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    I've started on a new phase of redundancy removal. Right now there are several places where skills are referenced and there is a potential for even more. I'm creating a mapping that can be used to navigate through the skill references by both level (forwards and backwards) and via alpha (forwards only). I've already completed the mapping for the DiabloWiki.com - Demon Hunter Demon Hunter and am using it for the active skills page. I'll be updating the nav box and passive skills tomorrow. This system creates a one stop location for all skill references (by class). By keeping the one file up to date all skill lists will stay up to date. If a new skill is added or one is removed updating the mapping will properly updated all references. At least that's the goal. Something unforeseen could come up but as of now it will work for everything we have in place as well as adding previous and next skill links to the detailed pages.
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