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    posted a message on 9:25am EST -- servers up or down cause...
    To the people trying to be smart: I read the message. However they only give a time estimate. That doesn't mean this is exactly when servers will come up. The server status list should be updated regularly to reflect the actual server status. It's on the Blizzard D3 site, why would it inconsistent?
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 Boredom Poll
    Diablo 3 isn't boring because it isn't Diablo 2. Diablo 3 is boring because it's Diablo 3.

    Edit: lawl my post count.
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    posted a message on Unidentified i63's and top tier items for sale -- PRICE DROP
    Cancelling this due to the exploit allowing players to view stats on items before they ID them. Won't be selling any more unID'd and I assume the market for this will crash very soon.
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    posted a message on Kripp tips @Blizzard
    Kripp basically just ripped his ideas from DAoC, which I really enjoyed as a game, but it's sad to see no originality from him. All the people who think he's such a genius, let's give credit where it's due... These aren't Kripp's ideas.
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    posted a message on Wizards & Crit
    Promoting diversity by limiting options. Seems a bit off to me.

    If you look at what spells don't give AP on crit, you notice that they are mostly Damage over time spells or "focus" spells (focus meaning you have to hold the button to cast them). If this similarity remains true across all of the Wizard DoT/focus spells we can also assume that Energy Twister and Arcane Torrent also won't grant AP on crit. This leaves us with 4 spells that cost AP that can actually return AP on crit: Arcane Orb, Explosive Blast, Wave of Force, and Meteor. I have only seen one of these spells actually used in Inferno by any Wizard -- Arcane Orb.

    These are assumptions, but if this is all true, it shouldn't be this way (imho). Blizzard adds a nice benefit to getting crits on a wizard and then limits it's potential to be useful to only 4 skills. I know it most likely works on Signature spells, but why would you need AP on crit from a sig spell when it's free to cast anyways? It could help regain lost AP, but honestly it seems most worth when you cast an Arcane Orb for 35 AP which crits while having 30 AP on crit.

    Why add a nice feature and benefit to a class and then make it nearly non-beneficial?
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    posted a message on Why do people vote up girls because they're girls?
    Quote from Xago

    sex sells

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    posted a message on Portrait of a champion    
    I really like it. I wish I had the ability to do something like this. Well done!
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    posted a message on One for me. One for you. (Beta key)
    I think I'm doing this right...

    Yea? =P

    Cool, mine's the example!
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    posted a message on Jay Wilson - Skill and Rune Changes
    On rune changes:

    "Our goal with the rune system has always been to provide additional character customization by allowing players to augment or completely alter their skills in new and significant ways. Originally, we tied this in to the itemization system because it felt like a good fit, as Diablo is all about the item drops. But with around 120 base skills, that meant there were around 600 rune variants; on top of that, each variant had five quality levels each, meaning ultimately there would be something like 3,000 different runes in the game… and we knew we were heading toward a problem."

    Great, so now there is really no point to a rune system at all -- why not just remove runes all together and put new skills that work the exact same with the same names as the rune abilities in their place? It would be the exact same thing. Seriously, playing Diablo 3 where your class gets 20-some skills to choose from, each with 5 different extensions to those skills (~100 choices for those who aren't fond of math) is NO DIFFERENT than playing a game with a class that has 100-some skills to choose from...NO DIFFERENT. Granted this still leaves room for a lot of customization on the players part, but this ultimately feeds into people saying "Oh this build is by far the most effective. Let me swap my skills runes so I can match it!" instead of them saying, "Man, I wish I had that rune so I could be that badass!". To me, this is another change that rewards casual gamers...another kick in the teeth for those hardcore or elite types.

    Seems that every time blizzard encounters a problem they take the easy road as of late. Their motto is quickly becoming, "If it presents a problem, dumb it down!"

    To me, the game will still be enjoyable...just less rewarding.

    Edit: Also, this seems to pretty much eliminate the point of using a skill as it were, without any rune. Why not just take those skills out and just use the 80-90 remaining "skill runes" as the skills to choose from? Makes sense, right?
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    posted a message on Did you notice the 'soon'??
    After so many years, the word "soon" can be a very long time.
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