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    Quote from Andarus

    How can people wast their time so hard. D3 is a joke and if you abuse the game its even more of a joke.
    Funny you talk of wasting time when you troll on a baord for a game you clearly don't like to people who do.

    If you don't like the game why waste your time dealing with absolutely any aspect of it at all, ever?

    Fail troll is fail
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    Best thing to do is create a character on another server (US if EU etc)
    The lag isn't usually that bad and you can play one or other character during any server downtime.

    That way you can't even be tempted to just use a little bit of gold, or that one spare gem. It also means you earn achievements and unlcoks like it was the first time you played.

    If you can handle the occassional lag spike, though as I said it usually isn't that bad, then it can be quite fun :)
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    A few things I think we will/would like to see:-

    > A strength based class. I like the idea of a shape shifting druid, being able to use 2 or 3 different forms i.e. Bear and Werewolf (as in LoD) and maybe others like Boar, Tiger etc etc.
    It could either be a skill and have 5 different runes which change the form (though this would just become a MUST have skill) or there could be a skill for each form and the runes effect the damage output/survivability.
    EG Bear form is a skill, in this form you take reduced damage, hit slower but hit harder. In that the runes could be things like a cleave attack, a DoT (posion?) added on each hit, a CD damage reduction (akin to Barb's Ignore Pain) etc etc. Werewolf would then be another skill/form where you do minor life leech, have slightly faster attacks and other abilities like we saw in LoD. The Tiger form could be a bit more glass cannon-y, you take more damage but you attack faster than any other form and have increased move speed etc

    > A new gem (diamond for eg) that would give all res when inserted in armour slots, increase or buff resource generation/management when in weapons and (one that I'm a bit stuck on) reduce movement impearing effects when in the helm.

    > Runes, though perhaps without rune words. They could be legendary items and add unique/specific attributs and effects when sloted into items. There could be class specific ones, lore related etc etc.

    > A new crafter, probably the Mystic. New recipes for JC and BS

    > A new act, more content, new items etc etc. The typical expansion game lengthener.
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    Also there was a Blue post regarding latency numbers. Specifically how they do not correspond to other game's numbers. Just because in Game A you have 50 latency and in Diablo you have 150 does not mean that Diablo is pinging 3 times slower.

    Cba to dig the blue post out, just do and interwebz search and you'll find it
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    Quote from RSnooks

    The problem is lack of a TRUE gold sink.

    They tried to make crafting be the gold sink, but since its entirely random its just not used at all.

    They should make Gems part of crafting recipes, to force the stats you want. That way Gold would be spent on crafting gems which would in turn be spent on the Blacksmith with additional gold to make an item you could actually use.

    Being able to remove Gems from items was a bad move.
    Got to agree here. I like the idea that you shouldn't be punished for using gems in items by losing the gem I just don't think it works. You can craft 1 top end gem and use it forever, craft enough and you never really need the JC again, save for removing gems once you upgrade gear. I think there should either be a penalty (gem loses 1-3 levels) or there is a 50/50 chance of the gem being destroyed when you attempt to remove it.
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    posted a message on Monk Inferno Guide - 1.0.3
    Quote from Makesh

    I would also like to recommend this tool for calculating DPS.


    Just type in all your gear and save your profile, and whenever you find something good on the AH you can type in the stats of the item too see how much of an upgrade it really is. Amazing tool that have saved me from a lot of bad purchases on the AH.
    Thanks very much! That is a very useful tool
    Hopefully Blizz will implement the intelligent tooltip to show any damage/life/protection changes soon so it'll be a little easier to gague. Til then I'll use this
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    Happened to me the other day. I chuckled
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    Quote from Findulidas

    Feel free to not do it, but I think its a lot more boring if you dont.
    Although I don't agree with the OP about it being borderline 'cheating' and the AH not being part of the game, I do think that it could be a fun thing to try to do later on.
    If a lull ever happens, some time before the expansion or pvp patch for example, I think a lot of longevity and fun can be had with self imposed restrictions, like the videos of people doing Inferno act 1/2 with only 200k gold worth of gear.

    It can be something as simple as "I won't use the AH to buy gear" or "I'll create a complete fire/lightning/arcane wiz and use no other elements" or something even nerdier where you RP a bit and say "My barb only ever dual wields maces" or "My WD is a cartographer in his spare time so I have to clear and explore every area of each map" and just see how far you get and how much fun you can have.
    Sure, there'll be frustrating parts where you'll be banging you head against a wall, but it'll mean you have to think, plan and play more intelligently.

    Think of it as a self elected hard mode for people (like me) who are too worried about losing characters to play HC.

    Sure, not everyone will like the idea of it, but it can be fun and you can have a laugh doing things with alts and levelling you otherwise wouldn't.
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    posted a message on How to farm 100 mil in 30 mins! Check it out fast
    Quote from Frozenkex

    Quote from phoulmouth

    Quote from VanSza
    he is a pretty good gamer

    So abusing every exploit you can find in a game and getting repeatedly banned is being a good gamer huh?

    Yes avarage gamer doesn't care about such things or doesn't understand the game that well to be able to exploit anything.
    Still doesn't make him good. Understanding about exploits and having the desire and time to utilise them =/= a good player.
    I have no issue with Athene, or the people that give him their gold/items/whatever, I just don't see why people think he is an amazing gamer.
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    posted a message on First 1.0.3, now Hotfix.
    Quote from constipationnow

    strange because the hotfix says 5 NV = 2 rare guaranteed on bosses.
    your own subjective experience of droprates isn't relevant here.
    Strange because the hotfix hasn't been applied to EU servers
    your own trolling isn't relevant here
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    Quote from K√ľken

    When does the hotfix change work anyway? I was doing warden/butcher/kulle/belial after the announcement (just 2 minutes ago I killed kulle again) and the bosses occasionally dropped only 1 rare with 5 stacks.
    Think it's already live on US but not sure when it'll hit for EU
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    posted a message on Looking to read a SOLID article written on pros and cons on DII vs. DIII
    Quote from Gheed2010

    Quote from Kaoskadosk

    Give it several years like D2 and we will have an equal.

    I think the experience of people who approach the game totally fresh a year from now without having played it at all will be a good one, and a much better one than most of the people who played it at or near release.

    But will it ever come close to D2 circa 1.08-1.10 for its time? No, not at all. The reality is that every lead on this project was making their first ARPG, under a ton of pressure and scrutiny, and it really shows.
    I'm not sure if any games will live up to the all conquesring effects of D2 and maybe even WoW in it's heyday. The gaming industry has changed, gamers have changed, games are now mainstream and there is a lot of money in it.

    I'm gettin' all misty eyed and rose tinted, but everything has already changed. Be that for the better or worse
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    posted a message on Have you bought any items from RMAH ?
    Quote from Karalius

    Quote from Andarus

    That tells how much Blizzard cares about Botters....
    Dude's a butthurt troll, just ignore him
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    Quote from Nivrax

    Am I the only one wanting 5-level dungeon with small rooms but guaranteed champs akin to Countess Tower?
    Strange, I was thinking this exact thing only yesterday.
    I loved the Forgotten Tower and actually enjoyed doing Countess runs for runes. Just something about it I found dark and foreboding, but ultimately rewarding. Maybe it's just me....and maybe you
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