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    posted a message on I think I'm missing something for A3
    OK: I can run through A1 inferno insta-gibbing just about everything in as much cheap mf as I can find. I can farm A2 pretty efficiently wearing about 100% extra MF. I can work my way through A3 if I have to but the killing speed is so slow I know the better drop rate of 60+ is still not in my favor and I die quite a bit.

    In my best "dont die" gear;

    Str 620
    Dex 1635
    Int 463
    Vit 1329 (57k life)

    Armor = 3.2k and Resists are mid 300's

    Critical Hit % = 30 Critical Hit Damage = 217% My current bow is a 62 DC (1059 DPS) with a 70% crit emerald. Attacks/Sec = 1.39 46k damage w/o SS (in A2 if that matters)

    I use Hungering Arrow as my generator (Teeth or Shatter Shot depending)
    Elite groups take most of their damage from Mines (Scatter) and I use Cluster Arrow (Loaded for Bear) for point burst damage or when my Hatred is full.

    Self Critique: I know on their own most of my pieces of gear are solid. I probably can't buy a reasonable upgrade for any spot for under 3-5M and even that would take some luck and yet my DPS is very much lacking for killing stuff in A3. I think I might be prioritizing dex+vit items too much instead of max dex but dying every time something blinks at you in kind of unappealing but Ill do it if I could clear A3 with some ooomph!

    Is my dex too low or is it my weapon? (1300+ dps bows are INSANE expensive)
    Are my Crit numbers the problem?
    Does the build suck (it works damn well through A2 but A3 is just not fast enough)?
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    posted a message on A1 vs A2 Inferno w/buff
    I finally managed to make the transition from A1 to A2 for solo MF runs with my DH - other than improvements to life/damage my gear hasnt changed all that much in the last week - certainly NOT any additions to mf.

    My observation: In A1 once I had 5 stacks of buff, yellows frequently fell in 2's and even 3's - it was a bit unusual to get only 1 off an elite pack. Now that I can run a lot of areas in A2 and clear lots of elites after hitting 5 buffs it seems that it is MUCH more common to get 1 yellow, unusual to get 2 and rare to get 3 yellows.

    Anyone else that can confirm or deny this? I can say with certainty I'm seeing a lot more 62's and 63's than I did in A1 so not getting another crappy level 54 yellow doesnt really bother me but I was wondering if I was just on a 2 day cold streak or if this is really the way it is.
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    posted a message on Rare Farming / Repair Cost
    You've GOT to be trolling.... I have... hmmm maybe 1/3 the DPS at every level - I can do A1 Butcher runs till I turn blue with maybe a death an hour. I can even do A2 Mahgda picking up 2 or 3 Neph Valor buffs before getting there.

    Now maybe you cant farm the end of A4 but theres very little reason to be banging your head into that wall when you should be able to breeze A2 with the only trade off being about 1/2 as many ilvl 63 items.
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    posted a message on Act 1 - Imprisoned Angel - Fewer Boss Packs?
    I've made a couple runs since the patch went live (too few to be sure) but it seems like there are fewer boss packs in dungeon level 2/jail area - I never hit the jailer with fewer than 4 Neph Valor buffs if I at least make a decent effort to clear the areas but I've gotten there with 2 a few times already.

    Anyone else seeing the same thing?
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    posted a message on Nether Tenticle Major nerf
    Seems like some of you are confusing the nerf (it's bad but not as bad as I think some of you are assuming).

    It's not "Hits one target"

    It's "Hits each target only once" - should still pierce 100% and hit everything in that giant conga line thats usually chasing us around but it used to hit large creatures multiple times per shot because it was in the hitbox long enough to trigger damage twice,

    This is gonna hurt me bad on boss runs but for normal sized crap it wont change much if at all.
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    posted a message on Benchmarks of progress?
    Summary: Solo only, level 25 (26?) just completed first quest series in A3.

    I figure I'm probably over-leveled for this area but I've been lookin around quite a bit. I died once on Belial (sp?) before I noticed not to stand in the green stuff.

    I've got about 250 dps and around 2k hps - stacking dex/+dam on most items but vitality on a couple (like chest)

    Mainly using Hungering/Bolo (with improved radius rune) as default, rapid fire for single target damage hose and multishot/trap for group control (bolo shot helps tons as well).

    I'm not all that crunchy and I seem to kill at a good pace but I can't tell if its because I'm appropriately skilled/equipped or simply overleveled.

    Any DH's around 30 that can tell me if this sounds typical or where you are/were at around 30.
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    posted a message on Are Demon Hunters super squishy?
    Quote from Bleu42

    Dh is my main, lvl 36 now!

    But yea, i was SUPER fucking squishy from levels ~ 20 - 29, luckily I was playing coop with my buddy a monk. But it wasn't until I upgraded all my gear that I finally felt safe lol. Also apparently a 2-4 damage ring is way > a 22 dex ring lol. But having made a bunch of perfect gems so far and getting decent drops, I'm at 900 dps now and Idk if I'm squishy because multishot fucking rapes lol.

    So much THIS that it can be seen from outer space.
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    posted a message on Game is so short.. Why?
    Quote from Ronninrogue

    finished it in 5 hours without rushing, doing side exploration & looting barrels ect

    No... no you didnt.
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    posted a message on Diablo III - Race to the Finish Contest: First Inferno Diablo Kill
    Quote from Kael13

    Well.. Looks like us Europeans win.

    Is anyone else noticing he dropped about 500 gold and 3 blues?!? WTF is that for a first inferno kill?
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    posted a message on Once you hear it you can't un-hear it....
    Any of the wooden two handers (bo staff etc) the sound of it hitting the ground from a drop sounds like a duck quack.

    /that is all.
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    posted a message on Your best early experience
    Oh and I found "Radek" the merchant - got to be a shout out to David Eddings....
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    posted a message on Your best early experience
    The end of Act 1 cinematic is friggin AWESOME....
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    posted a message on Which Class has the potential to level up the fastest, from 1, no gear?
    I played quite a bit of Beta - 1-10 about the only thing that matters is if you already have or get a decent drop on a weapon early. With all the patches I had my characters wiped quite a few times - I seemed to gravitate to DH first but I think that is mostly my "amazon d2" brain taking over.

    I had DH's where I couldnt seem to find a bow/xbow and progress seemed painfully slow - but that only in comparrison to finding some 12.1 dps lvl 3 req bow from the second pack I killed outside of town - which then easily carried me through SK and follow on runs.

    Levels 1-15 will probably take less than 2 hours for just about anything. As for 16-60 we're all just pissing into the wind with guesses because only Blizz employees have any clue and I'm guessing if they ever noticed it took twice as long to level a DH as a WD they LONG ago fixed that.
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    posted a message on Blacksmith LvL limitation?
    Quote from aldrek

    It is limited by material, but you can also think that since there are 20 levels, you're expected to do ~5 levels per difficulty.

    I tend to think that you will have the capability of capping your artisans no later than you hitting level 60, and most likely before (at least a little) - so its probably at least 7 levels per.

    If you held a gun to my head and made me pick I would probably guess that you can cap your artisans by the end of nightmare but that the eq you could make will still be level restricted to 55+ so you're looking at some progress in Hell before you can use the stuff. Some recipes (on the other hand) may only drop in inferno - in other words you've capped your blacksmith 2 difficulties ago but you cant make the Boots of Awesome Moonwalk and Mosterslaying until you get that lucky drop in inferno.
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    posted a message on Bashiok made me happpy...
    Quote from rozmata

    Quote from Fizpez

    Quote from rozmata

    Quote from ozymandiasza

    Meh, their "hard"/"inferno" is relative

    Relativeness is given but I am afraid their "difficult" is relative to the first play through inferno. It's probably good it won't last forever but I am afraid that with one or two legendaries every noob will be able to easily finish it.

    I've got to believe that Blizz employees have twinked chars with a couple inferno legendaries - I also have to believe that if simply finding one or two inferno legendaries is sufficient to turn you from a dud into a stud they will either nerf the legendaries or buff the difficulty more. I'd have to think they want (as a matter of principle) that you need to be almost stacked with inferno legendary gear before you are blissfully rolling areas for the lulz.

    Aren't we a true believer :)

    Well, I guess that my "optimism" comes from the existance of the difficultly level itself - it's the fourth playthrough, you could probably quote the dialogue by now if you had to - if they wanted everyone to get warm and fuzzy feelings from crushing the highest level of difficulty they would have stopped at "Hell" and made sure that by about 1/2 way through the level you'd be swimming in such uber gear that curb stomping Diablo would be taken for granted.

    I think the whole concept of inferno was "So you think you're gonna solo OUR game in /players 8 do ya? Well here, eat THIS!" It's the level for masochists and the social life deprived. Anything less than that will be utter disappointment....
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