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    Literally the only reason I chose to use Corruption for this was because of the artwork....so perhaps they could reassign the artwork to these shoulders but keep their original functionality and apply it to a new pair? OR.....they could just make a more "Hydra friendly" looking pair of shoulders. I personally think this game is missing a serious amount of viable legendary shoulders....I mean especially with what Demonmonger said about the "ignores durability shoulders" like wtf is that Blizzard?

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    Remove from game:

    Penders Purchase


    Skelon’s Deceit


    Blackhand Key

    Gift of Silaria


    Replace Artwork for:

    Avarice Band

    Boots of Disregard

    Insatiable Belt

    Overwhelming Desire

    Talia’s Scales

    (Corruption) Shoulders- Talia’s Corruption

    Wizard Hat- Talia’s Eyes

    (Skelon’s Deceit) Pants- Talia’s Mobility

    (Chaingmail) Chest- Talia’s Underbelly

    (Avarice Band) Ring- Talia’s Tail

    (Penders Purchase) Gloves- Talia’s Venom

    (2) Set: Casting Hydra now casts all Hydras to your side

    (4) Set: Gain 10% damage reduction for every enemy hit by your last Wave of Force for 5 seconds

    (6) Set: For each Hydra you have, the damage of your Primary Skills, Hydra, Wave of Force, Blizzard, Frost Nova, Familiar, and Black Hole is increased by 200%

    Support Items:

    Magistrate- Your Frost Hydra periodically casts Frost Nova

    Ancient Parthan Defenders- Each Stunned enemy within 25 yards reduces your damage taken by 12%

    Halo of Arlyse- Your Ice Armor now reduces damage from melee attacks by 50-60% and automatically casts Frost Nova whenever you take 10% of your Life in damage.

    Tasker and Theo- Increase the attack speed of your pets by 40-50%

    Frostburn- Your Cold skills deal 15-20% more damage and have a 45-50% chance to freeze on hit

    Serpent’s Sparker- You may have one extra Hydra active at a time

    Ring of Royal Grandeur- reduces the number of items needed for set bonuses by 1 (to a minimum of 2).

    New/Revamped Items:

    Heart of Darkness- Frozen enemies deal 50% reduced damage and receive 25-30% increased damage for the duration of the freeze. All freeze effects last double their normal duration.

    (Blackhand Key) Spine of Three Heads- Enemies affected by your Blizzard receive 100-150% more damage from your Hydra.

    (Overwhelming Desire) Red Banded Constrictor- Enemies affected by your Black Hole are immobilized and receive 80-100% more damage from your Hydra for 5 seconds.

    (Insatiable Belt) Talia’s Boa Buckle- Every time your Familiar deals damage, the damage of your Hydra is increased by 15-20%. This effect can stack up to 10 times.

    (Boots of Disregard) Venom Casters- For each Hydra you have active, you receive 6% less damage

    (Gift of Silaria) Talia’s Fang- Your Hydra now casts Arcane Orbs of the same element

    Starfire- Shock Pulse now also casts Hydra

    Starset Orb- For every Hydra you have active, the damage of your Shock Pulse is increased by 100%

    Build Setup (Example):

    Note: This is most definitely not the only option with the gear I have provided as well as items in the game already.

    Diablo Reject’s “Freeze Hydra Freeze” Build

    Helm: Magistrate

    Shoulders: Talia’s Corruption Amulet: Red Banded Constrictor

    Chest: Talia’s Underbelly

    Gloves: Talia’s Venom Bracers: Ancient Parthan Defenders

    Belt: Talia’s Boa Buckle

    Left Ring: Halo of Arlyse Right Ring: Talia’s Tail

    Pants: Talia’s Mobility

    Weapon: Spine of Three Heads Source: Heart of Darkness

    Boots: Venom Casters


    Weapon: Serpent’s Sparker

    Armor: Tasker and Theo

    Jewelry: Ring of Royal Grandeur


    Left Click: Hydra

    No Rune

    Right Click: Blizzard

    Rune: Frozen Solid

    Slot 1: Black Hole

    Rune: Spellsteal

    Slot 2: Wave of Force

    Rune: Debilitating Force

    Slot 3: Familiar

    Rune: Sparkflint OR Icicle

    Note: I’m unsure which would be better; both could be useful.

    Slot 4: Ice Armor

    Rune: Crystalize


    Slot 1: Blur

    Slot 2: Audacity

    Slot 3: Unstable Anomaly

    Slot 4: Cold Blooded

    <iframe width="480" height="360" src="http://s1268.photobucket.com/user/DiabloReject/embed/slideshow/"></iframe>

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