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    posted a message on [Video] Greater rift 40 Wizard Firebird
    i see no angels only exarchs (angels take 4x longer to kill)
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    posted a message on Greater Rifts XP exploit - 70+b xp/hour - 200+ paragon lvl day
    unity was for long time considered exploit but its not.
    i am not saying this is not exploit i am saying u cant just simply draw line.
    With bots its very simple, that is reason why botting and exploiting is not same thing
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    posted a message on Greater Rifts XP exploit - 70+b xp/hour - 200+ paragon lvl day
    Quote from Fairelight

    Quote from pewpewzzz

    what would stop this 100 % is 1 single round of ban hammering away.. simply take all the people who has been using this (do a zone registry and see who has gained massive amounts of exp in town) then ban them.. then lets see how many will actually use the next "exploit" found!

    it only needs to happen once.. then lets see how big the "balls" on the exploiters are..
    seriously? do you have any idea how many people have been banned for botting? not just in this game but WoW also. do you even realise how prevalent it still is? honestly people DON'T learn. with every new exploit or cheat there will ALWAYS be a wave of new fresh people willing to give it a shot
    boting and exploiting is not same. when u bot its clear that u break rules. while exploiting is not always so black and white
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    posted a message on Fire Wizard and Bane of the trapped
    1 it ADD to all existing damage coefficients like: passive skills. legendary gems, buffs, debuffs, %increased skill damage affixes, bone chill
    there is few exceptions that works multiplicatively (like audacity)
    and considering how many coefficients are in this category real gain from each one is much smaller than u can expect ( i use 50% in solo and 35%in party as base line when doing math)
    so focus mostly on paper dps, %elemental dmg, elite dmg

    2 dont know

    3. i sure recommend using SoJ if u can but i am not so sure about that gem
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    posted a message on ddos attack by Lizard Squad
    it seems they are attacking only US, EU is fine
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    posted a message on DDOS Lizard Squad personal info
    i dont believe him being authentic lizard squad member, and its strong coffee accusing someone of being one
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    posted a message on 4.30 APS - 4.1m DPS
    0% elite damage. 19% holy = equivalent of having 1.5m dps
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    posted a message on Advice on Woh & Firebird
    I am sceptical about stacking too much CDR.
    Even with as low as 55% CDr i was running out of AP all the time.
    If u do 30+ rifts your black hole is cast on cd most of the time and u have to chain cast EB on cd becasue of taeguk gem
    and that result in 10 AP spend/sec(with 50% cdr, no resource cost reduction) if u try to use blizzard u are screwed since u run out of AP

    u need 50%+ cdr so u can keep taeguk gem stacked but if i played with 60%+ u run out of resurce even without blizzard(and i like new blizzard)
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    posted a message on Advice on Woh & Firebird
    Quote from Bandyto
    Quote from Ormone88

    I don't know about the build, but i know what you should do with the weapon: reroll area damage into 10% damage, and then wait for 2.1 and Ramaladni's gift.
    I would recommend rerolling to -10 % CDR instead of damage.
    -cdr now is better but when 2.1 come it wont.... since -cdr doesn't increase damage of firebird and majority of your damage come from that set
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    posted a message on Wrongfully Banned By Blizzard. *UPDATE - Account Unbanned*
    my friend had problem his WOW account it was different situation but it was real pain in the ass and at the end it solved nothing
    his account got hacked, then banned, but they also hacked his email
    we manage to unban with ease since it was banned only because account was compromised
    but every time we tryed to change password, it automaticaly send new password on hacked email.
    and when we tryed to change email we needed account password.
    and when we asked support replay was like:

    yes we can clearly see that your account was compromised we are sending new password to your email (we clearly stated that email was hacked atleast twice with BOLD letters)
    we tryed that couple times with different aproach but response was always same.
    after few days we gave up

    best thing u can do is call support line if they refuse to help, give up
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    posted a message on Forked Lightning Firebirds
    being forced to use myken + camaral criple your damage a lot..
    my experience with FB6 is stack huge amount of paper/fire/elite/weapon damage(even nerfed furnace seem like good option because of high weapon damage it offers+elite damage).And spells u using make little difference as long as u can stack fast without fail.
    With my gear my FBtick for +-100m to elites. On t6 even single blizzard kills easy pack :(

    edit: i am getting 40% bigger ticks with furnace setup: furnace+firebird chest
    compared to: sunkeeper+firebird offhand+cindercoat
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    posted a message on new goblin realm gem PTR
    i believe that all drops are dissabled in Grifts (with exception of boss) so i guess it wont work at all but i dont know exact mechanics. and dont have gem

    do Gladiator gauntlets work in Grifts ? seems like same kind proc
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    posted a message on 220k HP 2473k paper solo dps melting everything ~ can you compete with this?
    as everyone else said pretty much build that 50% of wizards run
    only difference is that you play it with more damage and and really low toughness

    but let me break it down to u
    usuall archon/mm wiz(i use my wiz as example) have:

    cold TF(i dont understand why u saying: " There is no need to add another 5% from cold as you would loose much more from from trying to get a Thunderfury with Cold Damage instead of lightning.")
    if u get good enough TF u loose nothing its just harder to get.

    aughildhelm +strongarm bracers= i gain more toghness from helm and 30% dmg boost from bracers while loose 20%fire on helm, for solo its probabbly slight dps loose but in party its more efficient and vitality u get on helm helps a lot

    glass cannon: every time i see T6 wizard running this passive something insede of me die
    i like picking it for low difficulty farming but this passive is nto for t6 :/
    if u understand math this passive is horrible, explanation bellow

    way that damage is calculated:

    there might be mistake in that formula, i wrote that in hurry but key here is that.
    %15magic missile coeficient on your gear(45% total),
    20% damage from elemental exposure,
    15% from glass cannon,
    20% magic weapon,
    10% sparkflint,
    20%from archon form,
    6% for each kill in archon form,
    3% for each hit enemy with black hole
    all ADD to each other to single modifier and your MM is increased by 110%
    45+20+15+10=110% instead what most ppl expect:
    and therefore glass cannon increase your reall damage by only 8% instead of 15%
    and so on

    so what u did u pick passive that increase your damage by 8% and decreased your toughness by 10% when u can take passive that increse your crit by 6%(reall gain of 8% damage after first hit) with no tradeoff

    and this gets even worse when u are in party where all ather party members buff your damage even more making glass cannon 4-8% dmg gain
    while 6% crit is still 8% damage and u also boost whole party

    same fall on offix that increase MMdamage by 15% its not bad affix but not ass good as most ppl think 8% daamge increase of one single attack in solo, 4-8% damage increase in party(all depends on pprty conposition).
    4-8% damage on speell u do roughly 60% of damage(archon,blackhole,TFproc)=3-6%damage gain
    i rather increase my toughness by 20% (750vit) than increase my damage by 4-8%... but that is me
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    posted a message on Am i the only one not excited by 2.1?
    problem i see, there is very little benefit to do Grifts after level 30(or less if your gear is not so good) u get slightly higher chance for upgrade of your gem
    60% vs 65% on level 30 vs 35 but difficulty/time spent wise each level after 30 is huge difference and if u dont care about Grift ladder there is no reason to do it.
    there should be reduced chance for upgrade of your gem by 1 for every level u already have and on top of that difficulty steps for Grifts made much smaller... start at current level 20 Grift(what is the point of levels before 20 ???) and go up to current level 50 and stretch this 30 levels all the way throug 1-100
    this way u wont be fighting luck on 2-3 levels and doing it over and over until lady luck smiles over you but 10-15 levels and that leaves much less on luck
    and u have to do higher levels and not spamming level 1-20 for gems
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    posted a message on The LITERAL Immortal King
    u do no damage, very little support to party, u dont offer explanation why, u dont mention gear at all,

    and yes i usually respond when i dont like posts

    Its really hard to make constructive criticism on this :/

    all u need for T6 is high damage and enough toughness to stay alive until pack die. this "build" offer neither.
    To me it seems like kind spec ppl make when they have no gear and join T6 party to get carried but they can't keep up.
    And then put all toughness gear on and get all survival skills on bar, sadface
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