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    Wow. Let it go people (cough, cough-rucksak cough). It's a fucking video game. Who gives a damn if he did or didn't answer your question. You people act like he raped somebody or something.

    I did let it go. Until somebody (*cough cough Bagstone) suggested that I continued to ask after the question was answered, and that was not true.

    I was genuinely curious how MC would answer the simple question. why a person in his position would cheat and risk his account.

    I did NOT blast MC in this thread, other than to call him a snake for answering a question by editing it into a post he made 15 hours previously, a post that wasn't there when I read it.

    Why would he cheat? To be competitive versus other cheaters, its a multiplayer game after all. Do you need more explanation or you are just dumb so you cannot understand? Most of top D3 people exploited it, so to still be competitive he did it himself. Now stop being a douchebag and let it go.

    To be competitive vs. other cheaters, haha. That is a glorious response. Telling people to stop being a douche while being a douche is a nice touch too.

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    Quote from Moredine»

    I'm having really good results so far with this - Inna's as weapon, head, belt. Rainment as boot, chest, shoulder, glove, pant. I have a 4.1k inna diabo so.. yeah.

    For skills I'm using DS, EP, BoH, Epiphany, Mystic Ally, Fists of Thunder.

    The double effect of all the mantras is kinda huge.

    The playstyle is easy - palm, ds spirt empty, bol, punch a few times. Wash rinse repeat with epiphany/mystic ally active to speed up the mana regen. The thing I've realized that needs to be mastered is not running out of spirit and killing the DS charges. That leaves you with your pants down for 8 seconds, probably with no spirit, and probably soon to be dead.

    I think this will be the winning combo regarding gear, but I don't think I'll be using EP at all. I love the spirit rune from it, but I think I'll use a defensive ability in its place. Punch stuff, be mindful of your DS charges, and stuff dies soon after. I'm still tossing up the ideas of using an Inna's daibo to get the 4pc bonus with a RoRG, or a FD/Furnace with F+R.

    I loved my Sunwuko set, but the new Rainment's is some of the most fun I've ever had in a Diablo game.

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    You must be kidding. But then again, your last statement is beyond hilarious, so maybe that's what you actually think and are not joking. Your comparison to the bracers vs. the updated Nat set has absolutely nothing in common. As if the updated IK set, Raekor set, and Wastes set offer nothing to boost your char, right? DH's don't need armor sets or set bonuses! Don't give them survival bonuses, because it's too much fun dying in 1-hit to a jailer effect!

    If Blizzard made bracers for other classes that gave every rune of their most powerful cooldown, and not for Barbs, maybe you'd understand. If you have played Barb for as long as you have claimed, I figured you'd understand the overpowered synergy of the bracers more than it just being "a little op."

    Fact of the matter is that people want the easiest mode and least path of resistance. Those bracers gave you that...on the PTR. It's getting really annoying that the bnet whining is trickling here more and more.

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    I hope that, after this huge defaillance, blizzard will reconsider their position about Mortick :ban:

    For the love of god give it up. You don't need those goddamned bracers to do well in GRifts. The new WW set is amazing and the Raekor set is still great without some stupid bracers that make the game even more faceroll. Sorry for your loss, FOTM rerollers.

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    The narrow-minded thinking of many people in this thread. D3 seasons try to introduce a competitive and social aspect. You see who is on top, and you try to surpass them. You want to see your name on the boards. Nothing more than that. The game is not balanced and never will be, just like every other game out there. If you truly think balance is the only factor in competition, then all MOBAs, RTS, and MMOs are null and void of it.

    Unfortunately with this game, the competition revolves around scoring an Ancient Furnace. If you use a bot 24/7, the odds are in your favor to get one and begin your climb up. Hell, it saves you time if you hate leveling to 70 in the first place. Sure it does not ruin *my* personal experience, but it does give people an edge if you care about seasons. I would rather see all Chinese spam permanently rid of first, if I had to choose.

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    Hey guys, I'm going to be childish and call you all names on the forums, but I don't know why I was banned! It would be nice if bnet and this site could share IP bans to aid in nonsense elimination.

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    What if you want to get a GR key that is lower than your max for fast clears to get a few pieces of gear and upgrade your gems?

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    Quote from TheCityOfEvil»

    I'm just gonna chime in while I'm here until I leave for a few years.

    You can have an offline mode, as long as the characters are different.

    As in you can't play on battle.net or whatever with your offline character.

    This was done in 2000 with Diablo 2. (I'm not saying Diablo 2 was hack free, but...)

    The mistakes Blizzard has made/are making are un-excusable. (This was/is DIABLO : | ,in other words they messed up a franchise as big as WoW).

    However, to a post before. I've heard it has become a better game.

    But I hear the end game is made up of characters from other popular game genres?

    Did they just turn this game into a marketing platform???

    I chuckled that you are calling D3 bad because you played for a few days in Vanilla.

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    Get out.
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    Started playing my monk again, who had just enough gear for T5, but 0 Sunwuko pieces (I am awesome). In 2 GRifts this morning, got an ancient daibo with 3900+ dmg and a socket, 2 SWK pieces, and 3 other set pieces. It was extremely fun and hated having to log off to go to work :(

    I'm in it for the long haul, so the patch does not bother me. I really loved how M6 DH's mimicked a D2 Trapsin with their sentries before, but the change seems even more overpowered on top of making you actually attack now.
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