• published the article Diablo 3's next expansion is named "Reaper of Souls"?
    Diablo 3's next expansion is named "Reaper of Souls"?
    It looks like the teaser for the next Diablo 3 expansion just went live and everything points to the new expansion being named "Reaper of Souls".

    According to the official website "Reaper of Souls" is a trademark and linked to Diablo 3, with Gamescom coming up next week it wouldn't be surprising to see the expansion for Diablo 3 announced there.
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  • published the article Kripparrian and Krippi Hardcore Diablo Inferno World First Kill
    Kripparrian and Krippi Hardcore Diablo Inferno World First Kill
    It's everywhere on forums, Kripparrian just defeated Diablo in Inferno difficulty in Hardcore mode! This is, as far as we know the world first kill but Bashiok hinted that it might not be the case on his Twitter Account.

    Update: Bashiok has confirmed they are indeed the world first Hardcore Inferno Diablo Kill (source)

    Congratulations to the Kripp/Krippi duo for this nice achievement.

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    Trading Forum Changes
    Due to popular demand we have made a small change to the trading forums. They are now split by region for easier use.

    Commodity Sales Back for all Regions
    As was reported yesterday, commodity sales were working again in US regions when the servers came online. It looks like all regions now have working commodity sales as well.

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Update: Commodity trading has been activated again in the Diablo III Auction House. Happy auctioneering :)

    Disparity Between Melee and Ranged
    There were some good questions that were answered in yesterdays AMAA. However some questions the devs just did not have enough time to answer. Today Lylirra posted a reply from Wyatt Cheng about the disparity between melee and ranged.

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    I'll state up front that I do think there's a disparity between melee and ranged, and I would like to see that closed. I feel like if I talk a lot about thought processes and design philosophy and don't state this up front people will lose the forest for the trees and conclude we think everything is fine. So I'll say it again: melee vs. ranged disparity is not fine, changes are being made, and even if you disagree with the approach outlined below we can hopefully have the common ground that the current situation needs improvement.

    It may not look like it on the surface, but a large number of the changes in 1.0.3 are actually targeted at closing the melee/ranged gap. Let me go through some of them.

    I'm going to use Hardcore as a starting point. In Hardcore, there's actually a reasonable distribution of classes, and I don't think the melee vs. ranged disparity is as large. There are a lot of Hardcore players of every class in Inferno without a huge disparity. Why is this important? It's because a significant portion of the melee/ranged disparity is related to a ranged character's ability to progress even while dying. A melee player can throw themselves at a monster and die, doing almost no damage to an elite enemy. A ranged player can do a huge amount of damage to an elite enemy, die, respawn, and basically attrition the enemy down with repeated deaths. In the Hardcore environment where a single bad Mortar, Vortex, Jailer, or Reflects Damage will kill a glass cannon-ranged character, the disparity between ranged and melee is an order of magnitude less.

    Repair Costs
    One of the more controversial changes in 1.0.3 is the increased repair costs. The design intent of these increased repair costs is to make death more meaningful. One of the top arguments we see against the increased repair costs is "I'm already dying dozens of times to make any progress in Inferno. Don't you see this is going to make this impossible?" This concern is most often brought up by ranged glass cannons. Many melee players respond "increased repair costs seem fine" because they haven't been using death-zerging as a tactic. Melee can't easily death-zerg an enemy down, but ranged can. I don't think the answer is to make death-zerging more attractive for melee; I'd rather make death-zerging a less profitable strategy for ranged.

    Enemy Health and Damage
    We're also looking to adjust the damage and health of enemies in Inferno Acts II, III, and IV. This is another change that is primarily for melee with secondary benefits for ranged. A lot of ranged are building glass cannon with the mentality "well, I'll just try not to get hit at all." So, reducing incoming damage when they weren't taking any before isn't significant for them, whereas reducing incoming damage for the melee is a big deal. For the ranged classes, I'm hoping that the incoming damage reduction will make some survival stats more appealing to ranged classes. While before the damage was so large it just felt pointless to try and mitigate any of it at all, after the change hopefully ranged classes will think "well, if I just put on a modest amount of survivability, I don't get 1-shot, so that's worth it." There are some ranged players who are already doing this -- stacking survivability so they don’t have to endlessly kite -- and it just feels like the minimum amount of survivability to avoid the 1-shot is so large it's unattainable. That's one of the things 1.0.3 seeks to address.

    Damage Reduction in Co-op
    Another change which is targeted at improving life for melee is the reduction in co-op damage. Again, since many ranged players just build glass cannon and avoid damage completely, they didn't really care if incoming damage went up as other players entered the game, but the melee characters really noticed. It was very easy for your life-on-hit to have you at a steady equilibrium, but as soon as another player entered the game your life-on-hit was no longer covering the incoming damage and death became imminent.

    Additional Changes
    And finally, there are always minor polish adjustments designed to help melee -- such as the AI on some monsters (BEES!!!) being tweaked to run away less often, which again helps melee more than ranged. I actually spent some extra time the other day to make sure if a Sand Wasp runs away from you, and you start chasing the wasp, it doesn't turn and shoot 4 bees in your face (hopefully that makes 1.0.3). I'm also working with one of our gameplay engineers to make it so if you sidestep the Dark Berserker’s power hit (where he brings his giant mace down), he doesn’t turn to track you as he swings (though that change probably won't make 1.0.3). These kind of AI adjustments are things ranged players don’t even notice, but are huge for melee.

    Another adjustment being made is increasing both the maximum range and the dead zone of Mortar. Mortar was specifically designed to be an anti-range affix, but many ranged players would just stand even farther away, whereas melee would sometimes get caught in the cross-fire of two Mortars. Increasing the maximum range and the dead zone helps with both of these.

    Blue Posts

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Why are you allowing the RMAH to deteriorate nearly every other aspect of the game? I already know the answer but I want them to endure the discomfort of saying it.
    It's a question based around a false pretense. We've repeatedly explained the game design philosophy for our systems many times in the past, easily proving your brash claim to be false.

    There's no answer for a question like that.

    There is only information, listening and constructive feedback. We'll continue to play our part. ;)

    Auction House
    Error 31073 indicates the auction house is currently experiencing a lot of traffic, and (to help mitigate that) it is automatically throttling the number of items that can be listed at a given time.

    The post below goes into a little more detail: http://us.battle.net...ic/5573699157#2

    Same for me! Just bout an item. I got an error message. Lost my cash, cant get my item, and cant see any of my gear in sale screen, nor the gears that I did not sale.
    What error did you receive, do you remember?

    Just an FYI, depending on current traffic in the auction house, you may experience a delay in having items appear in your Completed tab (or, similarly, having gold transferred from the Completed Tab to your stash). More here:http://us.battle.net...ic/5573699157#1

    Why not just sort out your DB problems, and lease more hardware, FFS this AH is going to make them millions, throw 10% of that revenue stream at making it work better.
    Pass that on PLZ

    We're continuing to make a number of improvements to the auction house, but this is an interim solution to improve overall stability. It's not ideal and our goal is to have it so that players don't experience that error at all.

    Idk my error message just says, "THE AUCTION HOUSE IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE". Pretty easy for me to understand that.
    Is the auction house button grayed out, as well?

    So it is working, I just can see why people would jump to conclusions that their stuff is gone and what not, they just need to be a little patient...
    That's definitely good advice, but I know it can be hard to heed.

    If players are experiencing the grayed-out auction house button, they should ideally wait a few minutes and then try again later. Alternatively, they can enter a game and come back out, or logout and then login again to try again. This is actually another way of limiting traffic on the auction house during peak gaming hours. We don't have a timeframe yet for when we plan to remove this specific type of throttling, but we will be working not only to improve the messaging around it but also to implement fixes and general optimizations that will make it unnecessary to throttle players to begin with.

    It's 2012 and you are still exposing cryptic error numbers to users instead of actual helpful messages.
    Error 31073 should be accompanied by the following message: "Due to heavy system load your transaction request has not yet been resolved. Please keep this in mind as you consider additional transactions in the auction house. Check the completed auctions tab for more information." Yes/no? If not, that messaging should be going in with a future patch.

    Any news on those people with blacked out auction house?
    You just quoted the answer to that very question. :D
    (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Dyeing Legendaries
    I have the same issue. Why hasn't this been hotfixed???
    It's unfortunately not that easy.
    Andrew Chambers (senior game designer for Diablo III) addressed this question yesterday here:

    I just chatted with our awesome artists about this the other day! We currently have some tech restrictions that make it unfeasible for us to [allow players to dye legendaries]. We definitely want to allow this though, and we are looking at solving the tech issues related to it.

    (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Aus/NZ Service
    Thank you for everyone's feedback we have had on this topic.

    As part of improving our service we’ve made further optimisations to our server-selection process for ANZ players connecting to the Americas region that will provide more consistent latency when connecting. Our systems are currently operating to specification; however, we will continue to monitor things in the event that further issues arise on our end.

    We recognise that some players are continuing to have latency-related problems possibly due to issues outside of our infrastructure. For players impacted by ongoing latency issues, we are continuing to investigate the potential causes with the help of your feedback here in the Aus/NZ forums. Please note that you should judge the quality of your connection by your actual in-game experience, NOT by the small latency meter in the in-game user interface, which is not always an accurate reflection of your actual connectivity.

    We invite players to test out the new optimisations and welcome additional forum feedback on user experience. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Report Spam
    This post brings up a great point. If you find gold spammers in the General Chat please use the in-game option to report them.
    If you are unsure how to do this, just right click on the player name in the chat and select Report then Spam.

    This will help to reduce the gold seller spam for everyone. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    This game is only for "Diabloholics" you whiners should QUIT the game as you said it. If we can play the game, can you not?
    But that's not true at all. While Diablo III may not be for everyone, our goal is to make the game as fun as it possibly can be -- for long-time fans of franchise, for players just getting started, and for all those people somewhere in the middle -- and criticism lets us know how we can improve.

    No one should be advised to "quit" the game simply because they don't play the same way you do. Constructive discussion, good. Vitriol, bad. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Wiki Class Progression Pages
    Though this feature has been on the official game guide, some users did not find the layout user friendly. The wiki has been updated to hold a table for all five classes showing what skills unlock at each level.

    Diablo III - Race to the Finish: Creative Machinima
    Submit a creative machinima video using Diablo 3. There is no limit to what you can do, be as creative as you like! You may also enter as many times as you like, as long as each entry is unique. Post your video in the "Creative Machinima" contest thread.

    All videos must be submitted before June 15th, 2012. Some rules do apply, make sure to read the official rules before submitting and working on your video! Also, any post processing tools, such as Vegas, adobe premier, ect.., are allowed. However any programs that alters the behavior of the game itself are forbidden.

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  • published the article Diablo 3 Patch Coming Soon
    Diablo 3 Patch Coming Soon
    It seems that a new patch for Diablo 3 will be deployed soon, we couldn't find many changes in the files and this is mostly just a giant bugfixes patch.

    DiabloFans Quote:

    Auction House
    • "All Damage" Item Filter is now "Bonus Minimum Physical Damage"
    • Serenity (Tranquility) - Now extends the protective shield to allies within 45 yards for 1 second, down from 2 seconds.
    Misc Noticeable Strings
    • ErrorUnderManualReviewRMT - There is a 3-day waiting period before digitally purchased versions of Diablo III can access the real-money auction house.
    • UnderManualReviewTooltip - Auction is currently under review prior to processing. For additional information, please refer to the auction email sent to your Battle.net account’s email address
    • SecurityConfimationRequiredText - Your {s1} of {s2} requires a security confirmation via SMS. Standard carrier rates apply.
    • ErrorBuyoutAtStashLimit - Buyout unavailable. You have reached your storage limit in the Completed section. Please remove some of these items and try again.
    • TaxDescription - Sales tax may apply to the winning price.
    • TaxHelpTooltip - Please go to Auction House Help for more information.
    • CSCanceledTooltip - Auction canceled by support team. Please check your Battle.net account's email address for additional information.
    • ErrorBuyoutExceedsSoftCapNoAuth - The buyout price you set will exceed the allowed Battle.net balance limit for accounts without a Battle.net Authenticator. Please set a lower amount.
    • ErrorExceededSoftCapNoAuth - You've hit the maximum allowed Battle.net Balance for accounts without an authenticator. Visit the Battle.net website to attach one or for more information
    • ErrorStartingPriceExceedsSoftCapNoAuth - The starting price you set will exceed the allowed Battle.net balance limit for accounts without a Battle.net Authenticator. Please set a lower amount.
    • ErrorBidFailedAuthorizeZipCode - Unable to process this transaction as your Battle.net account does not have an associated zip code. Please login to www.battle.net/account and add a zip code to your account's contact information.
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  • published the article Most Awesome Video Spoiler Ever. Diablo III Launch Update - RMAH Push Back, Blue Posts, Giveaway
    Update: Added "Diablo III Launch Update

    The Most Amazing and Fantastic Part of Diablo 3 - GIANT SPOILER
    The New "Cow Level"
    It looks like the time has come! A group of players have made it to the new cow level, and recorded a video of it as well.

    Diablo III - Race to the Finish Contests
    If you haven't yet, make sure to check out our three contests for Diablo III, where we will be giving away a total of three Alienware X51 computers.

    Diablo III Giveaway
    The "Race to the Finish" is not the only Diablo III contest Curse is holding. Curse is also giving away some Diablo III SteelSeries gear such as the Diablo III Headset, Mouse and Limited Edition Mousepad. Head over to the official content page to enter!

    Diablo III Launch Update

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Diablo Players:

    We’d like to extend a very sincere thank you to everyone who joined the global Diablo III launch celebrations this week, as well as to everyone who was ready to jump into Sanctuary the moment the game went live.

    To that end, we’d also like to say that we’ve been humbled by your enthusiasm -- and we sincerely regret that your crusade to bring down the Lord of Terror was thwarted not by mobs of demons, but by mortal infrastructure. As many of you are aware, technical issues occurring within hours after the game's launch led to players experiencing error messages and difficulty logging in. These issues cropped up again last night for the Americas and Europe servers. Despite very aggressive projections, our preparations for the launch of the game did not go far enough.

    We’ve been monitoring the game 24/7 and have applied several optimizations to help our systems better weather the global rush. As of late last night, specifically 11:50 PM PDT on May 15, all systems have been online and running relatively smoothly. We’re continuing to monitor performance globally and will be taking further measures as needed to ensure a positive experience for everyone. This includes some maintenance to implement additional improvements for each region.

    In order to make sure everything is continuing to run as it should, we’ve decided to move out our target launch for the real-money auction house beyond our original estimated date of May 22. We’ll post further updates on that in the near future.

    Aside from the tremendous number of players simultaneously logging in to the game, one of the launch-day service issues was linked to the achievement system. Some players began to notice early on that achievements were either not being earned properly, or not being saved between multiple logins. We’re investigating this issue and will provide a specific update as soon as possible.

    We greatly appreciate everyone’s support, and we want to sincerely apologize for the difficulties many of you encountered on day one. Please visit the Battle.net Support site or Support forums for the latest service-related updates or for help in troubleshooting any technical issues you may be having downloading, installing, or while playing the game.

    Thank you again for your patience while we reinforce the gates of Sanctuary and further strengthen it for your onslaught.

    Blizzard Entertainment

    Lost Achievements
    Blizzard is fully aware of the issue of missing achievements and is hard at work trying to get a fix out there.

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    We're working on providing an update regarding issues with achievements. Please stay tuned.

    Interisting how the community managers are just playing the game while we cannot because we're waiting from answers on their part...
    Well, the best way to experience what the community is experiencing is to install and play. I do that on my lunch (if I can) and after work. That doesn't leave me as much time as I'd like. You'll also note that we've been communicating on our end the whole time on a variety of issues. We'll continue to do so as well as we have information to share. So, no, we're not "just playing the game". I'm looking forward to the weekend in the hope that I will be able to do just that though. ;)

    We have communicated multiple times that we are aware of the Achievement issues and are still investigating. When we have more information to share, we will. Lack of updates does not mean we've forgotten about it.

    are you guys going to just throw in the towel on whats already been lost, or can we re-earn the 1 time achievements that are currently unavailable forever to us?
    i would be really sad if two days into the game I already have a handful of achievements i can never get

    We're still determining a variety of things in this regard. I can't answer this any more specifically for you though right now. We are working on an answer though.

    Inferno Skeleton King Cleared
    Method has taken on Inferno Skeleton King, and has won!

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    1 day after release, and they beat act 1, and act 2 aswellalready on inferno i think.
    They have only killed the Skeleton King at this point. Do note that up to the Skeleton king is only part of the first act and they still have lots of the game to go till they complete act 1.

    Another point to be made is that this is a group of fully co-ordinated, skilled, dedicated and hardcore gamers who have been playing regularly since the moment of release. It will take quite a while longer for the average player and even most seasoned gamers to reach this point. That being said, it's amazing to see the speed in which they have reached this stage of the game, but remember that the hardest is yet to come...

    Blue Posts

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Diablo 3 Beaten in 7 Hours
    I'm one of those people who likes to explore all of the map, because you never know what might be lurking in that unexplored part, right? I'm in no hurry to rush through because that's not my play style, but I know we're all different. Some people love the bragging rights that come with being super quick through a game. Meh, I prefer to take my time, soak up the atmosphere, listen to the story, and loot every single damn barrel I find.

    But yeah, as others here have said, completing normal mode is by no means finishing the game... It's just the start. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Diablo 3 Beaten in 6 Hours
    That's the problem... people are used to playing Skyrim
    You can beat Skyrim in a few hours if your intent is to rush to the end of the game as fast as possible.

    You can beat the original Super Mario Bros in 5 minutes.

    If your intent is to simply race to the end of the game as quickly as possible I'm sure you can complete Normal difficulty in very little time. If your intent is to take your time and enjoy it, stop worrying about what people rushing to the end of the game think.

    Luckily, unlike other games, regardless of how quickly you want to rush to the end, the near-limitless content provided through randomized events, dungeons, enemies and items (and their random drop chance) mean that you'll be able to play for years to come.

    Welcome to Diablo III, please enjoy. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Class Sigils
    Within the first couple of weeks of Diablo III's release on May 15, we'll be processing all of these accounts and flagging them to unlock the appropriate sigils. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    White/Grey Items
    t's OK to leave those behind. Hopefully you'll be finding better things to fill your inventory space with.

    Oh I do. It just seems like a waste to me to make all those items and have them not at least be sellable to where it's worth your time.
    It's that "clean your plate philosophy" that is a bit hard to break. I have been working on breaking myself of that as well. You're not alone. When you see things hit the ground, you want to tidy things back up. (Minus the exploded demon bits of course.) (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    I come from D2 and know little of D3. Can i reroll skills in the game? Very confusing skill system. Can someone please elaborate?
    Skills are now something you unlock at predetermined levels. Depending on your class, you'll unlock skills at different intervals and in different quantities. Skills will unlock all the way up to level 30. Once a skill is unlocked, you can add it to your build at any time, incurring only a minimal cooldown when you do.

    In a similar fashion, skill runes are also something you unlock as you level up (you'll earn skill runes up to level 60). By the time your character hits level 60, you'll unlock five skill runes for every skill. Skill runes augment your character's abilities in various ways -- some drastically, some more subtlety. You can also change out your skill runes at any point.

    While a little outdated, you might want to read up Jay Wilson's explanation of the system when it was first introduced in beta:http://us.battle.net...en/blog/4475014

    Can someone please elaborate?
    Have you checked out the Game Guide? There's some pretty cool information in there.

    Skill Calculator: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/
    Skill Progression tabs: If you go to each class's Active Skills tab, you also see what skill runes are available for each skill. :) (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
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  • published the article Launch Day Preparation Guide
    Launch Day Preparation Guide
    The game installer will be unlocked at 8:01 a.m. PDT on May 14, this is when you want to start checking Diablofans like mad for new information!

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    As we near Diablo III’s long-awaited May 15 launch date, we have some additional details to share on what to expect, how to prepare, and when you’ll be able to begin installing and playing.

    Purchase the Game
    If you haven’t already purchased Diablo III you can acquire it directly from Blizzard through the digital presale. You can also preorder the game at most major retailers and fine purveyors of high-quality gaming products worldwide. If you’re interested in the Diablo® III Collector’s Edition, please be aware that this physical retail-only edition is printed in limited quantities and has already sold out in most places that take preorders on games. We recommend calling around and checking if your local retailers will have the Collector’s Edition available.

    Create Your BattleTag™
    We expect that on launch night both the game service and website will be under very heavy strain due to the immense number of people excited to be among the first playing Diablo III. With that in mind, we highly recommend you create your BattleTag now, as it’s required to play Diablo III. Please keep in mind that this non-unique nickname is a permanent choice, and will display both in-game and on the website, so be sure to choose one you like! (What is a BattleTag?)

    Regional Launch Times
    As previously mentioned in the announcement of our midnight launch events, the launch time of the game is broken down by region.

    The Americas (U.S., Canada, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand, and South East Asia) servers open at: 12:01 a.m. PDT, May 15

    Digital Presale Download
    If you’ve purchased a digital copy you can begin downloading your client right now, and we highly encourage you to do so. We also have a Diablo III presale visual guide available that may be helpful. As it may take you some time to download the full game, it’s best that you begin early. This may afford you additional time to troubleshoot any downloader or installer issues you may encounter.

    Early Install
    We will be unlocking the game's installer at 8:01 a.m. PDT on May 14. This will allow you to begin installing the game, troubleshoot any issues you run into, download and install the launch day 1.0.1 patch, and be ready to play as soon as the servers come online.

    Global Play Launch Time
    We’ll be turning on Global Play when the game has launched in all regions. This means that you will not be able to play in a region outside your home region until after the Americas’ midnight launch at 12:01 a.m. PDT on May 15. We’ll provide an update once Global Play is enabled, and you’ll then be able to change the region you connect to through the game’s options. Please note that characters, items, and friends lists do not transfer across regions and players who use Global Play to connect outside of their home region will only be able to access the gold-based auction house. More information can be found in our Global Play introduction article.

    Launch Night Login
    As we’ve unlocked the Diablo III installer early, many people will be ready to log in right when the servers go live at midnight, so we’re going to be closely monitoring the impact on the service. It’s possible we’ll need to adjust the rate at which we’re logging people in to ensure a stable experience, and if we do you may see a delay when attempting to login. Please be aware that a delay of up to 40 seconds is possible while the game attempts to connect you. If your connection doesn’t succeed in 40 seconds, you’ll be presented with an Error 37 message and asked to try again. If you see this error it does in fact mean that you should try again. We’ll be working around the clock to keep you informed of any issues that are occurring through the in-game breaking news window, as well as the official forums.
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  • published the article Class Spotlight - The Wizard

    Class Spotlight - The Wizard
    IGN has posted the next spotlight video, a look at the Wizard

    <object id="vid_0990fb5fbf3a821604d42ba899f73fff" class="ign-videoplayer" width="468" height="293" data="http://oystatic.ignimgs.com/src/core/swf/IGNPlayer.swf&quot; type="application/x-shockwave-flash"><param name="movie" value="http://oystatic.ignimgs.com/src/core/swf/IGNPlayer.swf&quot; /><param name="allowfullscreen" value="true" /><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always" /><param name="bgcolor" value="#000000" /><param name="flashvars" value="url=" rel="noopener nofollow" target="_blank">http://www.ign.com/videos/2012/04/30/diablo-iii-wizard-spotlight-video&quot;/&gt;&lt;/object&gt;

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  • published the article Class Spotlight - The Witch Doctor
    Class Spotlight - The Witch Doctor
    IGN has posted the next spotlight video, a look at the Witch Doctor.

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  • published the article Class Spotlight - The Monk
    Class Spotlight - The Monk
    The next class spotlight is available on IGN, this time it's a presentation of the Monk!

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  • published the article Class Spotlight - The Barbarian
    Class Spotlight - The Barbarian
    The next class spotlight is available on IGN, this time it's a presentation of the Barbarian!

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  • published the article Systems Questions, Demon Hunter Spotlight, Inferno Poll
    What Game Systems do you Want Blizzard to explain in the Official Game Guide
    Blizzard is starting to beef up their game guide and want it to make it amazing for the players. They want to know what basic and complex game systems people would like explained on the Official Game Guide (similar to the Arreat Summit).

    It can be anything from ‘How does dual-wielding work?’ to ‘Monster affix rules and distribution’. Let us know in THIS news thread and we will keep track!

    Demon Hunter - Class Spotlight
    It looks like IGN got a class preview video of the Demon Hunter. The video gives a little bit of background while also showing off some of the skills the Demon Hunter has as well as some new terrain. Doomscream also points out this is similar to what we saw with Starcraft 2. So we should expect to see more of these at some point.

    It's also worth pointing out we may be seeing a few seconds of animation that may be part of the intro movie for the Demon Hunter, however we already know some of the narration that will go with the true intro and its safe to say there is still a lot of the intro we do not see here.

    Blizzard at PAXEast

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Heads up to all of you who are Boston-bound, Crithto and I (Bashiok) will be cozying up with NVIDIA in the NVIDIA Freeplay & Tournament Area at PAXEast! We’ll be showcasing the Diablo III and Mists of Pandaria betas on NVIDIA hardware, chatting you guys up about the games as you saunter by, and holding Diablo III beta signups.

    Come for the games, stay for the witty banter! ... Or beta keys. You probably care more about beta keys.

    How Long Will it Take you to Beat Inferno
    Ayr made a fun poll asking how long you think it will take yourself to beat Inferno. Obviously there is no way we can accurately judge this on the little info we have. But it will still be fun to take a look back on this poll in a few months and see how long it really took people to get through Inferno. If you missed the big news, Inferno no longer has a single difficultly level throughout the difficultly.

    Tyrael Vs the Creeper - Curse Gaming Bracket
    It all comes down to the last fight. The angel of Justice; The destroyer of the World Stone, and a green monster that blows up in a 3 block radius... Its time Diablo fans. Make sure Tryael does not lose!

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    Update - Added new skill videos

    Battle.net Site Updated With New Skill Videos Part 3
    Blizzard has added even more skill videos to their site! Enjoy ( In case you missed the old list, it can be found here as well as the list after there found here.

    Fansite Questions & Answers
    Blizzard was nice enough to let fansite owners ask a couple of questions last week, and we just got the answers!

    Originally Posted by (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Q. People keep asking about the wings perk from the Collector’s Edition:
    • How will your character receive this item?
    • Will each character have the item, or does it have to be shared across your characters (like heirloom items did in WoW)?
    • If a unique item, how will transferring the wings work?
    • Can the wings be accidentally sold or destroyed?
    • How will these wings work on a HC character when they die -- do you lose them?
    Each character you make will receive CE items in their inventory. They cannot be dropped, but can be destroyed if you want the inventory space, for example. If you want them back you can transfer through the shared stash from another character.

    Q. Also will there be items similar to the wings (fluff items) that drop in game later?
    No plans for any right now, but we’re not opposed to it. The amount of equippable items we have is pretty intense.

    Q. Some players are starting to suggest that the use of “yards” in elective mode skill descriptions is a bit misleading. Players feel that the area of effects are much smaller than the tooltips indicate and joke that their characters must be at least 15 feet tall if the tooltips are accurate. Have we put any thought into changing the unit of measurement or reducing the numerical values to better the distance of the abilities?
    We’re well aware that it’s not entirely accurate, but once you use the ability once or twice you understand how it’s supposed to perform. With the fast and furious action of Diablo III, the exact measurements really aren’t as important as how you actually understand and use the skill.

    Q. Will the Collector’s Edition dyes have any sort of "particle effect" on the items, or are they simply dying them with a unique color?
    No they don’t have particle effects. For now they can technically only be single color gradients.

    Q. Will dyes be shown on gear on the AH? (For example: "This gear is dyed 'Off-White.' ") This is semi-important because of Collector’s Edition dyes. Players anticipate that since this dye will be rare, it will carry more value within the community.
    No, dyes are removed from items when you put them on the AH.

    Q. As a follow up to that, can items dyed with Collector’s Edition dyes be placed on both auction houses?
    Absolutely, but the dye color is removed. Dyes are not removed if an item is dropped/traded, though.

    Q. Will the AH be a part of the game world (find an auctioneer in the city to do it) or is it staying in the game menu?
    We think it’d be cool, but no it’s only within the Battle.net menu.

    Q. Can we expect any achievements that aren’t strictly focused on game mechanics? For example, there’s rumor that finding and killing Bashiok in game is an achievement. Are these going to be similar achievements that are more Easter Egg-like and inspired by the community?
    Yes, we have many achievements that ask you to do something weird or crazy or just difficult to pull off.

    Q. We’ve already shared that cosmetic rewards will be coming with some achievements. We know about the banners, but are there any other rewards we haven’t yet mentioned that we could also share with the community?
    We don’t have any now, no. Titles and cosmetic item rewards would be cool but it’s a wish list item for the future. All achievement rewards are banner related, which we think is pretty cool as it displays very prominently when forming groups, as well in-game at the waypoint hubs.

    Q. Will there be feat of strength achievements (I.E. first person to hit 60)?
    We do have feats of strength but not one specifically for first to 60.

    Q. Will you be able to bind Force Move to a mouse key?
    You can bind it to anything but primary and secondary mouse buttons, but it can be bound to any other mouse buttons.

    Q. Since there seems to be a cap for adventurer stats ( +MF/+GF), will the stacks refresh on a Rare or Champion kill after you hit stack cap? Example: Say a stack cap of 5, on the 6th Rare/Champion kill, will the whole stack refreshes?
    The whole stack refreshes.

    Q. Will there be difficulty-exclusive random events/quests?
    We don’t have any, no. It’s not a bad idea so maybe it’s something we could look into for the future.

    Q. When does the exit indicator appear on the mini-map? When you are within range or when your character can see it (line of sight)?
    When you’re within range.

    Q. Will weapons with elemental affixes get extra damage against their elemental counter-part (e.g. Holy weapons get more damage against undead)?
    No, we don’t want people to feel like they’re forced to carry around a bunch of weapons with each damage type and swap them in and out to remain effective. We actually had it in the game at one point where each damage type had a secondary effect, and we were super excited about it, and then we played it and it just sucked. It sounds super cool, but in practice it just forces too much on the player and makes decisions for them on which types of items are best based on the damage type.

    Q. Will poison damage stack?
    DoTs can stack, and the DoT can be poison based, but poison is not inherently a DoT.

    Q. In Hardcore Mode, will players receive damage from collapsing/destroyed walls and/or parts of the décor (as it is not the case in Normal Mode)?
    No. Hardcore is the exact same as “softcore” in every way, you just can’t die more than once.

    Q. Will the Scroll of Companion (if/when it returns) be cute and cuddly or will it be more visually gritty and dark (keeping in line with the rest of the creatures in D3)?
    If companions return, we have no idea. There may be some cute and cuddly things. Cute and cuddly things can and do exist in Sanctuary. They just may get stepped on by a demon. We’d make an effort to create more dark and gritty companions though, if we do revisit the system.

    Q. Will you be looking at the visuals of the Wizard skill "Blizzard" and “Meteor” after the community's negative reaction to it? Players aren’t impressed with their current visuals as compared to those in D2.

    There are plenty of people that like them, and plenty of people that like one or more of the rune variants. No, we don’t have any plans to make changes to any skill visuals.

    Q. Are you guys happy with where the Witch Doctor is as of patch 15? We noticed as of the last few patches, particularly 14 to 15 the WD has received an enormous amount of tuning compared to the other classes and currently feels a little overpowered at early levels.
    Balance is always ongoing. It’s possible the build for patch 15 caught us at a point where we had made a lot of witch doctor changes and not changes to other classes? We generate beta patches to test ongoing updates, and don’t wait to make sure each class has had equal attention. We’re very happy with class balance on our internal builds.

    Q. Since arena is temporary out of picture. Is there any other way to take participate in PvP after D3 launch? Do you plan to implement world pvp mode like D2?
    No. There are many reasons why we’re focusing PvP into the arenas and not bringing back hostility. PvP Arenas will only be a few months after release, and in that time people will be trying out classes and perfecting their gear and builds. When they do arrive they’ll be an awesome addition to the game, and players will be ready to face off in some awesome PvP action in a designed and crafted experience.

    Q. How does the new “Nephalem Valor” mechanism work in multiplay game? Say if 4 player kill rare creatures separately, will they receive buffs from other players’ killing credit? Or the buff will be counted separately.
    Everyone in the game gets the buff when a champion/rare is killed.

    Christian Lichtner GDC Slides - HQ
    Blizzard also sent us the high quality version of the GDC slides we posted a couple of weeks ago, see below!

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    Update - Added some more information on the Nephalem Valor Buff

    A Few Questions Answered
    Bashiok took the time to answer a few questions, however please keep in mind This system is a work in progress, this information can easily change while the system is being worked on!

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    When you say extra loot, do you mean, extra loot. Or do you mean extra loot that is on par with what elite/champs drop. I remember from the article before, bosses do not drop gear that is as good as champs/elites.
    They will drop gear as good as champions and elites with this buff (because you have to kill champions and elites to get it, which was the point). With the buff active you’re guaranteed one extra item drop from the boss, and it’s likely that it’ll be 1 item per stack of the buff. Up to X stacks. We don’t know how many it’ll be, probably a handful.

    How many stacks will there be if any?
    We're not totally sure but probably a number you can count on one hand.

    Do you lose the buff when you die?
    It lasts through death currently, and we like it. I know some people will also want it to be a punishment for death, but repair costs are already extremely impactful.

    Does the buff split between players?
    Like someone joins after you've been killing and they have less stacks? It's a direct increase to your MF/GF, so it uses the same mechanics.

    Do you lose it on disconnect?
    There's a small grace period, similar to WoW where you can get back into the game before your character is actually logged out (ie a timeout), but yes if your character times out you would lose the buff.

    What is the Time limit on the stack, if any?
    We're messing with times from about 15 minutes to an hour. We don't know yet.

    Do Stacks get removed after a boss?
    We don't really think it needs to. Your focus is still going to be seeking out champions and rares. If you want to get full stacks, kill a boss, and then try to rush to kill another boss before the buff falls off... have fun? It's not going to be the most lucrative way to play, so it's likely a non-issue hypothetical.

    Nephalem Valor Buff
    Blizzard just posted an article describing the mechanics and the goal of the new Nephalem Valor buff!

    Originally Posted by (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    We’re working hard on balancing and testing Diablo III, and one of the major components is making sure that the end game experience is fun and exciting. We’d like to share a few of our goals for end game:
    • We have an enormous number of skill build combinations, and we want a lot of those skill builds to be viable and interesting
    • While there are millions of skill builds available to players, we don’t want players swapping skills regularly to beat specific encounters as they come up
    • We don’t want repeatedly running specific three-minute chunks of the game to be the most efficient way to acquire gear for your character
    • While a three-minute run shouldn’t be the most efficient, we also don’t want you to feel like it’s a two-hour commitment every time you sit down to play
    • Bosses should still feel worth killing
    Nephalem Valor is one of the major new systems in Diablo III and it kicks in at level 60. Keep in mind that this is still in testing and we’re still working out the details. Here’s how it currently works internally: Rare and Champion packs already have great loot on them. By killing a Rare or Champion pack, not only do you get their loot, but you’ll also receive a buff granting you increased magic find and gold find. However, if you change a skill, skill rune, passive, or leave the game, the buff disappears. As an extra reward, if you kill a boss while this buff is active, you’ll receive extra loot drops from that boss.

    The exact amount of magic find and gold find provided by the buff is still being reviewed, as is the amount of extra loot you get from a boss while the buff is active. We’re also playing around with whether or not the buff stacks, what the duration should be, and whether or not it should persist through death. We want to make sure the buff is strong enough to make staying in your current game more rewarding than creating a new game. At the same time, if the buff is too strong, it risks making shorter play sessions feel not worthwhile.

    We expect this system will encourage players to stick with a skill build of their choice, select an area of the game they enjoy, and sweep it for rare and champion packs on their way to a boss, finishing off a run with a boss that’ll be worth killing. If you wanted a shorter play session you could be done at that point, but if you have more time, the path of least resistance would ideally be to stay in the same game and make your way towards the next boss.

    Blue Posts

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Nephalem Valor Only For Inferno?
    No, it kicks in at 60. Once you hit 60 you have access to this buff regardless of difficulty. You can use it and go back to Hell to help you gear up for Inferno, absolutely.

    Diablo 3 Beta Screenshots
    Today we have some 4 player screenshots with a lot of action! Enjoy

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    Diablo III Launching May 15 – Digital Pre-Sales NOW OPEN

    Originally Posted by (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    The End of Days approaches…. Diablo III will be unleashed from the Burning Hells on May 15, 2012, and you can be ready to play the minute the servers go live by pre-purchasing the game digitally on Battle.net today.

    Beginning May 15, players around the world will be able to return to Tristram to discover the dark secrets of a fallen star and begin their quest to save Sanctuary from the impending demonic invasion. To secure your place as a barbarian, monk, demon hunter, witch doctor, or wizard right now, simply log in to your Battle.net account, and then purchase and download* Diablo III, and you’ll be ready to play when the game launches.

    World of Warcraft players interested in getting Diablo III for free can still get in on the World of Warcraft Annual Pass, but the promotion will be ending at 12:01 a.m. PDT on May 1, 2012. When you sign up for the Annual Pass and make a 1-year commitment to World of Warcraft, you’ll receive a free digital copy of Diablo III, an exclusive World of Warcraft in-game mount (Tyrael’s Charger), as well as access to the upcoming World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria beta test. Learn more at the Annual Pass signup page.

    For more details on the May 15 release of Diablo III, be sure to hit the official press release, or head to our new Diablo III game page to learn more about the game and pre-purchase your digital copy.

    *When you pre-purchase Diablo III, you will be able to download an encrypted version of the game that will be unlocked upon release on May 15.

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    Update - Patch 14 will only be for the English client today, if you downloaded one of the new ones, you'll need to switch (source)
    Update - There are currently no plans for a character wipe, however keep in mind this can change as the patch is pushed (source)

    Diablo III Test Server Maintenance - Beta Patch 14
    Beta Patch 14 will hit the test servers today, stay tuned for the changes!

    Originally Posted by (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    The Diablo III test server is currently down so we can deploy Beta Patch 14. Maintenance began at approximately 11:00 a.m. PST, and we expect it to conclude at approximately 7:00 p.m. PST.

    Patch 14 to Hold "Cool Stuff"
    The CMs have been tweeting about new things being in the beta today, along with Bashioks latest post of "Cool Stuff" being in patch 14.

    Originally Posted by (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    anything you can share about patch 14 ^^
    It has some cool stuff. (source)

    Looks like some cool things happening with the Diablo III beta today. I think my next new character will be a witch doctor. (source)
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