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    posted a message on Refuses to make offline version; justifies "pay-to-win" model to fund server costs.
    Quote from Adon

    What did they do right? What did they do that is worthy of the Diablo franchise name?
    This attitude you have is forcing me to reply. D3 is a good AAA game ARPG. Among the best out there currently. It has the potential to be great depending on patches and expansions.

    Many might disagree with some design decisions made, but the end result is a fun game and in the spirit of the diablo franchise. No other game since D2 has even come close. They are not perfect, especially since this is a completely new group, new classes, new engine, new design concepts, they have made some mis-steps but nothing that they are not addressing currently.

    If you're so narrow minded to even ask "What did they do right" then sadly my opinion of your intelligence and maturity is vastly diminished. Not that in your immaturity would care.

    In fact if D3 is such a mess to you, do us all a favor and find another game. Spare us your presence in these forums.
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    Quote from ruksak

    I really don't have issue with someone wanting a refund after a few weeks (65+ hours) of play. The intention of a game like D3 is that it gets hundreds of hours of play over many years, and to understand whether or not you will enjoy it in this capacity, you would need to play it for at least 60ish hours to know for sure.

    There is no basis for invoking a moral stand against what he did.

    No where is any advert does it say that Diablo 3 will give you hundreds of hours of play. Just like some people play Civilization for 1 campaign and some play it constantly for hundreds of hours. Just like Skyrim, some played 20-30 hours enjoyed it and moved on and I know many have sunk 500+ hours into it. Diablo 3 is just like any other game and the number of hours you play it is dependent on your enjoyment of the game.

    You spent 65 hours playing a game, want a refund and you don't think it is a moral issue? Of course it is. All gamers are disappointed by a game some where along the way. You accept it and handle it in a responsible and mature method.

    I stand by my opinion, (and it is an opinion not an attack). The OP is a douche with no morals.
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    Quote from Ghost_Sanguis

    I disagree. I found some of my best items through boss runs, rarely through trade. The only time I started to just trade is when the dreaded body popper took all my stuff when I joined the game and I was too frustrated to go through that process again. Now, people did find nice stuff through trades, but it's so much easier now. In fact it's so easy that it's why many of us are already at inferno. If I hadn't used the AH, I'd still have a terrible weapon and armor, and I'd have a lot more difficulty playing through hell.
    Look your argument about the ease of the game essentially boils down to you used the AH to get good items.

    The game is just as hard or harder than D2 even on nightmare if you only had to rely on just finding better drops yourself. They have given you an option, you don't have to use it, or you can choose to use it sparingly. It is your choice. If your D2 character was fulled decked out as well, the game would be just as easy.

    They have chosen to allow more people access to higher levels of the game using the AH. Why is that bad? For the really hard core, you have a choice and can also choose to play hardcore mode. And Inferno is by no means a cakewalk even with great gear.

    I simply don't understand people complaining about the game being too easy because of the AH. Not having the AH in D3 would have been a HUGE HUGE HUGE mistake. Say what you will, but there would be a huge outcry for Blizzard to implement an AH and it would be in the game several months later anyway. This is 2012, a game like diablo 3 not having an AH would be ridiculous. The RMAH is a still a bone of contention to many but the Gold AH to my mind a required feature. No one in 2012 wants to look up forum posts just to look for a trade, and if you do want that, then you're stuck in a time warp.

    So the only other option is to tune the game for people using the AH? Meaning if you choose not to play the AH game you would literally be unable to progress. So please tell me the options you're thinking about.

    Times change, Games evolve, gamers expectations change. If diablo 2 had been released with an AH, it would have faced the same growing pains that D3 is facing now.
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    posted a message on "One of the Chosen" Feat of Strength
    Quote from necro2607

    Man, I'm going to be totally honest here because I think a dash of honesty might open some eyes. I find it totally disheartening and pretty depressing how so many people are dishing out personal attacks and insults towards people who aren't happy with the whole FoS/sigil thing. This kind of crap really reminds me why I rarely post on forums.

    Seriously, I want to have some real discussion but nearly every response I receive is some kind of insult or attack. I don't see why I'll ever post here again when this is the way people are treated here. I'm here to have a discussion - whether right or wrong, whether we agree or not. I didn't come here to have people tell me I'm "mentally deficient" or to "get the stick out of my ass" or "stop bitching like a 5 year old for christ's sake". What an unbelievably worthless excuse for a "discussion".

    Edit: I'm not even exaggerating, I'm now going to bed in a totally shitty mood because I thought I'd have some genuine debate/discussion about this issue but all I got was a bunch of people totally shitting on me and plenty of others. Thanks, I really appreciate it.

    WOW. I don't want to make personal attacks or demean you and I've only read the posts on the first few pages and this page. But wow. The only thing that comes to my mind is how old are you?

    If you're in your late 20's or older and are holding a steady job supporting yourself and perhaps a family, then you sound really immature. You're telling me that in life you've never encountered lucky bastards who won something while you didn't ? (eg. Winning a lottery or game giveaway) never encountered a situation where you weren't picked for a group either social or sports or otherwise? Where there was a gift/toy/item that you really wanted but so did everyone else and you had to wait a few months? (Eg. iPad launch) When investing in the stock market or your 401k, and how some people who picked stocks which skyrocketed in value despite the market and your portfolio going down?

    Blizzard using whatever algorithmic formula they used picked Random people for Diablo 3 closed beta. It was completely luck of the draw. They now want to give those people a Feat of Strength which gives a sigil banner unlock. There are going to be tens of dozens of sigil unlocks just from gameplay. One more isn't going to make a difference to anyone in the grand scheme of things.

    Also you made a comment about special Dye + Wings in a previous post that you're losing out on? Anyone buying a collector's edition get's this. You just needed to have 2 criteria. (1) Shell out the cash for a CE D3 box (2) Had been a devoted fan of diablo (or luck) and pre-ordered a box. I can only assume by your post number that you're new to diablofans.com so either you were on another diablo fan site or you are only a casual fan of the game. Some of us have literally been following this game for years and were just waiting for the CE to be available. That's why it sold out in less than a day when initially offered.

    Back to my main point, if you're in your late 20's or older and are crying out at the unfairness of people getting a feat of strength, you have bigger issues that a game. If you're not yet in your late 20's and are and are crying out at the unfairness of this, then its a life lesson. One of many you will encounter, so deal with it, see a shrink, find an outlet, whatever. Otherwise you'll find yourself in a whole heap of trouble in a few more years.

    You don't want real discussion because this is a non-issue to a rational mature adult. And this sounds bad but Shit Happens, get over it.
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    posted a message on No spell is useless. Its just very different from D2
    Quote from Antirepublican
    I am the one they are primarily directing these attacks to as I often question the worth of many skills. So I know first hand just how stubborn these fanboys are. Numbers and facts mean nothing to them...

    So Good luck Ruppgu.

    The point here is that the choice of weather a skill is crap differs from Person to Person. There are folks like Antirepublican who use purely math to calculate if skills are good or not. But his analysis does ignore other aspects of the spell as Glitterpony mentioned (positioning, timing, secondary effects, area of effect, personal preference, etc).

    It is easy to call people fanboys and argue purely based on math. But you have to know that not everyone is using that logic. If people decide to use Energy Twister or Meteor in their builds and are finding it fun and not having issues, it doesn't mean it is a bad build.

    So they take 25% longer to complete a certain Act, there are so many variables such as equipment used, numbers of monsters faced, random dungeons all of which contribute to the timing of finishing an act. Even builds between classes affect timings, a build focused on kiting would take longer than a build focused on direct damage.

    I have no issue with People disliking and dismissing skills, its pure personal choice. I'm not necessarily disagreeing that some skills definitely need buffs/balancing changes from Blizzard. But to flat out say that a spell is completely useless based on math that many people have punctured in terms of logic, and acting like it is a black and white issue is just the sign of a closed mind.
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    posted a message on No spell is useless. Its just very different from D2
    There are a lot of threads about Hydra or Meteor or Blizzard being useless. This is not true. Everyone seems to be comparing these skills to their D2 counterparts which is completely crazy!!!!
    • Mana Pots were free flowing in D2. So not the case in D3.
    • All these spells were your main attack spells in D2 (esp with synergies), but in D3, most of these spells are not meant as main attacks. (Not to say we can't try to make them our main attacks but you're not meant to have a Meteor Sorceress as in D2)
    Again I want to stress, the 3rd or 4th category of skills for each class were never designed to be your main attack, potentially with lots of very specific gear and gems we could potentially chain cast these spells non stop, but that's a conscious build and effort on your part.

    Unlike Diablo 2 where if you decided you wanted a Hydra build, you would pump 20 points into it, then the synergies and probably use it 90% of the time (before the nerf). Heck with a Freezing Orb sorceress, it was essentially the only spell I cast 95% of the time. Those spells were designed to be your main attack.

    And this applies to the other classes as well. I would love to have Exploding Palm as my main monk attack (as it was in 2008 Blizzcon demo). But the current design does not support this. For the Witch Doctor, Chain Casting Acid Cloud seems like an awesome build except it costs 172 mana per cast. For the Demon Hunter, tell me no one thought that chain casting Fan of Knives was an awesome idea! In early beta it was available early on but did crap dmg, now the dmg looks awesome, too bad they added a cooldown.

    So just saying that we need to look at Diablo 3 skills as they currently are and the way they are designed (at least at launch), and stop focusing on how similar skills worked in Diablo 2.

    FORCE (Wizard)

    Exploding Palm
    Sweeping Wind

    DECAY (Witch Doctor)
    Zombie Charger
    Acid Cloud
    Spirit Barrage

    DEVICES (Demon Hunter)
    Fan of Knives
    Spike Trap

    MIGHT (Barbarian)
    - Very different skills which don't quite compare
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    posted a message on Without Ladder Resets, D3 Replayability is Doomed.
    1 Lack of ladder Resets.
    - You do realize that D2 was chugging along for about 3+ years before the concept of Ladders came into play correct? The first ladder reset was Oct 2003. Diablo 2 was released June 2000. Part of the main reason was because the Blizzard that developed Diablo 2 and LOD were no longer intact. Its the whole Blizzard North and Blizzard East thing. Bottonline, no true detailed code changes could be done because the original team was no more. So the problem of item duping and balancing and future support of D2 was all done via home grown solutions. Moreover this was by then at least a 3-4 year old game, in game years it was ancient.

    - It has been over 12 years since then. Blizzard now has a lot more manpower and expertise and $$$$ to prevent things like item duping. Not to mention every account is tied to a Blizzard account which makes banning very much easier. And the added RMAH is even more incentive to put contingencies in place, non of which will be shared with us until it needs to be.

    - Blizzard is well aware of all the issues with Diablo 2. If you don't think they have spent a huge bunch of money researching this and preventing duping and such issues from occuring, I think you're very deluded.

    - Will there still be botting or duping etc etc etc. Very likely, you can't ever prevent it 100% but the minute it becomes "popular", it will be banned. And as I said, the company knows with RMAH they have to have contingencies in place for any number of situations or face lawsuits.

    2. RMAH.
    - Please don't hate the RMAH. You might not like it but many many of us do want it in the game. And many of us see it as a good way for Blizzard to protect its users from fraud.

    - Your main concern here is that in 1 year, uber item #1 which drops only once for every million games will now have dropped 100,000 times so in theory 100,000 such items exist. its a GLUT!

    - First oof let's have the game go live first. This is an economy problem which might/might not be an issue and we will need to see what happens. And you can and will need to break items down for components, this is a very new game system.

    3- Lack of new content.
    - Please reference the URL that you read this from. Otherwise this is rumor only. I think I follow D3 pretty closely and don't recall Blizzard ever saying there would be no new content.

    - Also let's be clear on new content. If you want new areas, new mobs, new levels, you're most probably not going to get it. This is not a monthly payment game, nor does it have a cash shop. This is an online only solo/co-op game. Pay for it once and play for a long time to come. Expect to get what you pay for.

    But chances of more gems being added, of more items or more item affixes, of the Mystic being re-added, those are fully possible. Also a lot of us are sure there will be at least 2 expansions. The only thing preventing this is if the game does not sell well (which I doubt will happen). After that... we'll see.

    Your Concerns:
    1 The whole reason you could get a full Hammerdin in the best equipment off ebay was becuase almost all those items were dupped. In reality, these items are very hard to find. I myslef have played D2 many many times over the years and only ever found 2 Stones of Jordans. So people who used it as the currency of trading were mostly all using dups. Which we have already said should not happen or will be very much harder in D3.

    2 No racing, no "be the best" experiences. Uhhhh.. sorry I never did this and so cannot comment also does not sound like my method of play. Additionally, in D2 items could only be sold for gold. In D3 you can and need to break them down for higher level crafting components. Yes this includes breaking down Legendaries for higher level crafting items. How it will all work out? Only time will tell so please have a little faith.

    3 You would not sell any and everything just for the heck of it, although each account will have X number of free transactions a week so only farmers (chinese or otherwise) would run into problems with this limit. You would rather buy a better item or break down your current item for components rather than pay the listing fee. This is a good thing. This means only the really valuable items or components will be on sale on the AH. The economy will work itself out and decide.

    And not to sound like a broken record but people constantly talk about the perfect gear required for certain builds. Those items did NOT drop very often. Again many people who got those items and consistently reached level 90+ were all using bots. Which should now be more difficult.

    Bots. With a Blizzard account being required, you now need a separate account for each game. In D2 you could use 1 game code, create 100's of users names and create 100's of games all with 1 game code. No Longer. So those farmers will need to purchase 100's of legitimate D3 games and create legitimate bliizard accounts to do this. Which is no different than if 100's of persons buying a copy of D3 and playing hours on end.

    I don't see an issue with the longevity and replayability of Diablo3 for myself and a great portion of the gaming population. But if you are expecting a game to last another 10 years based on your $60 investment... that might be pushing it a bit. Diablo 2 (and WOW) are perhaps the only games that I can think of that I played over and over again through the years. But then I'm always after the new shiny.

    I'm not totally dismissing your concerns. It might be that a ladder reset might be needed in the future, but until we find such a need, I think this is very very pre-mature. Also I think there are better ways to fix the issues than with a ladder reset which was in itself a stop gap solution.
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    posted a message on New Diablo 3 development philosophy.
    Quote from Torrak

    Quote from Kodachii

    Blizz just needs to not announce games 4 years ahead of release date, and miss "intended" dates by up to a year....
    Sometimes, it makes you wish Blizzard was less successful and had less $$$ and had someone breathing down their necks to get the thing out!

    I totally disagree. Blizzard is one of the only Game Companies where I can depend on to deliver a solid game and most times very very addicting. Take Starcraft 2, it has been forever since I bought a strategy game. Most either lack innovation or are just too complex for non stratefy gamers to get into. Starcraft 2 comes along and I loved it! Although I played through the campaign and
    never touched it after that (cos I'm not a PvP or strategy fan) it was an awesome game experience.

    I want D3 (And every game Blizzard produces) to have that same blizzard magic. This means their developing method of reiterating game play elements and discarding them even at late stages should be continued. Sure we have to wait but... we KNOW it will be awesome. Unlike other developers where its a hit or miss.
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    posted a message on Another thoughts on beta review
    I know others have already done this but having just got into the beta, I know that if I had not, I would love to get yet another opinion of what someone felt about the game.

    I'll preface this by saying that I only just got into the beta last Tuesday although I was aware of the various changes to the patches to beta, this is the first time I've gotten my hands of the game. I completed the beta on all 5 classes and got about level 7-9 without grinding when I fought Leroic. Here are some of my thoughts, and note that these are my opinions only and may not coincide with yours.

    Demon hunter
    I played this class first because of all the not so stella feedback I had heard (this was pre Hatred Generation). I Loved the demon hunter. Everytime she fires off her hand crossbows using some skills there's a "gunshot" sound and it almost feels like holding the Xbox vibrating controller, you feel the impact every time you fire which is almost always. The Barbarian does this too.

    I loved the playstyle, and the skills Hungering Arrow and Evasive Fire are amazing, especially Hungering Arrow with its Pierce ability which will actually hit the next closest target, not like Pierce in D2 which only travelled in a straight line. The Hatred Spenders are also amazing, "Rapid Fire" acts like a machine gun and is excellent for Champions and Elites.

    I'll admit that until you get a good high damage hand crossbow, the demon hunter is going to feel weak. But once your dps get's up there, there's no stopping her. Not too impressed with the Discipline skills yet, it drains too fast and in normal Act 1 I didn't see much of a need for it.

    Over all very happy with this class. And will probably be my top 2 picks.

    Witch Doctor
    This was another good class. Although I'm not sure why you would pick the Physical realm skills over the Spirit realm due to the difference in mana costs. I do remember Haunt in a previous version being limited to 3 castings at a time? But in this current build, you can Spam Haunt and it will do significant damage and is only 1/2 the cost of Poison dart. Zombie dogs are also awesome, and with the number of health globes, they almost never die. (Of course this is only Normal Act 1)

    With Grasp of the Dead, Haunt, Zombie Dogs, you don't need much more. I never ran out of mana except when I used Firebats which is probably a lot more useful later on. And Plague of Toads is awesome, but because of the higher mana requirements, I'd stick with Haunt for lower levels.

    I am not a melee person, but even I have to admit there's something awesome about wading into loads of monsters and smashing them. Cleave, Hammer of the Ancents, Ground Stomp were my 3 skills of choice. This was the only class where I did pop a health potion when fighting the Skeleton King. Also, there's a barbarian specific item property which gives you life back when you do damage, very very useful.

    As I mentioned, the barbarian and Demon Hunter are the only 2 classes where each attack feels ... solid, as if you're getting feedback from a console controller. It really helps make the class feel special and real.

    Overall very impressed and surprized with the barbarian, I actually found a melee class I like and will probably play.

    I'm on the fence with the monk. Don't get me wrong, its a fun class, but compared to the other 4 classes, I'm not sure how well it holds up (then again it could be a personal playstyle issue).

    The spirit generator skills are awesome and amazing. I was less impressed with the spirit spender skills or the mantras. I do admit that I need more time with this class, getting a twinked character to the Skeleton King is not hard at all so I mostly used Deadly Reach, Crippling Wave and lashing Tail Kick.

    Unlike the other classes, the Monk feels like he's got more defensive/utility skills which are not required in Act 1. So only time will tell.

    Ahh the wizard. I have alway and will always be a wizard at heart. I also love the magic missile spell. So its with reluctance that I admit that until you reach level 6 and get Arcane Orb, Magic Missile does not hold up to the other class starting skills. Its just a little lackluster. It kills just fine, but in terms of making you feel all powerful and awesome... not really.

    However, once you get skills like Electrify and Arcane Orb, say hello to an awesome awesome class. I will also say that of all the 1-H weapons I used, the highest dps I found was Wand + Orb. For some reason the + dmg with Orb really really helps and the 1.4 weapon speed for wands is great.

    Weapon Speed
    I was very skeptial about weapon speeds. I saw numbers like 1.2 / 1.3 / 1.4 / 1.46. It seemed really minor. But in gameplay, there is a noticible difference for classes like the Wizard. I spam casted Magic Missile using a 1.2 high dps weapon vs a 1.4 Wand. Talk about noticiple difference. Trust me, as depending on the spells you pick, weapons speed matters and spells like magic missle will defintely require a Wand/Orb vs a slow high dps 2 handed weapon.

    After completing the Skeleton King on all 5 character, I joined co-op games. I love it. Obviously everyone in beta tends to favor running only the final Lich Kind quest. And it really works, its fun and its fast. Even if 1 character get's to the King first, there's a check for all players in the game to start doing the lich king event. This basically means, no one is going to miss killing a boss just cos he's slow or sightseeing.

    The only down side? Lag. Lag. Lag. I had a witch doctor with his hounds, a Sorceress using disintegrate, a Demon Hunter and myself. all 4 persons in the same screen, all spamming their highest powered skills ... we're talking huge lags. Still playable, it was not quite a slide show but definately noticible. I'm hoping it is because this is a beta and their servers/infrastructure are not all setup yet.

    In D2, I was a loner. I hated multiplayer cos of kill steals, constant message spams, and sudden duels. I'm very happy to say, co-op was a dream in D3. You'll probabaly want to do the initial run thru solo but after that, co-op really is fun.

    For anyone who thinks Crafting is a joke like it is in most other games, prepare to be amazed. Crafting gave the most powerful weapons and armor. You WILL be doing crafting and it WILL benefit you. For example, the Demon Hunter while fun was taking way too long to kill foes. So I hopped on other characters, finally got the ability to craft Apprentice hand Crossbows and viola! 2 hand crossbows that had over 10.4 dps.

    Drop Rates of Pages of Turning
    I would not worry about it. On my first character I dispaired of ever finding 5 to turn into a book. By my 4th character I had almost leveled the blacksmith 5 times. It might be a little much now, but remember you'll also unlock the Jeweler and Mystic in the full game.

    I have no issues with gold drops right now. In fact in normal I think the drop rate for gold is just fine. After completing all 5 classes I expanded my stash 4 times, and trained my Blacksmith 5 times, crafted quite a few weapons/armor for all my classes. I was wanting more money, the next stash tab is 10k and I had run out of crafting materials and only had 1kg left.

    This game is as good as I think we all expect it to be. The only reason I'm not playing the game 24/7 is cos also got into SWTOR beta and I don't want to burn out on D3 beta just yet. Hope this was helpful to someone.
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    posted a message on No Mod Support for Diablo 3
    Quote from Harison07

    Yes its an opinion of MAJORITY of serious gamers that mods make Blizzard's games better and more enjoyable. Because standard UI, spam filter (if there will be one in D3), etc. are inferior to communities endeavors (never seen an evidence to the contrary, in any Blizz game), and only fanboys cant see that. Same as your suggestion that if anyone dares to criticize your Blizzard's gods, shouldnt buy the game at all ;)

    Uhhh... MAJORITY of serious gamers? Sorry but there are a lot of gamers, serious gamers who don't use mods or prefer to use as few mods as possible partially be its too much trouble or we prefer to play the game as developers intended.

    If you are able to mod D3 without the developers putting in any tools or effort to make data readable to you. I say go for it, more power to you. But in no way should they spend any time or effort supporting modders because it has no direct benefit for them and its not their vision of the game.

    And if after you make the mod and intend to share it with others, just know you run the risk of being sued, and/or having your battlenet account terminated because of cheating. If you're ok with that, more power to you and your mods.
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