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    i don't know when the last time you played d3, but it has come a long way, i just cant bring my self to play d2 anymore even with the mods to make the resolution higher, this is coming from a guy that played it for a decade plus. i love that game but its time has ended for me at least, far to painful on the eyes and far to outdated you have what left and right click plus potions? with d3 we at least have 1-4 left right click and then potion.

    with all that being said if your happy with d2 good for you, i can only hope D4 is right around the corner or a new exp pack =)

    I'll be honest with you, I love D3 and I am looking forwards to D4, but sadly, my computer isn't good enough to run D3 and has just enough memory to run D2, hence why I'll be playing the crap out of D2. I mean, I love D2 to death (I spent so much time on it, I can't even comprehend), but if my PC was good enough to run D3, then D3 is what I would be playing. Don't get me wrong, I would also jump back to D1 and D2 for the nostalgia factor, but I've learned to make do with what I got and to mention, D2 is still awesome (I'm not one of those people obsessed with HIGH QUALITY, hell, I still play my Atari 2600 from time to time).
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    Greetings everyone,

    For the longest time now, I've been a "fan" (that is such an overused word, I'm honestly sick of it, so I'll just go with "follower") of Dungeon Crawlers (such as the Diablo series) and RPG games (such as the Final Fantasy series). At a young age, I grew up around people who played Dungeons & Dragons (yeah, I know, talk about old. The days when gaming required a pen & paper instead of a mouse & keyboard), as well as Pathfinder. These were the days when I truly began to admire and appreciate these kind of games, as well as the "art" behind them.

    After that, I slowly began to expand my interest in this into outside sources (such as PC games and Magic The Gathering, yes, I know, Magic The Gathering, such a nerd). Of course, I claim absolutely no "skill" (cause like, I don't believe that "skill" is even possible on something which really just comes down to grinding, strategy, and luck) in any of these games, nor do I even consider myself a possible runner-up on the leaderboards (which are stupid to be honest, do people really need that ego boost to keep on playing?).

    One of the very first games I played (outside of D&D and Pathfinder) is Diablo (for PS1). When I first got hold of this game, I immediately fell in love with the design of it and even more on a side note, I fell in love with being able to just gradually appreciate a game, being able to just sit back and explore, being able to kill if necessary and avoid if not worth my time.

    Because of this game, I have further dug into the Diablo series and began thoroughly exploring these games (as well as exploring any similar games). When Diablo 2 came out, I was truly in awe of what has happened, the classic and beautiful memories of my past have been revitalized, allowing this game to take a whole new extension. Of course, now Diablo 3 is out, and even though I absolute adore that, I would have to say that it just doesn't seem to be as "sentimental" as Diablo 2, something about Diablo 2 really just stuck with me and since I got hold of it, I became addicted.

    During the years of 2004 to 2013, I was spending as many hours as I possibly could playing Diablo 2. I began to run myself ragged by constantly jumping onto this game and spending hours and hours on end, endlessly grinding my character into becoming a top-notch Necromancer. Of course, all good things must come to an end (and for me, it hit hard). On April 8th 2014, my computer died on me (but then again, it was a Vista, so that is expected) and I lost all my account information as well as all my passwords and time spent.

    Now, many years down the road, I have taken some time to attend college (of which I think I'm failing, but if so, I guess that's just more money down the drain, of which I don't have), expand my interests outside of Diablo (I've recently been spending more time watching YouTube and less time actually playing games). So, it brings me a great big smile to my fat face (yes, I'm overweight, ironic, I know, but I'm not obese and I don't ever plan on becoming unable to walk), I have managed to barely save up just enough cash to get Diablo 2 once again. So, you know what that means...

    ...JNecroNHancer has returned back to his homelands and will once again, take on Diablo himself, with or without friends. Of course, with friends would be nice, but my internet is such crap, playing online is a pain in the neck and tends to lag ever so slightly at times, and I would rather not risk putting others in danger because my internet is garbage.

    So to all of you whom have been following the world of Diablo since the earliest of days, I send thee much respect and praise for keeping the community alive and teaching the newcomers of the dangers of this world and how beautiful it truly is when you abandon your ego and explore with a clear mind.

    Or in other words, thanks for keeping Diablo alive and I hope to once again rejoin the ranks of "Veteran" Diablo players. Of course, I will never be as "Veteran" as I used to be back in my time, but I express great honor and respect to all those whom accept me into the community once again with open arms and a kind heart.

    May you find great riches, gain extensive experience, and understand what it means to be an "untold hero".

    So, thanks once again and I hope to see you all around from time to time. Take care!

    (I won't be online until Thursday of this week or Tuesday of next week, my internet has been acting even worse and I'm currently getting Charter to check it out, but they're being morons and taking their sweet time)

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