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    And also, when Season ends, everyone becomes Non-Season Players, so stop moaning cause it's our right to be compete. We will be NS Players too, remember.

    They why have 2 separate leaderboards smart@ss?

    Here comes the smart answer D-ass, repeat, again. There are ppl enjoying the fresh start. And fresh means everything will be started from the scratch so therefore 2 separate leaderboards.
    A gaps between 2 seasons and the merger of seasonal and ns players is to let seasonal players can reflect the progression they've made throughout the season, such as the improvement they've stacked on the long-term character and , the comparison between them and other long-term players. Seasonal now no longer offer special items or legendary gems, hence there is no reasons to hold ssl players from competing in the waiting period since we have no privileges and only the minority of seasonal base are able to get in leaderboard.

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    Me and my 2's partner were rank 118 as of last night. Now we're 99. It pays to be a legit gamer up in this hizzy. :Thumbs Up:

    Same here LoL Coincidently My dream has come true :))=))
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