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    posted a message on No PvP-Specific Gear, Wizard Budget Guide - MP10 for Under 1 Million, Blue Posts, Project Blackstone
    Quote from Babu

    No pvp specific gear = pay to win. Kids with daddys visa owning pvp... sooo im going to skip the pvp totally if its that way.
    Quote from XerXcho

    He's right though. Money = win.

    Eeeuuuh nah? People who earned cash trough RMAH and made bnet balance that way , wont spend a euro on gear... They would just spend bnet balance which isnt real money....Ofc there are some exceptions .... but w/e , if thats is keeping u from doin pvp ... KK..
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    posted a message on Positive Monster Affix Ideas (From US Diablo III Forums)
    This idea COULD make me start playing again, ragequitted last week.... im waiting for the 1.0.4 patch which could get me to play again (or these things :) )

    Nice idea's put together! Hope they implement at least some of the ideas!
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    posted a message on D2 or D3 general poll
    D2's trading system..... Does any1 even remember it's trading system from before 1.10 is my question?
    With patch 1.10 and higher, D2jsp came in an ruined the trading system. Before that u used to go in trading channel's and spam ur trade message... Man that used to be fun :D If u spammed to much u got kicked... :)

    What u could also do was create a game with a specific name and trade ur items ingame with people who actually came in your game to trade....

    Diablo 3 is disappointing me more and more every day (in every way)... Hope they fix some things soon :)
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    posted a message on Acts 1 - 4 Inferno Elite Hotspot Guide
    Check this out guys, this will give u a guaranteed elite pack , euh i mean guaranteed some gold :D
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    posted a message on Why ban in (announced) waves?
    Quote from Revelations

    Quote from Sabelrejen
    Today we (hopefully) have few or no active botters left - fingers crossed.

    Nah, there are still plenty of botters left. I frequently read bot forums and there have been reports about people being banned, but there are also plenty of us who have not been banned.
    I haven't been banned yet, while my friend has, and she botted just a tiny bit more than me. I don't sell gold though (neither does she), but I do have 3 lvl 60s and have not been botting for the past few days (new update broke the bot for Windows 8 users).

    And no, my battletag here is not the same as in game. I'm not that stupid.

    you deserve a ban just for saying this as if nothing is wrong with botting....
    I detest people like you
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    posted a message on Radeon HD 5550 or Nvidia GTX 460?
    Why dont u just go for a used video card from some one else (some gamers just want to have the best of the best) Thats how i got my gtx 570 for just 150euro (thats 170-180$?) and i havent regret it for a day :D
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    posted a message on Waiting for D3? make a game!
    Gogo, some one create diablo 3 lite with this gamemaker so i can play that game for a few months until d3 is released :D

    *Edit , played ur game now :) reminded me of an flash game that i used to play online with a helicopter in a infinit tunnel that always became smaller and smaller :D Gj!
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    posted a message on Blizzard Meeting about release date!
    These last few days i've gotten more and more excited about d3!!!!! O_O O_O
    We wants a release date! But i bet it's getting close! :D

    First post ever btw, becuase i cant be silent about this lifechanging event! :D
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