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    aside from having an entire team devoted to finetuning abilities, they would also need a huge ass cray super computer to calculate through a couple of quadrillion posibilities (builds x gear).

    In other words, complete and utter balance is impossible.
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    PvP'ers (sorry generalizing) are so blinded by their own "want"'s that they forget that not only does blizzard have limited resources, those resources would also be taken AWAY from other aspects.

    However, PvPers do need to be given something. So I propose this:

    All you PvP'ers get together, and propose fully arguemented balance changes to blizzard.

    Mind you, this means you will need to properly balance around 4billion(per char or total, can't remember) builds.
    And most likely tens of thousands gear options, including the top-notch rares.
    Then once you have balanced over a couple of quadrillion possibilities, you contact blizzard and lay down the law.

    Untill then: stop wasting their time.

    PvP did destroy WoW's PvE game because the skills weren't pvp specific, this is the only thing that might separate pve and pvp in D3. But it will still influence it. More often then not skills that were awesome in PvE got nerfed to being shit because of pvp reasons. I am glad the D3 team does not want this to happen.
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