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    Some people like the hunt game involved in attaining the cosmetics. What other hunt do you have in this game? Rift after rift, greater rift after greater rift, and zero end-game. Just like how people collected the unique blues back in the day (and some still do), like the Murlocket, Rakanishu's Blade, Wirt's Original Leg, The Clipper, Griswold's Worn Edge, etc. Some people who play like to collect things, and cosmetics are things to collect. Besides, every player is different. You may not care but others do (obviously). Most importantly, it's none of your business what other players want to do.

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    Quote from Nightcrest87»

    Still on the Graw the Herald train? Even after neva self-corrected by saying that it's a "fallen themed" pennant rather than a "fallen" pennant?

    You are drinking your own Kulle-Aid.

    This is why you have problems understanding the simplicity of it all: You've become too infatuated with finding fault in everything, insofar as to make assumptions on semantics and display gross negligence in comprehension, that you start glossing over the most basic things. You, and others, are way too quick to jump on the backs of everyone and call "Liar! Liar!" because it's easier to do that than use your brain in a logical way.

    She did not "self-correct," she basically verified that the word "Fallen" was never intended to encompass the possibilities of stars, angels or cities. "Fallen" means nothing more than the demon class. Also, she said this in response to someone on Twitter, not on the D3 forums. She probably simply glances over the D3 thread very quickly, or maybe not at all. After her "hint," the majority of players (myself included) started to look at the word "fallen" as a possible meaning for something else completely unrepresentative of the demon class of Fallen.

    And what is the "Graw the Herald train"? I simply made the comment that if Regreb spawns in Campaign Mode then it would be reasonable to assume Graw also might. I have stated numerous times that I am more interested in the Act 3 missing transmogs than Graw, Besides, it's not a definite that Graw even drops the pennant.

    You were asking me for direction on the D3 forums but were also very quick to jump on the bandwagon idea that I had been misleading people on purpose, or "trolling." Why? The latter would be the most simple answer for neither Graw nor the pennant being verifiable: "GodHand has been purposely misleading people." All of that based on a person you do not even know, who does not even participate on the forums, making a cauldron of lies about me that I debunked with proof in this very thread, to save face in the fact she had been spending time following a Twitter picture that ended up being Covetous Shen's barrel.

    Furthermore, I understand the frustration people have, but you should also know that to my knowledge, it has not been legitimately located on the PS4 version of 2.4.1, either.

    Quote from Dajobber»

    Quote from DrEmpiricism»

    Quote from Dajobber»

    "Neva has stated twice to my knowledge (maybe more) that cosmetics are Adventure Mode only."

    Which has been proven to be totally inaccurate in fact wrong.

    She acknowledged the bug with Ghoul Kings Blade, but evidently they are unaware of the other tmogs that are supposedly being found on campaign as well, Now King Maker too!

    Really shoots their credibility down a few more notches, if in fact these items are being found on campaign.

    We know it's wrong, but that does not pertain at all to his question. Adventure Mode-only spawns occurring in Campaign Mode can be something as little as a line of code. He was asking if it was a possibly INTENDED issue in order for us to do both Adventure and Campaign to attain all the cosmetics. Since she said Ghoul King's Blade was a bug, it would follow that the others are also bugs, especially when she said they are Adventure Mode only items.

    Remember, Neva is just a Community Manager. The cosmetics are intended to only spawn in Adventure Mode but obviously there is a problem somewhere on their end.

    Also, I will not be 100% convinced of King Maker until there's a video. Regreb is a pretty rare spawn and him spawning in Campaign Mode would definitely be troubling because then people will reasonably assume that Graw the Herald also spawns much more frequently in Campaign Mode (even though they do not know where to actually find him when he DOES spawn).

    I'm not throwing her under the bus, ok. She has been given incorrect information by members of the dev team and has broadcast this inaccurate info as she is supposed to do, they threw her under the bus. Now accepting the fact that items are supposed to be adventure mode only and obviously are not restricted to it by coding errors, the issue is; what else is broken in the spawn of the un-found items in adventure mode.

    She simply relayed the info that was given to her by their "Quality Assurance Team." I have no idea what that is but it's possible the pennant would drop server-side (the side they'd be testing drops from), but be unable to, or "locked" if you will, client-side. I do agree that there are obvious problems now with more and more "Adventure-mode only items" showing up in Campaign Mode.

    Quote from Nightcrest87»

    Quote from Dajobber

    I'm not throwing her under the bus, ok. She has been given incorrect information by members of the dev team and has broadcast this inaccurate info as she is supposed to do, they threw her under the bus. Now accepting the fact that items are supposed to be adventure mode only and obviously are not restricted to it by coding errors, the issue is; what else is broken in the spawn of the un-found items in adventure mode.

    At this point, there is no guarantee at all that Nevalistis is not talking out of her ass. Someone dropped the ball. We don't know who it is, we don't know how far the ball has been thrown. What we do know is that this is not the first time this has happened. Anyone who has been around since at least the RoS release surely remembers the Final 5 and that damn blood hawk.
    Personally, I'm not gonna stay around for 6 months waiting for nothing until they decide to fix whatever problem is forcing those items to be extremely rare and/or unobtainable.

    I honestly cannot believe I'm defending Blizzard here but no reasonable person is going to think that Neva is purposely lying to people or "talking out of her ass." She can't do anything other than relay back to the community the information she receives from those who do the testing. Some people are so quick to start attacking the moral integrity of another just because it's the easiest thing to do.

    Lastly, it's obvious things were not tested properly before this patch was made live in respect to xmogs or cosmetics. It's unfortunate it took so long for Aidan's Revenge to come out as being unobtainable. It's also unfortunate some players' immediate reaction to situations is to start criticizing the moral integrity of others.

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    Quote from PsykStrike»

    @ GodHand:

    Props to you mate. Either you are an extremely active and helpful member of the community, or you are the biggest troll on the internet (to an extent where it is worthy of an award). The main thread you started extends for (currently) 33 pages and includes a vast array of theories which tie in with Diablo lore, which I think most players would be hard-pressed to come up with through any means. The comments regarding the "curse drama" really only support your active involvement in the cosmetics hunt, which urges the question; why would a legit troll endure long and exhausting hours of theory-crafting and in-game farming (with essentially no reward) purely to support troll comments on the internet?

    Thanks for the support! Indeed I would DEMAND an award for trolling if this much effort was put into it! That said, the last thing I am going to do is purposly lead people in a completely wrong direction. If anything, 90% of her post does that, hence the reason it's constantly edited. Her "I theorize" posts in that linked Reddit thread are all my conclusions via Curse discussions. She never had any theories. She was able to pull data strings from files and that's pretty much it (and many were old - the Harvest string for the pennant can be found on THIS SITE from many months ago when the patch was first datamined). Just watch how her "I theorize" remarks start to dwindle now that she has no one to give them to her. You'll get no direction, no reliable theories or any viable info from her end - just old data strings and a long-winded lie

    Again, I try to theory-craft a bit, and datamine what I think is reasonable information. I do not just post any string I find without looking into it further (even if it's just a Google search to see if the string is old and known already).

    Fact is, I try to help out with this, not harm. No one puts such effort into leading others in a wrong direction unless it's for personal gain. What would I have to gain from that? The missing cosmetics would still remain missing, and likely for much longer. Good luck on the search, and I'll report back when I've finished a few things currently being worked on.

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    Quote from darko75»

    Quote from DrEmpiricism»

    No, and he does not have the pennant. He posted on the Diablo 3 forums.


    Also, if you wanted to correlate "fallen" with "falling" and have it actually be representative, it would not be the Crumbling Tower event, but the Hideout of the Lost Legion in A5 (a p4 area where the Resplendent Chest would spawn). Inside you meet 3 Fallen super-uniques and they make tons of smaller Fallen enemies literally fall from the ceiling onto you.

    Could not remember this event... In the first part of the city and/or in the burning part ?

    It's in the Battlefields of Eternity. It's entrance is randomly placed around there and sometimes it does not spawn at all, but it is a fairly common spawn.

    Quote from garnok»

    Just to throw another idea into the hat...what if the "fallen" was as literal as it could be? What about Izual, the fallen angel? Wouldnt put it past blizzard

    Tyrael is also a fallen angel. There are a lot of "fallen" things in Diablo 3 (Diablo in general).

    Additional Info Below!

    I do not believe Graw the Herald has the pennant. I believe the pennant is in the Resplendent Chest due to the fact it's a "more rare cosmetic." King Maker is another "more rare cosmetic," and falls from Regarb the Slayer in Stinging Winds (after many restarts).

    Also, if you put Graw's file in a hex editor, it clearly says "Act 2" with his name. The _01 parameter, as said by another person, is not there to let you know what level or what act, which can be seen by the differences in what some of the strings say and where some of the transmogs are.

    We have also datamined Graw's flavor text which reads Graw the Herald - Fallen Harbinger. So "Fallen Harbinger" will show under his name when he's located.

    We have also found that the 'A' in his datamine string refers to his texture as a Fallen Shaman (they can be different colors). Graw will be red. The problem here is most dungeons in A2 rotate mob types. For example you will enter it one game, and it will be nothing but sewer creatures. You will enter it another game and it will be nothing but wasps and poison mobs. You will enter another game and it will be Fallen Shamen. That's not to say Graw won't spawn in an area that does not have the same type of mob-style around, but Regarb the Slayer, who is a Fallen Overseer, spawns with other Fallen Overseers, and those with the same color (he is also 'A' or red).

    We found 2 strings for the Fallen/Khazra Pennant itself, which is named "Harvest," and also the flavor text:
    - P5_cos_Pennant_Harvest_01: "The long cold winter begins, but your hard work during the harvest will keep you alive. Hopefully."

    - cos_pennant_harvest_01: "This pennant smells of dead leaves. You should unfurl it."

    The 2nd one is particularly telling since it talks about its odor and unfurling it. We figure this is what the pennant says when it's in your inventory and has yet to be added to your Collection, but also think it represents where the pennant has been kept - stashed in something (like a barrel) and exposed to the elements (so a barrel outdoors). p4 and p5 correlate to the same locations (Ruins of Sescheron, Eternal Woods, Greyhollow Island, Leoric's Manor (remember, this is a new section) and the aforementioned containing dungeons and abodes)).

    We were able to datamine a picture of the front of the pennant, that shows the skull is actually the skull of Aidan - The Dark Wanderer from A2; the one who slammed the shard of the soulstone into his forehead at the end of the original Diablo to contain Diablo.

    More info can be found by my partner in this, along with the pictures and such: https://www.reddit.com/r/Diablo/comments/4eyvsg/241_transmog_locations_from_ptr/d3bwthk

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