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    posted a message on Moldran Reaches Billion Gold Challenge
    Watched this guy's stream and youtube videos... he made 400 million in 72 hours in order to reach his 1 billion gold challenge.

    Check out his first video to see his progression and tips. His second video is already up as well.

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    posted a message on Why Diablo is not fun again
    Quote from antrodax

    I hate the AH game and to be completely outplayed by bots.

    I hate to find four legendaries in 200h, two from barrels -that I know that are not going to drop anymore-

    I hate to faceroll Act I and been unable to beat 90% of the elites of the Act 2 -Inferno-.

    I hate the Spider Caverns, the Fortress levels to Ghom , The Arreat levels, Heaven and the desert.

    I hate to ignore the value of the gear that drops or, at least, to find that in the AH there is items prized 10k that are better than the most awesome drop I had in a full session. I humbly suspect that I'm unable tio identify the awesome gear.

    I hate that the Whirlwind is not the greatest skill ever if not geared as god.

    I wish that my WD pet dogs were not useless.

    I hate the ninja nerfs.

    I hate how easy is to level a character. Levelling means nothing.

    I like your list. Not sarcasm.
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    posted a message on My friend just found this sash...
    I had to share this with everyone... it's too epic. He found it in A1 crypts. RIDICULOUS

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    posted a message on Gamebreaking Combat Mechanics - Movement Lockout and Weapon Types
    If I'm reading this correctly, I have had this happen many times since 1.03.

    I will be using frenzy on a bunch of enemies and quickly spam furious charge because I am about to die. The ability will not go off when I know I cast it in plenty of time and I will die.
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    posted a message on Inferno Drops - ilvl Discussion & Preferences
    Which would you prefer? I posted the following on the front page thread, but I find that those posts tend not to get much discussion.

    What I don't understand is why INFERNO is dropping ilvl 51-59 items. I'd rather have LESS items drop off of champions that are of greater ilvl. For the sake of legendaries with ilvl 58-59, bump them up to ilvl 60 so they are viable in endgame (or have some sort of special code that allows lower level legendaries to still drop - I don't know programming, maybe this isn't possible).

    A1 - mostly ilvl 60 items with incremental chance for ilvl 61, 62, 63
    A2 - mostly ilvl 60, 61 items with incremental chance for ilvl 62, 63
    A3/4 - mostly ilvl 60, 61, 62 items with incremental chance for ilvl 63
    Incremental chance being the 2/4/8% that blizzard has recently implemented.

    THAT is how I envision inferno drops should be... or something close at least. None of this sub-60 garbage

    Add your 2c. I'm really interested to see what people think - would this cause unintended consequences that might ruin the economy? How might this change influence the game for the better or worse?

    Edit: Here is another option, still including ilvl 55-59 items

    Quote from Savages

    Maybe have:
    • Inferno - Act I
      • iLvl 55-59: 36.2%
      • ilvl 60: 36.2%
      • iLvl 61: 17.7%
      • iLvl 62: 7.9%
      • iLvl 63: 2.0%
    • Inferno - Act II
      • iLvl 55-59: 25.96%
      • iLvl 60: 38.94%
      • iLvl 61: 18.6%
      • iLvl 62: 12.4%
      • iLvl 63: 4.1%
    • Inferno - Act III and Act IV
      • iLvl 55-59: 15.54%
      • iLvl 60: 36.26%
      • iLvl 61: 24.1%
      • iLvl 62: 16.1%
      • iLvl 63: 8.0%
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    posted a message on Patch 1.03 poll - happy or upset?
    At first I was like... "wait I don't play starcraft..."
    Then I was like... "ohhhhhhhhh"
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    posted a message on Ranged are at an extreme disadvantage in Inferno mode...

    The barbarian in that video was constantly mashing his revenge button and constantly going below 20% hp. I don't call that survivability. Had one of those revenges not gone off, he would have been done.
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    posted a message on Instant banning on Spoilers (that are posted just to ruin game)
    Quote from burek123

    The spoiler thing doesn't make any sense....

    This site was all about what to expect from the game, all the interviews, patch changes, blue posts, etc, talking about what the game will be like

    And now, when there is a lot of info on it available - all the items, affixes, monsters, bosses, there is suddenly a problem? This is why we are all here, to see what will the game bring us and to discuss it, what does 'spoiling' even mean if all this info will be available as soon as you log in to the game anyway?

    Pressing 'L' (or something) will bring you to the achievement screen... Oh no! A list of all the bosses..... Quick, sue Blizzard for SPOILING the game!

    Personally stats and items don't upset me. They have nothing to do with the plot of the story. I won't even look at the achievements until I have experienced the game.

    But imagine you have a favorite book series. And the third and final book is about to be released. And some dipshit got it earlier than you and tells you everything that happens in the book JUST to be a dick. I'd be pretty pissed. And I will be pissed if I hear any factual statements about D3 plot. I've heard this and that speculation over time, but I REALLY don't want to know hard cold facts until I have beaten normal playthrough myself. IT'S BEEN 10 YEARS IN THE MAKING!!!

    I probably won't be on these forums until Wednesday starting now. Going to use my time for other things until then. I recommend others do the same if you don't want to be spoiled. It will be tough, but to take a few days off to avoid spoilers and be able to fully enjoy the story of a life time is worth it for me.
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    posted a message on Ultimate Random Chat Thread [URT] v4
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    posted a message on "One of the Chosen" Feat of Strength
    Luckily I was in the beta, but WOW they are really opening themselves up to some serious flaming here...
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