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    With a game like Wow they make money by keeping you around for your monthly subscription fee - in short there is ALWAYS a compelling financial interest to give everyone something to do and since its WAY easier to nerf previously hard content then make new stuff of an appropriate level that happens.

    Diablo 3 will have the RMAH - it will be to their financial benefit to keep people playing and partifipating in the RMAH - there is only value in the RMAH if it offers items that people want (are rare) or save considerable amounts of time to grind/aquire (crafting supplies).

    They're walking a pretty fine line - make it too easy and everyone can get everything they want all on their own = no one uses the RMAH.
    Make it too hard and everyone quits playing the game except the insanely hardcore and chinese gold farmers = almost no one uses the RMAH (when you consider each transaction netting a fixed fee).

    To make money their best course is to maintain a consistent power curve so that anyone along the line has an incentive to buy something off the RMAH - there are similarities between WoW and D3 but there are some pretty big differences as well - the incentive is NOT to just keep you playing so they can get your $15/month - they need to keep you playing and desiring better gear which you might buy on the RMAH. IF they ever go monthly fee for D3 you can immediately expect it will follow the WoW path - Inferno becomes easier and a new "Insanity" setting becomes available and so on and so on and so on.
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    From the looks of the new artisan recipies you will probably breakdown 95%+ of the runes you find anyway so there will still be some joy when finding any rune - it's just that the ultimate joy of finding a higher rune of the color you need will be considerably rarer.
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    Quote from pikke

    Official Blizzard Quote:

    Note: Artisan information is not final and is subject to change at any time.

    I think Blizz will keep some ace up its sleeves.
    If I were in their shoes I wouldn't tell everything about the game prior to release.

    I was surprised you were the first to bring this up - I mean how hard would it be to go into the code and slap another zero on the end of those figures if the amount of gold to upgrade is way too trivial? My guess is they want the access to the level to be relatively cheap (in other words you dont spend days farming gold just to upgrade you blacksmith to level 10 ) but it will probably hurt a little in the money department. The big "ouch" will probably come when you actually use one of those enchantments/services.

    I REALLY hope gold retains value in the game at all times unlike D2 where its only real mechanic was to rez your merc.
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    Beta is usually a public release to test game mechanics with people not intimately familiar with a product - Beta products (over the years) have ranged from "Damn near identical to the game that is finally released" down to "utter disaster that never should have seen the light of day" and the infamous "OMG kill it with fire!"
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    Chances are excellent he will never make the $60 he spent on the game back. The RMAH will drive prices down - when everyone can participate (instead of only those not fearful of getting banned) the sheer volume of items should push the prices down - I AM making one huge assumption of course: The legit number of people playing and selling/buying will more than offset the botters which supply the D2 economy.

    I make a decent living and I can't see myself ever spending more than a dollar or two to aquire and item - and even then it would only be in a situation where I need "X" to finish a craft and it will probably take me a significant number of hours to get the item myself - and I mean a real significant number of hours because I can certainly wait a day or two for the item to drop for me - but if I knew I could play 3 hours a day for a month and still not see the item.... then maybe.
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    Quote from Azjenco

    When they first said MF wont be competing with other stats, I thought they were going to remove it from normal sets or perhaps make it so that all items come with magic find.
    If all items had a small adage of a randomly generated amount of MF then there wouldn't really be a problem.
    Another idea I came up with is if they add a secondary property to rares and uniques. For instance, all rares/unique items spawn with either MF, extra gold or increased XP (which stops generating on level 60 items). That way items will always have that something else you can balance out and added an extra dynamic, plus they don't take up a slot that could have added extra damage or protection.

    This is what I thought as well but no one seems to be backing up that assumption - seems to me having a completely separate slot for those 3 options is practically an ideal situation if you want to leave MF in the game.

    OR (heading in to uncharted territory here)

    Remove MF from items but make another mechanic similar to the item recycling/component (Cauldron?) - So you find moderately useful magic item X - you can break it down for crafting components, sell it for gold OR (new option) distill its magical essence to increase your magic find. Each magic item would contribute a number of mf points (not percentages) based on item level, suffix/affix combos and rarity (magic/set/legend.

    Non linear progression (exponential?) so that the first few items increase your mf fairly quickly by a few percent but as you pass 100% mf it gets increasingly difficult to gain additional percentages - past 300% it might take dozens of items to gain even an additional percentage point of mf.

    Has the advantage of being an additional item sink, no competition on items for slots, no trade off in multiplayer - if the person your grouped with has no mf it doesnt harm you at all and someone having a TON of MF doesnt effect their killing speed.
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    Quote from Ayr_Izaelle

    possible solutions that come to mind:

    1 - Make MF not compete with dps/survival stats(affixes). MF would only compete with gold find, Experience and Radius grab. The thing is MF is a personal stat whereas dps and survival are coop stats, this way MF only compete with personal stats like GF, Exp. Is not losing dps for MF really a problem ? I don't think so but it would make gooditem+MF much better and valuable than gooditem (or gooditem+GF) though.

    2 - Average MF across the group. Other players help you kill monsters you help them loot. Problem is what happens when the MF player is also stronger than the other ? Also since I get MF from another player and keep my DPS, I get everything and don't see the point losing DPS; the MF player becomes a MF bot.
    So maybe an average with only player stronger than you. The game would calculate two scores a dps score and a MFscore. Every player share their MF score with players with higher dps.
    Player 1 300DPS 50MF
    Player 2 350DPS 150MF
    Player 3 320DPS 80MF

    Player 1 would share his 50 MF across all 3 players, player 2 would not share his MF, player 3 would share his MF only with player 2.
    The ammount shared could be proportionate to the difference in DPS.
    Player 2 is 16% more than P1, P3 is 6% more. P2 is 9% more dps than P3. Therefore Player 2 get 16% of 50MF from P1, 9% from P3, Player 3 get 6% of 50MF from P1. Player 1 get nothing. The players that give % also lose this % themselves.

    Player 1 39MF (50-8-3)
    Player 2 165MF (150+8+7)
    Player 3 74MF (80+3-7)

    A system along those lines seem fair to me (this is a rapid formula, maybe something is even better but that is fairer than a raw average I think). Note that if say Player2 had no MF and was just aiming for DPS he would only have 15MF. Still he carries the other players so he is getting a small boost to his MF.

    For me the 1st solution is the better of the two (and better than nothing).

    My guess though is game will ship as it is, they will work on the problem later on once the average player sees it as an issue, for laucnch and a couple month into the game only dedicated players will see it as a problem, not the mass.

    I though item #1 was what they were doing up until this blue post - I must have halucinated that whole topic at some point in the past.

    Item #2 was what I had been thinking on if they had obviously discarded item #1 - its basically a weighted average between DPS and MF. Of course the multiboxers/botters will be all over this - load one or two chars for DPS and the other two with maxed MF and ONE spammable damage/utility ability - I know eq is going to have serious effects on character DPS but with all the rune-skill combos I'm pretty sure there will be examples of very group useful skills that wont require massive DPS to be powerful (mass slow/confusion type spells come to mind.)
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    Pretty sure if you're both going to be online at the same time you'll need 2 copies - I'm also guessing that if you even want to install it on 2 computers (so you could play in your basement or attic at different times) you'd still need two copies.

    I believe STEAM games allow you to install on multiple boxes but only play on one at a time but Blizzard uses their own distribution system so even that option is out the window.
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    Individual loot in co-op games and people stacking Magic Find
    MF takes up potential item slots that could be +dmg or other useful stats. so the more magic find you have, the less utility and damage you are contributing, yet you get the most loot.
    It's a recognized issue, just not one that has been attacked and a final design solution proposed/implemented.

    In a game that at the end of the day pretty much comes down to collecting magical shiny stuff this seems to me to be a major mechanic that has not yet been worked out. He didn't even give us the "well have several different solutions on internal testing" line.

    I was also under the impression that MF was a separate item affix/suffix slot now and did not replace other possible mods - did I miss a change or misinterpret what was originally said?

    I'm sure they'll get something worked out but I'm thinking those "mid January" launches people keep suggesting are probably well in to the "wishful thinking" zone.
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    Quote from Molster

    Quote from Corpsie

    I don't want crafted items to be the "best" in the game anyway.
    I want some of them to be tho.

    I think the power in crafted items comes from being able to talor the item you will get and the (very rare) possibility the suffix/affix combinations will rival the best legendary items in the game. The D2 system is annoying because if you want a kick ass rare 2 handed weapons you basically just have to hope one drops - you might see 20 decent to amazing rares but none of them are 2 handed weapons.... Being able to magically crunch them all up and try and specifically roll rare 2 handed swords is the major change over D2.
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    Quote from Doomscream

    Relieving the followers of the helm and armor slot is intentional, and here's a quote from an interview covering the followers:

    Official Blizzard Quote:

    How will Followers affect things like loot and items?

    Followers don’t have a ton of different items. One of the reasons for that is we didn’t want them to feel like too much of a drain on the player, like you have to keep the Follower equipped. The most important thing is their weapon. Followers tend to use fairly unique weapons; they’re not exclusive to them, but they tend to use stuff that’s not commonly used. It’s pretty easy to choose a follower who just doesn’t conflict with you on that front.

    You could say ‘well, I’m a Barbarian, I’m never going to use a crossbow, so I’ll choose Lyndon as my Follower.’ They also use rings and amulets but it’s not such a significant contributor of power to them that you will give them a ring or an amulet before you give it to yourself. You generally give them your hand-me-downs. They also have items that are unique to them, for example the Templar has a holy tome that only he can use – because of that, when you find it, it’s a no-brainer to give it to him.

    Items that you give a follower are based upon what you want that Follower to do. We’ve overhauled our attributes system to make them really straightforward. The attack attribute increases all damage, so if you want more damage out of your follower you give him items that have a high attack attribute. If you’re making a more tank-oriented Follower, then you raise his defence to make him tougher.

    As for their relics, there was a word on the Templar's Tome around when the Followers were first announced:

    Official Blizzard Quote:

    Gameplanet: Are there specific item drops just for followers?

    Boyarsky: Well they do have their specific item slots, their unique items that you can find for them, but that’s as far as their unique items go.

    Gameplanet: Can you elaborate on what those unique items might be?

    Boyarsky: I know that one of the ones we have is the Templar gets some special Tomes, and we have some other stuff that we probably really don’t want to talk about! It more lore stuff, it doesn’t change the way they look, it’s more about their lore and their back-story. These things do give them some buffs and some extra [statistics], but they really tie into who they are as a part of the world.

    I could read the whole interviews to refresh, your memory on some things, just keep in mind that they've made them viable through the whole game, whereas they were previously only useful in Normal.

    I understand the design decision but I never felt like giving something to my follower was a "drain" on my character - quite the contrary it gave someplace for all those heavy armors/badass polearms that my sorc or javazon was never going to use anyway.

    Ah well - I guess the tradeoff is they have selectable skills now instead of simply being a might merc or a cold rogue or whatever - I can live with it.
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    Quote from Doomscream

    Quote from greatmars

    but the armor upgrade it self when leveling up.
    Yup, just to support the follower's progression more visually, like the Artisans.

    Does that mean there's no armor slot or that there is but the look of the character is level dependent? Just being able to do rings/ammy's and a weapon doesnt seem like you'd be able to change the followers power all that much (weapon obviously is a big one but....)

    I guess I find myself thinking too much like D2 - having a merc with a runeword or unique armor made all the difference in the world reagarding their survivorablity - I actually would have loved mercs to have complete equipment loadouts like the character - basically 10 slots for eq or whatever - would have been very complicated to balance though so I guess I see why.
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    So I was looking over the follower eq list and they had a section for equipment with (for example the Scoundrel) bows that they can use and a level requirement. My question is:

    Do followers automatically equip certain items at certain times or do you outfit them with found/crafted gear like you did in D2?

    I much prefer the idea of being able to customize them and improve their gear as I find/make better stuff but I can see how having mercs with explicit gear would make working them into balacing the game a lot easier. Any clarification would be appreciated.
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    The gold drop modifier and magic find seem to work on a similar principle: Increasing the value of a drop rather than the frequency. This is a very logical (and good) way of modifying this game dynamic. Imagine if 250% gold find just meant 2.5 times as many piles of 3 gold on the ground.... UGH! That would be horrible.

    I wonder if there is any item parameter that increases the drop chance (not value) of a mob or if that is a hard coded value assigned to a monster class...

    I want a hat with a magnet on top (like in Plants Vs. Zombies) that sucks gold in from miles around.... (I also know gold is not magnetic but who cares?)
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    posted a message on 9 Changes that make D3 amazing
    I'm most excited about the personalized loot, rune/build system and no more boss runs.

    I CAN see how viable builds will produce nearly an infinite number of "Nuh uh! My build is better and here's why...." threads - I think public games could be very interesting - you'll never be quite sure what to expect when you group up...
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