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    posted a message on Season 7 End: October 14, Season 8 start: October 21

    Just how many times can someone create one of 6 classes, to get a new portrait and a pet?


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    posted a message on New Diablo Game Director

    The next Diablo is going to follow the Chinese model of free and tons of microtransactions.

    The days of boxed, buy once, software and gaming is diminishing and Blizzard seems to be focusing more of their game development and properties to transactional business models.

    I believe, personally, that there's as much if not more thought being given to the business model of Diablo 4 as there is to the actual game.

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    posted a message on Best class for t10-t13 speed clears this seasons

    Nothing I've ever played on this game tops a DH for clearing rifts.

    Other builds might do just boss clears faster but DH for when everything on the map absolutely, positively has to die.

    The only thing I've seen come close is explosive build wizards from Season 5.

    Just to note, I've only been playing since season 5 ;).

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    posted a message on How many stash tabs do you need to be "satisfied"

    The number of tabs, as is, limits the amount of classes I believe you can fully play.

    Each class with 4 armor sets and requisite MH, OH or 2x 1H weapons requires almost 2 full pages.

    Since we never know what spec may be FOTM re-gearing it sucks to have to have inventory as a concern.

    Even in WoW with full bank tabs and 28+ slot bags, transmog etc and profession mats I was seemingly pressed for space.

    This problem could be eliminated with 2-3 common tabs and the rest available per character.

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    posted a message on Menagerist Goblin? Where...It's a joke.

    I don't believe the "farm" videos and recommendations at all.

    I've farmed with a friend of mine on them and I think the only place we ever found more than one, or any at all, were Southern/Northern Highlands and Leorics Manor.

    Running bounties I've found 7-10 here and there with no rhyme or reason. The Barracks I've found two, it's not even on the farming lists I've seen. Neither is Westmarch.

    Random is random.

    This is like the people that say they've farmed up 50-100 rainbow goblins.... yeah, uh huh, whatever.

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    posted a message on Menagerist Goblin? Where...It's a joke.


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    posted a message on Legendary Drop Rates are fine?

    I think the drop rates are appropriate.

    99% of oranges and greens become Forgotten Souls and it takes 50 of them to re-roll one normal orange or green you really do need but require the ancient.

    There are still some insanely difficult items to obtain. Yang's Recurve, Wand of Woh, Band of Rue Chambers, Slanderer/Little Rogue just off the top of my head have given me great pains. Meanwhile how many people are running around in one of the 100's of Blackthorn's pieces they've had drop?

    Diablo III is not a special snowflake game like World of Warcraft where someone with Warglaives either is extremely lucky or entirely too persistent. Do you really want to spend 10-60 weeks getting an item/set like that?

    Diablo's end game is all about pushing paragons and GRift levels. I don't care if you're full ancient with 400 Caldessan's on every piece, you may still not be good enough to hit 100's.

    If this game were all about gear and had zero skill I might agree with the principle of drop rates being too high. However playing a zDPS monk and needing health globe bonuses on top of vitality, life per hit, resistance and the like can I tell you how many Hellfire Amulets I've had to make to get on with a useful passive, 3 good stats, health globe bonuses AND ancient?

    The line of good and great pieces is so big that merely having one doesn't equal its usefulness. We've all had items where the "normal" is better than the ancient. Drop rates reflect that fact.

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