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    Sorry, stopped reading after "do not masturbate" I mean who would ever be able to do that?

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    Quote from Ld_Donavynยป

    I guess where I'm getting confused is what a torment is, and how it relates to Greater Rifts.

    I know that there are Nephalem Rifts, and Greater Rifts. Are Torments the level of the Greater Rift?

    Finishing the GR I understand, thanks for pointing that out.

    Torment is the difficulty of your game, which starts at normal and goes all the way up to Torment 13, therefore torments are only important when you're talking about Nephalem Rifts or bounties or stuff besides Greater Rifts, Greater Rifts have their own difficulty, I guess thats what confused you. The difficulty of a GR is the dropdown that you have when starting it.
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    Well there are 2 ways to get into higher GR's:

    1.: Just finish rifts on higher torments (so if you clear a torment 13 rift you will be able to get into GR 60 without having to do 1 single GR, after that you would have to follow way 2)

    2.: Finish the highest GR possible in time to get into higher GR's (finishing gr 11 in 10-15 minutes would allow you to get into 12, being faster than 10 minutes would bump up your highest GR to 13 and being faster than 5 minutest would allow you to get into GR 14, generally spoken: finishing in time means 1 level higher, within 10 minutes means 2 levels higher and within 5 minutes means 3 levels higher)

    Usually you would start farming torment 1-4 and go straight into GR 20+ after that.

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    Is it possible that you are talking about materials instead of real items? This would atleast make sense to me because if you're having all your materials and gems in your inventory you wouldn't even see that you actually picked up materials (because they just stack to the stack you already have in your inventory)

    So in case of that treasure goblin it could have been like that: goblin dropped a yellow item, a blue item, 4 x blue material 2 x yellow material and 2 gems (which is kind of normal to a normal treasure goblin) if you picked up everything you would only see the yellow and the blue item in your inventory because the materials and the gems were just stacked to the stuff you already have.

    It's just a guess though, you should really go and create a short video for us to see whats happening if I'm wrong.

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    just take a look at the "Skills/Effects"-tab on the top of the page :o not sure how much more info you want to have :D

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    As you just started playing you could consider to start a fresh seasonal character. You will get a free set which most likely will help you get your gear. You just need to reach lvl 70, kill Zoltun Kulle on T2 and complete greater rift 20 within 15 minute timeframe.

    If you somehow don't want this boost here is how I do it:

    1. Craft level 70 yellow gear with appropriate stats.

    2. Farm rifts on whatever difficulty I am able to do within 5 minutes. (most likely something between hard and torment 1)

    3. Invest Bloodshards for parts of the gear that are not legendary yet. (the boost from yellow to legendary can be pretty good and this speeds up the farming proccess - investing in rings, amulets and weapons is not a good idea, they are just wayyyy to expensive)

    4. Gamble weapons, rings and set items at Kanai's Cube. (Hope of Cain is the recipe you're looking for)

    5. Go for greater rifts as soon as I have a key for it to get the legendary gems I need.

    6. As soon as I have all items legendary I start investing Bloodshards for set Items.

    It's also really helpful to have a look for a build that you want to play to know which legendaries you can salvage and which you must keep to cube or wear.

    Are you playing US or EU?

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