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    Frequented by displeasing memories
    Haunted by the creatures born of night
    Sunk deep in the dejection and distress
    Weak and powerless to severe the ties

    Bound in the dream world
    Wide-awake for every hour of sleep
    Faltering towards the future
    Only to come across with the past

    No hope beacons here
    No rays of light lingers
    Underneath the black earth
    Where the forgotten wait

    No love resides here
    No solace can be found
    Underneath the cold soil
    Where the sleeping gods lie

    There is nothing to remember
    When you are lost
    There is nothing to strive for
    When you are gone

    Now rest for you are tired, let it go
    Dive into sleepless dream, embrace oblivion
    The moments of light between the darkness
    Are brief and flee fast in the house of dead

    Searching my way out of confusion
    In this cold night cold as my heart
    Trying to find a resolution
    Assurance and strength to just go on

    I'm in the thousand winds that blow
    In the circling flight of blackbird
    In the stars that shine at night
    In the last dying rays of light
    Be gone sorrow, leave your dead behind
    Stay away grief, lay the ghosts to rest


    (Insomnium - Lay The Ghost To Rest)
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