extremly fast in adventure mode), avarice band to pick every piece of gold on screen, 2 piece inna with fire allies (with torch/cindercoat/paragon cdr you won't even burn through your spirit pool inbetween Epiphany cooldowns) or whatever else that fits your taste.

    It's nice to be creative, but unfortunatly Inna 6 piece leaves no room for that.

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    posted a message on Looking for ideas about Reakor + Immortal King combo.
    I've actually planed the same gear setup and after 5K shards some random elite droped IK belt. I went ahead and mixed IK+Raekor then decided to itimize for fire dmg to benefit from 360% weapon dmg on Ancients hit (since it's a single target that Raekor have problems with and Vile Ward won't fix it). Imagine my surprise when i saw Ancients doing less dmg then my WD's fire dog aoe aura (and she's far from being top geared)... Worth mentioning that fetishes pump out the same dmg numbers but faster and single 15 sec Gargantuan is worth more then Ancients wailing on enemy for a minute.

    Rage on hit rune is essentially useless since Raekor provide insane amount of rage.The only usefull rune is probably 50% dmg split complimented by gem turning pets immortal, but then again why we would want to spend essentially 4 gear slots (3 IK + Rorg) and gem for something we can get with a simple unity?
    tldr: Without a proper buff to ancients (they deserve it imo) mixing them with Raekor or Earthen Might will be complelty useless.
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    Main reason to do MP10 is when you stomp everything else so hard it's not even fun anymore. Myself i'm playing MP10 when in mood or MP8 when cba to pay attention. Overall feels like MP8 is sweet spot for exp, but i imagine that after few upgrades i'll be stomping MP 10 almost as hard as i do MP8 atm.
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    Quote from Aex5

    Hey guys ! I'm playing The "Batman" Build too and i would like to know what you think of my Witch Doctor, cause i'm struggling in MP10 and i would like to know what to upgrade on my Witch

    Diablo Progress: http://www.diablopro...dNight/24559216
    US Diablo 3 Armory : http://us.battle.net...2/hero/24559216

    I also have a Skorn :
    324 int
    4,70 life steal
    socket (100% crit or 130/130 ruby)
    when equip= -8k life / +10k dps
    Thx !!

    You can switch to scorn, change pants for solid vit/int/resistance to increase ehp, pick spirit vessel (it's really good on mp10). 170-180K dps with scorn, 60K hp and 700 resistances, more lifesteal will work wonders for your safety and will allow you to farm MP 10 reliably.
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    posted a message on Long Time CM/WW wizard looking for new gear advice
    Quote from Jaetch

    Get Blackthorne's set (Jousting Mail and Duncraig Cross).

    That's probably the best advice for your budget - Dungain Cross with 180+int/9 AS/8cc+ will cost you ~80 mil and real good Jousting Mail can be picked for ~ 60 mil. Alltogether you can expect 300+ vit, 24% live, ~400 int and ~900 LoH, extra armor.

    After i would seriously consider droping APS to 2.73 breakpoint and picking Chantodo WIll with socket - it's single highest dps increase aviable and will be even better with new gem tier. Then Chantodo Force - your one is lacking APoC, so you're probably using Storm Crown to fix APoC and LoH issues and whille suggested Blackthorne parts will fix LoH, new 8+ APoC Chandoto Will should allow you to switch to Mempo (and even cheap no crit Mempo blow Storm Crown in both EHP and DPS vallues by a mile).

    Also droping APS to 2.73 you can get rid of lacunis and buy 120+ vit 160+ int 4.5+ cc 60+ allres and armor/phys res for like 15-20 mil that'll once again upgrade your EHP and DPS by a lot. Ofc Lacunis are still a good choice if you are pushing for 24% movement speed, but i avoided MS alltogether with picking teleport as my skill of choice. Also with LoH fixed you can look for a better rings.

    After this basic improvements you'll be simply upgrading items to same better items (like int/cc/cd/ias rings/gloves). Unfortunatly we've not much choice as CMWW becouse fixing LoH without Blackthorne is almost impossible since to use best helm (Mempo) we need APoC on both weapon slots, and without chantodo it's almost impossible to even get 2.73 APS with socketed wand, and without socketed wand we loose too much dmg and meanwhille chantodo wand can't roll both socket and LoH and so on.
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    posted a message on Path of Exile lightyears ahead of D3??
    Actually from what i saw so far only new Lineage (still as development) can outshine D3 in hack&slash genre with aditional features it'll have as MMO. Gameplay looks similar - tons of mobs dieing, flyghting in all directions and stuff. Pretty strange choice from devs since it doesn't resemble previous Lineage games at all. In path of exile only character building feels like fun, whille game dynamic and visual effects are lacking. If they would actually buy a new engine and addapt game to it then it would be hit no doubts, but leading engines (cry, unreal etc.) cost a lot.

    But anyway PoE shows how great ideas can't be realised to their full potential without insane cash investments.
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    posted a message on Mantras
    Quote from Bananaramaaah

    Quote from Rhye

    Yep. Every monk should us it. One of the best skills in the game, both for solo and multiplayer.
    i'd actually argue that it's the best, esp. for multiplayer.
    though i'm not a fan of superlatives, i can't imagine a party not wanting this over anything else :)

    Frost nova is nothing to sneeze on in Wizards stunlock build. Actually monk for MoC and wiz for CC are #1 utility classes (dmg is there too tbh), can't really tell what's better becouse both are too good.
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    posted a message on Over the hill monk needs some advice
    Quote from kumarpr2277

    Is TR farming fun? The only way I could see it being fun is if it’s a noticeable exp increase over mp4 farming.

    With around 120K base dps i'm pulling around 65m/hr with 1 hellfire ring (just got back to game and rng on parts hates me), when i get it and leorics signet for my follower i might get to ~70. Legendary drops are lacking thought, during keywarden runs (mp 5) i see few times more ledendarys / time spent.

    Edit: Adjusted my route and it's around 75m/hr +-
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    posted a message on entertaining AOE witch doctor build
    Quote from Shanto94

    Nyaldee, what a party pooper!
    Didnt he say he is having fun with the build? :o
    Shouldnt that be all enough of a reason to be happy?
    Is efficiency so important that we cant do what's fun, just whats efficient?
    I think its great he found something he likes, instead of copying every1 else out there. His build may not be the best, but this game never was about setting up the best build ever (that's maybe why I always die in hc).

    He said "Check it out" and so i did. Simply shared my opinion on build, nothing wrong with that ^^
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    posted a message on entertaining AOE witch doctor build
    Short check if you don't mind:
    1. No +int buffs.
    2. 2 mana spenders with similar purpose.

    If you droped 1 mana spender you'd significantly improve your dps through soul harvest, gargantuan provides more dmg then manitou (and restless giant actually hurt elites a lot), gruesome feast is way ahead of vision quest for bear build (still got to have +15-20 pick up range) becouse of stackable +int buff. Ofc i realise to each his own but 2 mana spenders is overkill no matter what.

    P.S. Through Soul Harvest and Gruesome Feast you'd often see your dps jumping up to ~55-60K and that matters when you're nuking elites down.
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    posted a message on Paragon farmers: How much xp / hour are you getting?
    Quote from sssdrawr

    Here is my route to 100:


    - 3. player at lvl 100
    - 50 to 60 mill xp per hour
    - no Leorics
    - no gear for billions of gold

    Seriously doubt that exp rate is possible to achieve by WD (since it's a WD forum anyway), since we've to stop for ZB casts and even with cd reset passive spirit walk is still inferior to sprint/WOTB as a speed booster. Also i don't think that skiping elites is worth it since killing elites in my 55K dps gear takes few seconds anyway, better geared WDs probably don't even notice them.

    P.S. Going to try your farm route thought since it's quite often that i've only 3-4 stacks by core and tower.
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    posted a message on Paragon farmers: How much xp / hour are you getting?
    Quote from Derwiv33

    I don't understand why people do not do Azmodan. Does it take too long?
    I can kill him in less than 30 seconds, so there is absolutely no reason not to kill him.

    Also it does matter on which order you get the stacks.

    You answered your question yourself - killing Asmo or not depends on your route. Myself i start from Areat Core zone so killing asmo with 1-2 NV stacks or returning later on feels like a waste of time. Also i never once got a worthy loot from bosses so leaving them alive doesn't bother me in the slightest.
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