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    Quote from rozmata

    Quote from ozymandiasza

    Meh, their "hard"/"inferno" is relative

    Relativeness is given but I am afraid their "difficult" is relative to the first play through inferno. It's probably good it won't last forever but I am afraid that with one or two legendaries every noob will be able to easily finish it.

    I've got to believe that Blizz employees have twinked chars with a couple inferno legendaries - I also have to believe that if simply finding one or two inferno legendaries is sufficient to turn you from a dud into a stud they will either nerf the legendaries or buff the difficulty more. I'd have to think they want (as a matter of principle) that you need to be almost stacked with inferno legendary gear before you are blissfully rolling areas for the lulz.
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    Quote from Wingless

    Since monsters scale with the amount of people in a game, it won't be "harder" to complete Inferno solo than in a group. I'm glad that it's possible to solo it though.

    It doesnt scale directly (they've said so - 4 people is not 4x as hard but rather 3.something) and (understandably) the way one char tanks/sponges damage and other distribute damage means even if it did it would still probably be a bit easier to kill boses in a decent (capable) group than solo.

    But years into the game there will be people who have aquired such incredible gear/gems and knowledge that they will be able to drag a 2nd idiot/noob/twink through a boss kill - in short there will be people who couldnt fight their way out of a paper bag who will have "finished" inferno - but IF you have killed an inferno boss solo - to me that is the REAL mark of distinction.
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    Bashiok said: You're not going to hit 60 and finish the game on Inferno. You're going to be smashing your face against Act 1 Inferno for weeks.

    For some reason this makes me happy - the rune system is a "bit" of disappointment because I really liked the concept of ranks but I can live with what they've got. I'm more happy to know that being able to solo around in inferno will really be a mark of distiniction - I hope they have banner flair for solo kills on boss mobs in inferno - you would know that the char is truly badass and not some twinked noob that got dragged through inferno.
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    For a company that seems to think about every aspect of the game I would be UTTERLY shocked if only having 1 HC char and dying meant your shared stash went *poof*.

    The obvious (and SO stupidly easily) work around would be to immediately make 2 HC chars leaving one as a place holder. Since the solution is so obvious and easy Blizzard would (imho) do the right thing and make the stash permanent without the need to waste a char slot on a placeholder.
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    So it seems we're going to get the current unlockable rune effects on the skills. It's a satisfactory solution to their problem but disappointing in that rune effects are not something you will be actively progressing (a singular rune effect that gets better ) They decided to lock them in at about what would have previously been a level 4 (5?) runestone.

    I find it hard to believe they will leave it this way over time (years). I would suggest the following:

    Each rune for each skill is assigned a progression bar (think xp bar) - the rune effects (green numbers) will progress with each filling of this xp bar (similar to how the old runes scaled).

    A generic "rune dust" type item would drop in game and be worth a certain amount of rune progression points (RPP). As an item they would be of a "rare" category - not dropping like candy - but not "OMG I've played for 4 years and never seen one drop (ala: Windforce)

    The first level of a rune progression would require a modest input of dust - say the equivalent of 20 drops - say 20 RPP's. After that each additional level would get progressively more expensive - second progression would be at least double that amount.

    The system above would be the most "hardcore" - your input into a particular skill+rune effect would be permanent and unchangeable - changing to a different rune effect of the same skill would require new investments of time/dust.

    One step down would be a similar system except you level a skill (not a rune) and all runes effects within that skill level at the same time. This allows you to change effects easily but not skills.

    Even easier yet would be leveling entire "categories" of skills as they are broken out on the Skills Tab in the beta - all skills on that same tab would level at the same time including all rune effects. - "All Primary attack" or whatever.

    Total Newb Mode would be a singular SKILL/RUNE xp box with ALL skills and runes leveling at the same time (obviously the amount of dusts used would need to be correspondingly higher given how much would change). This fits in with their "No permanent mistakes" philosophy of D3, but to me it's the least interesting - and frankly I'd rather have nothing than this last option.
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    Even the most generous math estimates put the highest level gems into the "insane" time investment category. It would be criminal to basically insist you NOT use any gem past middle grade because you destroy it if you take it out of an item - so yeah, I've got to believe they come out easy as can be for a bit of a gold sink.
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    Are there any skills that modify "thorns" damage? What is 50 thorns damage if you're hitting normally for thousands? Unless monster skills scale with level/difficulty like a players skill: For example: Risen damage 1-8 * level * difficulty modifier AND then somehow those multipliers are applied to thorns as well for calculating returned damage. I sure as hell wouldnt let something hit me for 5000 damage so I could return 50.
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    Quote from Djur

    9 means soon?

    "9" means we're 90% of the way there.... of course that clock started ticking in 2001.... so, let's see.... 90% of 12 years.... we only have about another 1 year and 3 months until they definitely make an announcement about the launch date
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    Prediction: There will be at least one build that will be able to stack MF through the roof but still be a solid contributor to a group - not in absolute terms of DPS, but by taking nothing but debuffs/buffs.

    Public Chat: "Looking for MF-WD* for group - must have 1000%MF and buff pack build" repeated endlessly....

    /* chosen at random
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    Not going into the level of detail of others but to add my thoughts to those above:

    Not sure about the DH hate: I thought the first level or 2 were REALLY slow on the damage but after getting bola/hungering and a decent bit of damage things really changed. Bola uses no resources (is a generator) and is spammable - waiting one second for a group of mobs on the other side of the screen to start exploding didnt bother me in the slightest - chances are there was a bola exploding every 3/4th of a second after I engaged. Rapid fire became a skill I only used on single miniboss mobs - and then only after I had a decent one handed xbow and a +dam quiver - at that point it was a firehose that I blasted until I was out of hatred then went back to hungering, rinse/repeat. Checking the box to allow free use of skills instead of the retard-mode of skill categories was VERY useful. Useless skills: Entangling Shot Unused Skill: Evade

    Maybe coming off a DH I couldnt get into the melee aspect of it but even though I found a pair of magic knuckles very early which were significantly better than what most of my chars went through levels 3-8 with he seemed very slow. Only char I ever had to use a healing potion (multiple healing potions) on. Least favorite class I played by FAR.

    Skipped the pets entirely (used spider some as a spammable damage addition). Used the runed (triple shot) poison dart and eels for the most part - eels AOE was typically plenty on all but the toughest mobs.

    Probably fragile but since nothing got anywhere near me in the beta I couldnt say for sure. Don't really care for the "ray" abilities - used AOE and magic missile almost exclusively.
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    Must say I'm disappointed - the list of stuff they've taken out is.... well its probably about 3x as long as the stuff that has actually made it into the game.
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    Quote from WishedHeHadBeta

    Quote from Bandaai

    Quote from JaundiceBunny

    And did they just multiply all the numbers by 7.3 from the previous patch?!?! Are these number changes actually in the beta atm?

    Looking forward to the feedback of the the new patch!

    I agree looks weird like i stated above that mantra healing is insane compared to before. we'll just have to wait and see i guess.

    lol.... you think those numbers are insane? check out the 29k absorbtion on obsididan diamond skin and the nearly 43k heal on crimson serenity -_-

    I don't actually think theyre that insane - using D2 as a guild there are some mobs that could almost one shot a 900 hp sorc (little defense but hps through vit) Assume level 60 mobs/chars to be roughly equivalent to lvl 90 D2 chars (just for the sake of argument) - these skills basically become the D3 equivalent of spamming a whole row of full rejuv's - you will live long enough when surrounded to either kill enough of them to move on or, at the very least, get the hell out of there.
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    Quote from Axtroz

    All I know is that blizzard stated that they want to make sure that gold has an ingame value, which shouldn't be a problem with the artisan services you have to pay for. Just adjust the costs and the gold drops from monsters and done.
    As long as gold has a value the GAH makes sense.

    How exactly you are going to make your "ingame living" is up to you.

    I don't think they will be able to adjust it on the fly at least in terms of making it more scarce - I think we'd notice if one day a certain monster drop is 50-60 gold and the next day it's 10-20 - that would be a case of moving the goal posts after people have already achieved certain goals (the rich/accomplished would have a huge advantage of already having leveled their crafters when gold was "easy")

    I think it would be better to crank the dial over to "Ebeneezer Scrooge Stingy" on the gold drops and keep it there until people can barely afford to repair their gear then slowly increase drops until the economy stabilizes.

    My guess is that it won't truely be dialed in until the expansion when they will have exact ideas about how large a gold sink has to be to maintain a characters progression/leveling/crafting needs on a server wide basis.
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    Quote from Doomscream

    Moreover, Leoric is not even an Act Boss. I believe that Act bosses would not be affected by any type of CC and snares would have extremely reduced effects on them.
    I hope they manage to work in SOME kind of effect from using these skills even if "freeze" becomes "slow" and "blind" becomes "blurry" with corresponding reductions in penalties but not elimination. Most of the passives and runed combos have debilitating effects - it would be a shame if most skills became useless against bosses and the whole fight became a "do enough damage before they kill you" basic DPS fest with no strategy.

    Of course since boss runs will basically be a less than optimal way to get gear most of us wont care - until/unless we cant progress the game with our build.
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    Quote from Mysticjbyrd

    Quote from Fizpez

    With a game like Wow they make money by keeping you around for your monthly subscription fee - in short there is ALWAYS a compelling financial interest to give everyone something to do and since its WAY easier to nerf previously hard content then make new stuff of an appropriate level that happens.

    Diablo 3 will have the RMAH - it will be to their financial benefit to keep people playing and partifipating in the RMAH - there is only value in the RMAH if it offers items that people want (are rare) or save considerable amounts of time to grind/aquire (crafting supplies).

    They're walking a pretty fine line - make it too easy and everyone can get everything they want all on their own = no one uses the RMAH.
    Make it too hard and everyone quits playing the game except the insanely hardcore and chinese gold farmers = almost no one uses the RMAH (when you consider each transaction netting a fixed fee).

    To make money their best course is to maintain a consistent power curve so that anyone along the line has an incentive to buy something off the RMAH - there are similarities between WoW and D3 but there are some pretty big differences as well - the incentive is NOT to just keep you playing so they can get your $15/month - they need to keep you playing and desiring better gear which you might buy on the RMAH. IF they ever go monthly fee for D3 you can immediately expect it will follow the WoW path - Inferno becomes easier and a new "Insanity" setting becomes available and so on and so on and so on.

    But wouldn't part of keeping ppl playing D3 involve making inferno easier? I could see a lot of people getting frustrated in the transition from hell to inferno.

    I'm not suggesting D3 will go monthly fee - they've denied it and I believe them I was merely positing a course of action that would lead to a giant fluff hammer being weilded on most of the content.

    As for the latter no one trades anything in D2 that isnt end game stuff - there's no market (at least now) for anything other than uber rare elite items and high runes/rune words. That will be different with a substantially larget player base when D3 is fresh but I suspect that the long term prospects are similar to D2 (imho).

    I hope they're planning on making their money by selling millions of ocpies of a great game (and the eventual expansions) and that the RMAH is just gravy, no something they need to milk for a decade.

    They probably wont make 10 cents off of me in the RMAH but I'll happily buy the game and all the expansions provided they don't do what they did in WoW.
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