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    Quote from NoxiousGLHF

    Remove Critical Hit Damage from the game
    Yeah , thats great actually :D I support this idea thats why i didnt include critical hit damage in class specific stat bonuses. It should just stay at 150 - 200% max.
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    Posted this on original forums, maybe someone here would like it too:


    Please explain to me why the old vanilla'ish lvl 60 items with trifecta are way better then 95% of expansion lvl 70 items ? Whats the purpose of expansion then ? (Im not even talking about PTR in which you will never find an upgrade)
    I dont really understand. Ive seen a LOT of players who stream using old trifecta items and cannot find upgrade. And if they find the new items they need to be close to trifecta stats. With the current iteration of RoS Loot 2.0 doesnt stand much chances. You went for raw numbers and raw damage over varying choices. The amount of primary stats (reduced compared to vanilla) backs this statement.
    We definitly need more affixes, more FUN affixes over just numbers. Expand the affix pool and leave the old number of primary affixes on items. Legendary items are a step in right direction with the special affixes. But 99% of legendary items roll terrible stats and arent even worth rerolling at mystic (of course we still talking about players who own trifecta stuff from vanilla). And again im not even talking about legendaries that roll 2 (so stupid!) primary affixes being armor and skill damage for example. That shouldnt happen. Legendaries should be legendary, they should have more affixes then rare items.

    Loot 2.0 is a big step back compared to vanilla. We all play to find NICE loot. And for me nice loot means interesting loot not bigger numbers. I dont understand the nerf to trifecta and items affixes overall. Why not changing some game mechanics to give monsters a way to counter trifecta. Like make some affixes on monsters that enrage them when critically hitted or reflect 50% of critical dmg back to attacker (scaled to character hp) or that spawns something when being critically hit. That would make people chances to rethink they strategy over just stacking 2-3 affixes.
    I remember you saying that with RoS defensive affixes will matter. I have yet to see this. Noone even think about rerolling vit into armor for example, or armor into life per sec, or vit into life on hit. Everyone just look at the number first on the list - damage. You should rework how armor works. Why i cannot make a tanky character who will stand still and facetank like 3 packs of elites (of course sacrificing some damage) and still succeed ? Ok, you kinda can do it with crusader but why not with other classes ?
    Or why its so fricking hard now to get item for example for barb with str + dex if i want more dodge ? This whole loot 2.0 and smart drops actually limit your character and the ways you could go.
    Also you should try reworking the main stats. Like dex/int/vit/str all to give 1 offensive stat and 1 defensive stats depending on the class you play. And that way you could add for items main stat + off stat rolls for smart drops.
    For example for wizard:
    - int - damage / res (its ok like it is now)
    - dex - crit chance / dodge
    - vit - chance for random special effects on hit (bleeding/chilled/frozen/arcane blast/burning) / health
    - str - splash dmg radius and % damage / armor

    For barb:
    - int - chance to enrage on hit (1 stack inreasing dmg by 1% up to 20 stacks) / res
    - dex - life on hit / block and dodge increase but both half value of other classes
    - vit - execute chance (kill a monster that have less then 30% hp) / health
    - str - damage / armor

    For demon hunter:
    - int - damage / res
    - dex - move speed / evasive manouvers on hit (1 stack increasing dodge by 1% up to 20 stacks)
    - vit - health regeneration % based on missing health / health
    - str - chance to do double damage or hit twice per attack / armor

    For witch doctor:
    - int - damage and chance on hit to summon a fetish / res
    - dex - chance to ignore target defense and resistances / chance to be protected with bone shield when taking damage
    - vit - increased pet health and damage / health
    - str - chance to cast poison nova on hit / armor

    If you would make every stat viable for each character that would be soooo cool. What do you guys/gals think ?

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    I could add some constructive things to this topic. I posted them at official forums but the amount of haters and trolls there just bury the good things way too fast.

    I like the ptr 2.0.1 mostly. Its big step further for the 'hated' diablo 3. The class changes are awesome and a couple of more skill tuning would give a very wide choice for builds creatavity. Monster affixes are pretty cool. The game went into faster paced action finally. It just plays way more smooth for me.

    But i have probably 3 issues which are quite big on top of the pluses.

    1- monster density is terrible

    2- lack of higher difficulties makes the game overally too easy

    3- loot 2.0 is a big step back compared to d3 vanilla. low amount of primary affixes, terrible legendary rolls, uninteresting affixes (except legendary ones)

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    This build name is from a streamer called Zisss. Shame on you. Same going for the trick with shrines.
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    I have to agree with Corpsie on this one. Everything comes to the player way to fast in the RoS. Lvling - super fast (isnt really very bad but still way too fast... like 60 - 70 taking 3 hours ...).
    Items - my biggest concern. I didnt really see much legendaries drops on the streams but ...
    1 - legendaries are really powerful and once you find one its hard to find anything to replace it with except another legendary
    2 - so many rares dropping ... like so so so many that once you hit the wall on one difficulty, you going one down and in 30 min you are ready to get back where you were. And with the crazy drop rates increase on torment difficulties i dont see one playing it for even a month to be 'geared' and to still have something to achieve.
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    Most of the news are pretty cool but i dont see a logic in some 'improvements'. Like for example - we gonna have clans but we cannot trade items ...
    We have those legendary items but they are still kinda meh for me (what would fix this would be 2 random legendary affixes per item).
    We have this crusader which is pretty cool but i feel like its a copy paste of monk just with the shield.
    The rest of the news are kinda cool but what will basically kill the game for me would be again ladders working like in diablo 2. NO THANKS.
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    Quote from Molster

    Added info on Free GW2 beta keyz
    cheap way of getting new premium members with the "free" keys ... i just hope there will be any left tomorrow.
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    posted a message on Skipping bosses / quests?
    inferno is only lvl 60. cannot enter before i think.
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    i got this one:

    from a corpse in act 2 some random dungeon.
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    posted a message on Guest Pass Give-a-way
    i would love a guest pass to play at launch time. i have CE preordered and it will come the next day or one after. thanks for opportunity.
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    sorry for saying but i have to write this. hope that constructive criticism will be welcome not punished.
    there are less then 4 days to release and you put this at the main site ... you should be ashemed. and yes i talk about those ugly stupid pictures with totally spoilerish background. this is completly unprofessional. when i look at those pictures at main site at news tagged with spoilers i see spoilers directly... it shouldnt be like that. someone can say there is not much of that but its too much for some people. it really caught attention. as long as the yesterdays news and pictures were unreadable those are totally bullshit.
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    march 15th
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    posted a message on "One of the Chosen" Feat of Strength
    as long as i can understand people position about this achievement being sooo random i have to say on the other hand that i got that beta access by myself winning one of the contest so i feel rewarded for my time i spent in getting into the beta. but well, all those thousands of americans who were randomly selected ... hmmm i dont find it very fair.
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    posted a message on How did you pick your class?
    i picked barb - 90% of time i start with melee.
    but its not like i dont like the others. i was quite surprised that i liked wd and dh in beta. even more then melee monk. but yeah, i hate wizards :P spent too much time in d2 with sorc as it was the most efficient mf char.
    as close to release date i have second thaughts about maybe starting with wd but probably will stay with barbarian. wd is really awesome and has a lot of very different skills (confusion, slows, pets, nice locus swarm mechanic with poisons). the problem with wd is that (even blue stated that) its designed to be pet class and pets make it more superior over fully caster class.
    for now im sticking to barbarian, slashing, flying corpses, awesome sound effects, WW (my favorite skill). what more do i need ? ;)
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    really bad idea for diablo universe. as many of you remember a lot of legendary/unique(d2) items had stats players were chasing. like magefists, those boots with crushing blow (dont remember the name). the unique stats making up for some builds doesnt come and probably wont come again with just highest tier items so basically you can have low "gear score" but you will be better even the number one ...
    also is it safe to use ? the item database is stored at blizzard servers so how they gonna take the information about your character ?
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