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    Hi all,

    I decided to do something different this season and run two characters. Unfortunately, the second one, a Wizard, is suffering from not having a full set of anything. I figure if I could get my Wizard to the point of running T10 without being a burden, the drops would start to fly thick and fast and I could use all the existing build guides (Flash Fire looks awesome). But for now, I'm stuck at T6. And transferring items and blood shards from my first char is slow going.

    So my question is, what's a good build, with my current gear, to get me closer to T10?

    Here's, roughly, what I have:

    • Delsere (4 items): Helm, Chest, Boots, Gloves
    • Tal Rasha (5 items): Source, Helm, Chest, Pants, Gloves
    • Firebird (5 items): Source, Helm, Chest, Pants, Boots
    • Vyr (3 items): Helm, Chest, Shoulders
    • Wands: Unstable (Ancient), Aether, Orpheus, Slorak's
    • Staves: Smoldering Core, Valthek's
    • Sources: Myken's, Etched Sigil, Light of Grace, Primordial, Triumvirate
    • Hats: Storm Crow, Swami
    • Jewellery: Halo of Karini, RRG, Endless Walk set, plus general (could also convert stat on F+R).
    • Other: Cindercoat, Nilfur's Boast, Aquila, APD, Strongarm Bracers, Frostburn, Ranslor's Folly, Mantle of Channeling, Jang's Envelopment.
    • Others in Kanai's Cube *only*: The Oculus, The Twisted Sword, Dark Mage's Shade, Fazula's Chain, The Magistrate.

    I also have most DH and general items with Dex on them. And I have nearly all DH and All-Class items in Kanai's Cube (and many of the Wizard items I mention). I can raise any gems quickly with my solo GR68 Demon Hunter (...just two more ranks to go!...).

    So I know I'm missing a few key items (Wand of Woh, for one!), but I figure I must be able to do better than the naive Disintegrate build I have now.

    I'd love to hear suggestions on:

    1. What build would work best for me with what I have now?
    2. What build would be a good initial goal (until I find my Wand of Woh), and which items am I missing for that?
    3. Any other good builds I'm very close to?

    Thanks heaps for any advice.

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    If you'd like me to release a Word version of the Kanai's Cube Checklist that you can fill in electronically (in Word), you can indicate that by voting up this post.

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    I'm honoured to be featured in the news feed. I always hope that people find these kinds of things of use when I create them.

    The maintainer noted that you can always Alt-Tab instead of printing. Personally, I maintain that there's significant value in being able to view this kind of information without needing to leave the game. I guess I'm old-fashioned that way. :)

    BTW: I'm wondering if you'd find it useful to have an editable version (in Word format). I've been printing just at the start of each season, but at the end I then fill in a bunch of ticks in Word. If you'd like this, you can vote by liking my follow-up post, below.

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    If you're finding it hard to keep track of which items are in Kanai's Cube, particularly between classes or between season and non-season, have I got the tool for you: a printable checklist for all items in Kanai's Cube (recently updated for patch 2.4.1).

    Find it at my Diablo 3 Reference Material page

    You'll also find a Town Camper guide for the Sprinter achievement (likely to return next season), which allows even the slowest character to act as Town Camper (and makes mistakes much less likely). No need to print the intro; jump straight to the quest-by-quest table.

    There's a Time Record table for Sprinter, including rough quest-by-quest timings.

    And there's a Keyboard Layout record table (for when the Powers destroy your custom key bindings). I've included both default key bindings and my own favoured set-up -- definitely reduces finger stress.

    If you'd like to help out with suggestions, corrections, or data gathering for bigger projects, please follow the contact links. I'd love to hear from you. I didn't get a lot of traction on the official Diablo forums, but I figure DiabloFans are likely to be more discerning. :)


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