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    posted a message on Phalanx questions
    Does 'Phalanx is cast twice' and 'phalanx avatar stay longer by 200%' apply to:

    - bonus avatars from Falling Sword

    - bonus avatars from Judgement

    - bonus avatars from that 2H legendary wep

    - bonus avatars from normal Phalanx skill

    Also, is there a limit to bonus avatars - I mean - you cannot summon more than a certain number? (I also mean here - bonus avatars from 2nd usage of Falling Sword - thanks to that 2H legendary)

    Also, if your cd is shorter than the duration of avatars do they get re-summoned or new summons are added to the pool?

    Those are all very good questions.
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    posted a message on so lost...
    Hi there!

    I used to play D3 like a year ago or smth (I remember there were rumors about loot 2.0). Now that I came back I am totally lost... help me out please.

    - user interface pwnd me. I can't find AH !!!

    - what are the new shrines "experience has been added to the pool"

    - where is the button to drop/trade gold? I know... another UI pwnge :(

    - is d3 even more dead? I always open games to public but no one joins anymore (I mean Normal difficulty, questing with my new lvl 1+ crusader)

    - The new yellow/white globes - what exactly do they give?

    - what other things I should know?

    btw. I like the new game balance - the sader looks very balanced to me. I like it.
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    posted a message on My "Top 10" Things that would make D3 better
    Quote from CherubDown

    10. Elite/Champion mobs can no longer roll more than 1 CC affix. These include:
    • Frozen
    • Jailer
    • Nightmarish
    • Waller
    • Vortex
    9. Remove Reflect affix entirely. As a barb I don't care, but all my caster buddies ragequit on this one affix.

    8. Allow NV stacks to persist after quitting the game.

    7. Remove all stat caps! This includes run speed, MF, GF, etc. This game is about making crazy builds and with these caps, players simply can't have fun with it.

    6. Make purple (unique) mobs worthwhile. There are 1,000 ways to make these more exciting and worthwhile. Currently they're useless.

    5. Make chests matter. MF should count toward them, and they need to drop more items.

    4. Make bosses much more difficult and more RANDOM. They need to drop much better loot as well. What was wrong with D2 boss runs exactly???

    3. Give us perks for playing with others! 'nuff said.

    2. Make Drop Rates more predictable. It's okay that it's random, but every once in a while we need to be rewarded or people who have terrible luck have a reason to keep on playing! There are many ways to accomplish this under the hood.

    1. Auto-generated worlds need to be FAR more randomly generated. There are FAR too many static areas that get sooooo boring to grind. Sad to see independent developers do a much better job at this.

    10. No ! It's challanging this way
    9. Yes/No. A good fix OR removal is ok.
    8. Yes/No. Allow to change act in TP OR make them persist after quitting
    7. YES
    6. yes
    5. mf doesn't count towards them? o.O I thought it did... btw. I do open all chests - my WD with 35PR can always loot the gold <3
    4. Yes/No. Either make the boss kill worth it OR allow to change act in TP
    3. YES
    2. YES in 65 plvls I found 1 item that sold for more than 30mil.
    1. Yes
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    posted a message on High heroscore wd, are they playable?
    Quote from ForbiddenAngel

    you can have a off hand with LS

    1. "an offhand", no "a" off hand
    2. No you can't.

    Seriously why do people that have no idea what they are talking about still decide to blabber ? Do they have no shame ? Are they so desperately lonely that they want to lie, just to feel important, even if it's for a short while?
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    posted a message on MP4-MP5 is the MOST EFFICIENT way to loot
    I've seen you Shadowbane trying to explain, not only in this topic, to noobs, mathematically, that mp0 is best for paragon and xp and legendaries. I have one piece of advice to you:


    After watching that please adjust your expectations of the community you are trying to be part of.
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    posted a message on AH Selling rate is low, Help?
    I had the same problem. I kind-of don't have it now, even though I still am playing a lot :P

    The best advice was already pointed out -
    1. look at time left for auctions

    More advice
    2. 50% undercut is a little too little imho. I do 65% undercut.
    3. I do not sell items that I, myself wouldn't search for. For example, If I want to buy wrists, I am gonna search for main stat (and sort by that stat), vit, allres and maybe crit if I can afford it. So if I get 220str 80allres 5%crit wrists (but without vit) I vendor them. But the more complicated example is this: I get 35str 200vit 78allres 3%crit. I know those won't sell either - because ppl tend to sort by str (that's why 35 str is useless) or even if they don't they put a minimum value of a stat like 5%crit or so (and that's why 3%crit doesn't do much help). That's why, even though those are great wrists, they won't sell. Same goes for rings/amulets. I got an amu with 290vit 250armor 80allres 35%mf and 75%cd and socket. I thought it was very valuable. And the cheapest similar was insanely expensive. After a week of sitting in my ah list it finally sold for 800k. Why did it happen? Because amu/ring/gloves are mostly prioritised with crit chance/main stat.
    4. If something is worthy 150k or less I do not bother selling it. I might save 3-4 good items and I put them on general chat, link them saying "giving for free or npcing in 20sec". Sometimes someone will whisp for them, giving those items some meaning and 2nd life after all....
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    posted a message on What 1.06 patch brought me
    Quote from dragoncro

    After one week of playing 3 hours a day :

    not a single legendary drop

    no organ for hellfire ring( did it on mp8 all 3 portals)

    not a single item to sell on ah

    Then i see a guy who didnt play d3 for 2 weeks and he ask me to farm with him.

    First elite pack he got nothing, but second elite pack he got one legnedary. Then one legendary again on 3rd elite pack, and finnaly set item on 5th elite pack.

    Conclusion: Path Of Exile here i come!

    Lol this reminded me of the thread about Blizzard pumping guys who haven't played for longer periods of time...
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    posted a message on Opinion: Blizzard heavily controls Diablo 3 legendary/set drops
    Actually 1200 hours is a good sample + questioning of other players. And I believe what OP says is true in at least 75%
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    posted a message on God Help Me...
    Super funny!
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    posted a message on Tempest Rushing: The right way.
    Quote from Sell

    I've already answered questions regarding the video. Re-read the thread. I have little tolerance for questions on things that have been addressed.

    Since you are the OP, you should update the main thread ( Yes, there is a button that is entitled "Edit". It really exists! )
    And because you haven't done that it can only mean that you are either:
    a) lazy
    B) rude

    Idc which, pick one.
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    posted a message on Dazed and confused, What to do? What to do?
    Good pants. But remember that extra hp from health globes or MF or pickup radius or +armor is always extra welcome :)
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    posted a message on Tempest Rushing: The right way.
    I tried looking for videos myself, yet I haven't found any video of monk being faster than my wd significantly enough that I could judge that fact just by watching a video. All of the TR monks were either as fast as me or if faster, within the limit's of eye's judgement.
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    posted a message on 5-10sec lag spikes every 10minutes
    I am having 5-10sec lag spikes every 10minutes.

    I thought of many things, tried to change many different types of settings - yet, nothing.

    Any help?

    ps1: My computer can handle Diablo III on highest graphical details without a problem.
    ps2: I tested the internet connection by listening to internet radio while playing diablo. Diablo was lag spiking, yet the radio wasn't - which proves the connection was perfect.
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    posted a message on AH bug, beware
    self bidding is dangerous - if u win the auction you loose 15% gold due to tax.

    Let's say you self bid 100m - that's 15m risk right there! I doubt many ppl would do that...
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    posted a message on The RNG for you
    Quote from g0kuenuan

    In total, 15 of the 15 50m+ items that dropped in our COOP games, dropped for him. Talk about RNG.

    It so made me laugh :-)

    Quote from Bobcat915

    I am still pretty low lvl, I have a 15 and 10 plvl char and the most I have sold an item for was 600,000 som random pants.

    So I need to increase my grinding but I haven't found a million dollar item yet.

    You got unlucky. The first 5m+ item dropped for me at plvl 6. I bought a whole new set of gear for it at that time (yeah, whole 13 items + 4 for follower)
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