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    posted a message on So I saw a guy saying Fundamental is a must
    Yo DAWG! I heard u liked fundamental so much, so I build a hatred generator build, so u can generate hate while genarating hate while hate generating!

    lol, just to point out you can have awsome build without having to rely too much on Fundamental

    actually I personally think it's an ok build, against PVP monk or bosses fight though, still need u guys expertise comments and correction

    This build generally stand up against noob monk who thinks he can just run in and melee me to death, I'll out-dpsing them till someone falls

    1.) Rapid Fire + Rocket -> Primary damage dealers
    2.) Entagling Shot + Crimson ->for setting up Cull of the Weak (20% damage taken)
    3.) Companion + Bats -> Hatred Regen
    4.) Mark of Death + Hatred Regen every 40% of the attack grants me 20 hatred every 1 sec.
    5.) Shadow Power + Regen life 30% of the damage (at first I was going for hatred regen but found out my regen already exceed those consumed by Rapid Fire if MFD works properly)
    6.) Preparation + Overtime Disc recovery (to maintain Shadow Power)
    Passive - Cull of the Weak / Ballistic / Perfectionist

    First - Bats,Snare, Find that SOB and Mark
    Second - Shadow Power, Preparation simultaneously
    Third - Rapid Fire till he drops

    Key Structure Explanation
    Hatred Regen - 40% chance for 20 hatred every 1 sec from MFD (for having 6.5 attacks per sec + 4 additional rockets every sec, I should have unlimited supply of hate while focusing fire single target
    - I also have 2.5+5 passive hatred regen per sec for backup

    Damage Output - I really dunno abt the calculation method but here goes the basic

    assuming base atk is equal to 100 excatly
    and aspd is equal to 1.00 (1 shot per sec.)

    First ) (6 times aspd) + (50% increase aspd) = 6.5 [assuming base aspd is 1.00]
    Then) 6.5*35 = 227% where as 35 is the damage u dealt each shot
    And) 227 + 600 = 827% where as 600 is the damage from rocket + ballistic buff
    So) 827% * 40% = 1157% damage per sec whereas the additional 40% damage is from 20 MFD and 20 COTW)

    The Good
    Constantly deals 1157% for the first 5 sec. and 992% per sec if the snared ran out
    Always regenerate plenty of hatred to keep rapid fire up
    Base on the Damage output I should regen my life at around 300 point per sec as well
    The Bad
    wait... the opponent is too smart to just stand still and just let me shoot at him

    Why the hell am i even bother doing this build and posting this comment. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    oh right, u said I need fundamental, so Challenge accepted!
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    posted a message on MAVS BABY!
    Bunch of haters =p
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    posted a message on Science Saved My Soul.
    Ah, good old atheism.
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    posted a message on New World Order
    The new world order, and the illuminati, is real. Don't forget that. People think 'New World Order' is a conspiracy theory phrase, but there are a bunch of clips that you can even view online where you can see presidents such as George Bush, Tony Blaire, Gordon Brown and a lot more using the phrase 'New World Order'. They even sometimes even try to disguise this phrase by using 'Globalisation'. It's the same thing.

    One-world-government, all supplies of oil in the hands, capitalism takes over, no room for any other type of living. One culture, one currency. It's already happening, Euro, Amero (new american currency coming in with the american union), pacific union and more. Each of these are just plays on the table by the big guys up at the top. You really think Barrack Obama has any power? It's the people behind the government, the bankers and big businessman that control the things around here. Trust me.

    Check these links for the most important people running all the shots:
    Rothschilds (own the federal reserve and other banking systems - YES THE FED IS PRIVATELY OWNED)

    Rockerfellers - oil barons.

    Bilderberg group - private meeting held every year. This is big-time illuminati or freemason members. Politicians, royal family, banking families, real people at the top.

    The illuminati:
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Illuminati (REAL PEOPLE RUNNING THE SHOW FROM BEHIND - Research!)

    Do the research guys, the illuminati and the new world order is real. If the masses don't wake up and see what's happening we're fucked.
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