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    Good, step in the right direction... I have a feeling when this game kicks off its gona be awesome =)
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    Lately I've been playing SC2 with a buddy as well, got demoted from masters down to platinum LOL F SC2
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    Quote from weirdingway

    Origination: Forums / Comments
    Ban Type: Spamming / Trolling
    Expires: Friday, September 23, 2011 10:59:18 AM PDT (in 22 hours, 13 minutes)
    Ban Reason: By: ÿes, L1 Human Rogue, Darkspear
    Forum > Horadric Archives
    Thread Title:
    So in the Borderlands
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    Aug 25, 2011 12:37:20 AM
    Where can I find the Vault?
    This game license has expired or been cancelled.
    This game license has expired or been frozen.

    I make a reference to the Borderlands game (because there is a Borderlands zone in D3) and that constitutes a ban? Is this really how Blizzard operates?

    Looks like supernerd found your post and was having a bad day... mail him a pocket pussy and maybe things will be better for all of us. =) cheer up!

    Honestly, I wish borderlands 2 was out so my roomate and I could nerd on that 247 while im waiting for d3 =X
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    Honestly, this is atrocious. Get the fucking show on the road.
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    Quote from soulzek

    This isn't related to Diablo 3 at all.

    Also, Inferno will own you. I promise.

    You will see me on top of the ladder if there is one, surely.
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    Has Casual Gaming Killed The Mmo Genre (including WOW)?

    A trip down memory lane researching into how Blizzard have betrayed their roots and have gone after the big money in appealing to attract more casual gamers.

    So picture this, I’m grinding blood elves in vanilla WoW in Azshara before Blizzard made Blood Elves into some annoying playable class. Paladins were Alliance, Shamans were Horde, people had tier 3 due to Naxx just coming out and I was in blues and epics that I worked hard for and was proud of. I was a casual gamer, my gear reflected that and I didn’t mind. Then.. Burning Crusade came out.. and thus begun the descent down the long slippery slope down for the game I adored into one I have the utmost contempt for.

    World of Warcraft is the most successful MMORPG of all time, fact. Before WoW many people had never even played a MMO before and it was their first introduction to the genre that was much loved by a small niche of people that have as brutal a stereotype as a Dungeons & Dragons fanboy would have. However, World of Warcraft attracted a lot of people of many different backgrounds, even FPS players made the hop from something like Counter-Strike of Call of Duty to farming boars in Durotar. These were weird times indeed, but exciting ones.

    However, to give a political analogy of the current situation you can think of World of Warcraft as formally the United States of Warcraft with rolling hills of freedom and with that freedom came lawlessness and unfairness. Recently it is now the People’s Republic of Warcraft. Blizzard now inflict their will onto players with many nerfs and buffs that are frustrating to keep up with and favour Blizzard’s scheme of getting as many subscribers as possible while pedalling WoW as some kind of new e-sport.

    There are a few basic elements of the classic MMOs that World of Warcraft got right but have since completely gone the opposite direction with:


    Yes, classes were not balanced before. A mage could polymorph you for a ridiculous amount of time, as could a hunter trap you, as could a rogue sap you. A warrior could two hit you with the right gear and a shaman had windfury. Now, this seems like a huge problem and minor tweaks were generally welcomed by all.. but the point was that every class had its particular strength to work with and they had their own particular anti-class. The problem with what Blizzard has done is that they’ve now gone hugely hands-on with giving everyone an inordinate amount of health, resilience and other sorts of ways of turtling PvP into some psuedo-sport that’s meant to require skill. For instance, arena players moan about RNGs (Random Number Generators) so Blizzard take one of the most typical RPG elements of random statistical occurrences such as stun-resists and alter it in a awkward way to cater to arena players. In fact, regarding PvP, anything that remotely gives you a statistical advantage is taken away and you’re left with some empty shell of a RPG where everyone wears the same gear and has very minor differences between them. Certain class combinations reign supreme until the next patch where people will re-roll class in order to maintain their rating. PvP apparently rewards skill now. Although no.. you’re not allowed to be rewarded with anything that will give you any form of advantage over someone… so have a pretty mount instead. There’s a good Orc.


    Epics now mean nothing. A common complaint but a perfectly valid one. The days of old with 10 man UBRS raids just to get blues are long gone, you literally can get many epics as soon as you ding to the cap that are all extremely powerful and cost the player hardly any effort. People who work hard for their gear barely get any reward any more, legendary quests have been abandoned and epic PvP gear is far too easy to acquire. Many people are against the days of High Warlord/Grand Marshall epics, the rank system and legendary quests, but is today’s WoW really better? I hear people say about how these things were just time-sinks and didn’t reward any skill but since when was an MMO about rewarding ’skill’? (bear with me here). MMOs reward dedication and working with your guild to obtain each other better gear and to progress as friends and guild mates. But Blizzard now are trying to please everyone by giving everyone equally good loot, this simply does not work. If there is no incentive to work for your gear then why should you? I am not saying that I do not understand people frustrated at the time-sinks and want a more efficient way of being rewarded, but this simply doesn’t work very well in an MMO.

    The Death of World PvP

    Nowadays you aren’t allowed to actually interact with the world, there is no sense of wonder and the sheer scale of the world has been reduced to putting yourself into queues for battlegrounds, arena or raids. Everything is organised, there is no possible way of you having an impact on this world whatsoever. You are just another player, another number. Long gone are true world bosses, battles at hillsbrad and any form of interesting involvement between the Horde and Alliance outside of some instanced boxed in game. Tell me, what’s the point in actually making people level up to the cap in order to play the end-game content? Most people can agree the most interesting times in any MMO are the ones that the players make for themselves. This is what I desperately wanted in an MMO, which is what games like Ultima Online tried to give players, a truly interactive role-playing experience where you could make an impact on your surroundings. But alas, people moaned and then Blizzard make knee-jerk changes without thinking of the consequences. For instance, having the battlemasters in respected cities in order to queue up seemed a clever choice.. however.. this meant that the actual portals to the games are now redundant and no-one even bothers visiting there any more. PvP outside of battlegrounds has been systematically eradicated.

    Now, I understand that Blizzard are a company and are out to make money. This is why I have stopped playing World of Warcraft as I am simply not wanted. But nowadays every company wants to take WoW’s formula to take in lots of money, no one ever wants to create a true MMORPG. I guess I should play E.V.E Online or something, but I did love World of Warcraft and the entire universe but now I fear it’s too late and the ship has long since sailed.

    Farewell Blizzard,
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    Good shit. Can you do a barbarian spreadsheet please? =)
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    Quote from AcidReign

    Females are smarter than men, so if Diablo will be a smarter foe in D3, I'm all for it.

    There is *SOME* validity to this statement... =)
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    Lifesteal is a key part of Diablo... how can you say it should not be in the game?! Hello, how else do you expect a melee character to maintain good standing while mobs who are supposed to nearly 1shot casters truck them...?
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    The fact that beta wasn't conducted 6 months ago, and is not finished as of now.
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    Quote from KillDiablosMom

    It seems that I cant post this on D3 forums. So, I'll post it here...

    Here are the links in the image...

    --- http://www.diablofans.com/topic/28037-the-diablo-encounter-leak/ ---

    --- http://diablo.incgamers.com/blog/comments/cinematic-diablo-revealed ---

    --- http://suewebik.net/uploads/diablo_model_4.jpg ---


    --- http://youtu.be/RbPBzvXkeXw ---

    You can skip to 2:32

    Does any1 else feel like this might be true??? Could Diablo be a girl?
    Personally, i think its odd, like Batman and Batgirl... But I wouldn't much mind if only Blizzard can pull it off. Because the Diablo that I once knew was terrorizing.

    I honestly think this kid is right lol....

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    Quote from DIMD

    So ive had a battle.net acount FOREVER ever since they first made it possible to put in a key for a game to store it and be able to download at any time. Which i did my key for D2.

    So months ago i tried to log in to opt in but it tells me my password is wrong. Ok, password recovery. Email, got it, name, got it, security question? Got it.... Wait, WHAT THAT? WRONG ANSWER?

    my question was my elementary school. I spelled it every way possibly imaginable to see if it was an error on my part. No dice. Ok, so I send an email to support for help, never ever got anything back. About a month ago, I finally tried again, same result. So this time I send out an email because I think my account might have been hacked, no passes work, and it tells me MY F-IN ANSWER TO MY OWN SEC QUESTION IS WRONG. So, i finally get a response saying basically that its a machine, and that I will NEVER get a response from them, because they changed things to make there system better or whatever, and sends me right back to the main error page, with the same links for account hacking, to the same emails for help, that just told me never work anymore.

    So THEN I just earlier went and made a new account, with a new email, figured screw it. Then when i try to go and Beta-opt in, it tells me I cant change my beta settings without having atleast one full version of a blizzard game. So through everything, there is no possible way I can get into this beta, unless im missing something, or go by a brand new Fin game for a code, and im not made of cash, I wouldnt be able to BUT D3 if I did that.

    Anyone get the royal finger from blizzard, and is there anything I missed?

    Why do you want to participate in the beta anyway?
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    Quote from Winged

    I'll separate Diablo related stuff from non-Diablo related stuff :P

    Diablo related:

    • Watched all of Force's Beta Play Through videos for a good third time.
    • Tuned into a good 5-10 livestreams, skipping from one to another randomly.
    • Wandered these forums like a lost puppy.
    • Played with the skill calculator.
    • Randomly drift off into a daydream about playing D3, in 2560x1440 on my yet to exist gaming rig, which brings me to the Non-Diablo related things.

    Non-Diablo related:

    • Meticulously reviewed every single part of the gaming rig I plan on building this winter to play any and all upcoming games for the next few years on max settings.
    • Put together multiple plans to gather the last half of the funds I'll need for this rig by the time D3 comes out.
    • Thought about how in no way a mentally healthy person would plan to spend this much on a PC..
    • Made multiple cheese tacos. :)

    How much do you plan on spending? I've built the last few pc's I've owned and I have found out the hard way, intel extreme processors, top of the line graphics and liquid cooling are hardly necessary to achieve top gaming performance =)

    Note... I'm a big fan of spending $ on the shit I want, cash & carry =)

    Edit - I'd be more than happy to help you out if you need some good ideas.
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    Quote from dubbz101

    Your smoking the wrong stuff :lol:

    +1 but the right stuff.

    Working out, working, schoolwork, checking these forums / battle.net account when I'm bored (10+ a day)... Honestly I only want to try the beta before release, just to educate myself for release play. I just want the beta to be over and done with.

    Top it all off... still playing Diablo II HCC, maintaining #1 useast with my team.
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    Quote from MonkManD3


    Hello, what's for dinner?
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