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    posted a message on The Real Open Letter
    Quote from Bokiiยป

    @Ashes: Your life is bullshit! You are just an ingnoran mofo crying for attention!

    Straight from the horse's mouth.
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    posted a message on The Real Open Letter

    TL; DR: I stopped playing Diablo 3, it takes too much time. And the Diablo 3 development team is lying to you and hardware limitations will make sure your dreams of big dungeons never come true. Also, botting and turbohud is kinda OK because it spites the development team into "fixing" the game.

    I think you and many others forgotten the point of games. It isn't supposed to be the number-crunch that Diablo 3 has become, it is supposed to be a game for fun and to pass time, and that's what it looks like they're trying to achieve in the new 2.4 patch. They're adding a set which will make using only Legendary items very viable and updating old stuff to be more in line with the power level of the current stuff. This will open up a huge pool of items that were previously completely unused simply because the "big sets" gave you much greater benefits.

    Early to mid-season 4 I was Top 50 on the HC Barbarian leaderboards with a IK + Fury of the Vanished Peak Seismic Slam build and it worked just fine into the low GR60's. So it was possible for me, a random guy who doesn't play for 10-15 hours a day, with a sub-optimal (although highly optimized) build to push into GR's other people normally only reached by running WW and more or less permanent Ignore Pain.

    And that was good enough for me as a casual player.

    If you want to go to the next level, you have to invest time. It is the same with Diablo 3 as with any game but for some reason it seems like the Diablo 3 crowd is so juvenile or naive that they can't see it. Of course I'm not going to have better rolled gear or be higher in paragon than someone who can do 10 hours a day if I can only do 2-5 hours a day.

    Play World of Warcraft or any other MMO and you'll quickly see that people with good raiding guilds are "favored" because it allows them to access items and content with much higher level than a casual player can get. Play Counter Strike or any other FPS game every now and then in a competitive game with a few friends and you'll also quickly realize that you don't stand a chance against people who put in ten hours a day. Play Destiny which is a mix of the two above and you also start realizing that you have to invest time in order to get the best stuff and be the best at stuff.

    If time prevents you from playing in the top layer of a game that's just a reality you have to face.

    I'm not saying the Diablo 3 end game content is perfect - far from it - but it was the same deal with Diablo and Diablo 2. The original game is from a different era of games so it's hard to compare it to the current Diablo 3 but basically, only the most hardcore player would ever get a character above lvl40, let alone lvl50. Diablo 2 was the same, it was an endless grind in Baalruns and Cowruns and for Runes and Runewords and only the people who invested the most time in the game would reach lvl99.

    It is extremely difficult to create worthwhile content in any game, but especially in a ARPG game like Diablo 3 which has a fairly small narrative: kill stuff and get loot.

    What can you do to improve this? Polish the existing aspects of the game and add more stuff to kill and more interesting loot to find. Diablo 3 is a completely different game now than what it was when it was first released and I think people have forgotten this.

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    posted a message on Ultimate survival char?
    Crusader with max block and everything that procs. on block plus Thorns damage. You will kill stuff by doing nothing.
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    posted a message on what to farm as fresh 60 in hc?
    A3/4 runs has given me some really nice ilvl61/62 rares. Do runs on Cydea + Azmodan. You'll fill an inventory full of rares each run with ease. Same thing with A4, just takes a bit more time.
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    posted a message on Q: Is Inferno mode designed to be beatable by a HC character?
    Answer by Jay Wilson: Not really, but please consider that as a challenge. :)

    (source: )

    Well, what can I say...

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    posted a message on Best headsets for D3.
    Quote from Zera

    I don't get the obsession audiophiles have with headphones. In all honnesty why the fuck would u ever wants to use a pair of headphones if you are that into sound and want to pay soo much for it compared to just using speakers which is for most purposes better (you aren't in a studio and need sound canceling and most likely this is the only sound source in your enviourment). I mean I understand that people can't always use speakers but why would you really pay this much for what is essentialy a oh I should prob keep quiet now instead of blasting out music on my speakers.
    Yes I know that using skype and so on using speakers isn't great but aprox 98% of the time (and yes I'm pulling this number from nowhere but u get my point) the headset won't be whats ruining the experience because the other guys mic isn't what it should be.
    This is not trying to flame the whole wow man you should go for headphones and a mic but let us be honest for gaming the convenience of having a mic on the headset instead of a clip on (got the steelseries v1 and had it for ages which also have a clip on) isn't nearly as convenient. Headsets have come a long way from back when it was a huge difference. Sure there might be a small difference but for the vast majority of people the convenience outweighs the improved sound quality (which for the most parts u need to pay a lot for or else it's just buying a slightly "better" pair of headphones to claim it makes a difference).

    Personally I use the Siberia v1 but what I would do is not just rely on what other people say and perhaps go to a store and try them out for fit. Gaming means using them for a longer period of time most likely so they have to fit right else no matter of sound quality can save them. If you use glasses this is especially true or I guess if your head is in any way out of the ordinary :P

    I'll try and answer this to the best of my abilities, having both owned shitty $40 headsets and $1000+ audiophile headphones.

    Lets say you live in an apartment building, chances are not all the neighbors will be happy when you crank the volume up to 11 and tear the house down, just like you mentioned. But there are numerous other reasons as to why you would buy expensive headphones instead of speakers. A pair of $1000 headphones provide vastly better resolution and sound quality than a pair of $1000 speakers. Even a pair of $3000 speakers will struggle against a pair of $1000 headphones when comparing quality. In other words, you get more bang for the buck with headphones.

    A separate microphone is very inexpensive. There are good Logitech microphones which cost like $30 and give amazing sound quality taking in mind the cost. If you want more expensive stuff with better quality, go for something like a Blue Microphones "Snowball".

    You say headsets have come a long way. I say bullshit. A gaming headset for $100-150 doesn't even remotely compare to a "real" headphone for $70. Add to that the facts that were mentioned in a post on the last page (poor build quality), well, you can quickly see that there isn't much that is good with a headset. My oldest pair of headphones is a pair of Sennheiser HD600 which I bought used for $200. They are now 13 years old and look brand new and still sound pretty damn good. I have no headset older than 2 years that is still alive.

    For games nowadays though I mostly use some cheap surround speakers because the games I play don't really require amazing sound resolution (Diablo 3 for example). When on skype and playing with friends though, I use my HD600.
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    posted a message on Care if you see this, you CANT unsee it
    OP went full retard. :ph34r:
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    posted a message on The Ultimate Icon Thread!
    Quote from Akuma Seijin

    I hope this is just the tip of the iceberg.

    I believe these are just the uniques. I think there's 13 other tiers of items going from Normal to the end of Hell.
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    posted a message on Skill calculator is up!
    If you can't spend a few minutes doing that - I'm afraid your whole future life is going to be an uphill struggle...
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 and the SI
    One could argue about the relevance of yards in a isometric RPG game. How tall are the characters? How tall are the monsters? You have no points of reference and as such, the measuring system is pretty much pointless. It's just there to give a slight idea of how big this or that AoE effect is.
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