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    What Shiniku said.

    Normal was only meant for up till level 30 with the assumption that your gear isn't great. I myself finished up Normal at lvl 32 as well. And was using the AH gear, that final battle was a bitch for me. You will probably have a much easier time with your current DPS.

    But please don't start bashing Blizzard for something that is working as intended, especially since you don't seem to grasp the game design of the various modes.

    PS. with over 1k dps, you're good through Act 2 of Nightmare. I would highly recommend co-op to make things harder. In theory co-op makes things easier but having champions/elites with over 300-400% hp really makes it a lot tougher.
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    Quote from Maxyim

    Quote from emyln
    [I don't like disintegrate]


    1 caveat to that. I like having Archon as a skill and that uses an uber disintegrate. But the actual skill? Nah, I prefer Blizzard and recently discovered the Joys of Ray of Frost (Sleet Storm) in fact that's my new fave mana draining spell.
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    I used a slightly different variation.
    - Piercing Orb for Signature (Switching to Lighting Blast at Lvl 36)
    - Blizzard - grasping chill [I don't like disintegrate]
    - Lighting Hydra just its slightly more dmg although not AoE


    Biggest deal I've found is to upgrade your equipment for both HP and DPS. Makes a HUGE difference.
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    What's your DPS if you don't mind me asking? lvl 36 in Act 1 and I only have about 1.9k hp and about 799dps with magic weapon (force) on) so need to find a balance somewhere.
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    People seem to think that just because they don't use a specific ability that no one else does. And some don't shine till later levels

    Exploding Blast is actually good for a melee Wiz build. Every 6 sec, have a 292% dmg spell. Does require you to remember to use it though.

    I LOVE Blizzard. It was great in Normal and especially useful in Nightmare. Drop a Hydra and Blizzard on mobs and then spam signatures till they die.

    Meteor was much less useful in normal mode, but in Nightmare and especially in co-op where the monsters don't die in 2 secs, it actually does a lot of damage.

    Archon is almost a must in Nightmare for me to finish off Elite and Champion packs, couple it with Diamond Skin and you've got a winning combo.

    The spells I tend to not use is any channeling spells. I move about way too much to just stand and channel unless I have diamond skin on.
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    posted a message on Wizard Ability Information Compilation?
    In Game, go to options and turn on Advanced Tooltip
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    posted a message on Current level and DPS for wizards?
    Level 19 - 80 dps

    Been using more magic find and xp gain items just cos. But not having much problems killing stuff.
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    Quote from tiiko3

    Anyone else feel like the wizard is too weak and the barbarian too strong? i am dying heaps in normal with wizard.

    Edit: also wands seem useless compared to swords.

    You need to provide more info than just a general Wizard dps is weak. I'm playing wizard and I'm having no problems. Gear and skills/playstyle plays a lot into this as well.

    Also if you're using a Wand, you NEED to also have an off-hand Orb/book.

    My wizard is not having problems in Act 2, if anything it almost feels too powerful. Even elites/champions are fine. In no way does the wizard feel underpowered. This is my current build.

    Also those that said Energy Twister was useless, man are you playing it wrong. Being Melee, it is an awesome spell to use as the mobs are coming to you and when you have a whole group in front of you. The kicker here is that the wizard's AP regens very fast.
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    Quote from Drstrong

    It isn't nostalgia, I guess I was just expecting Blizzard to do something that hasn't done before. Blizzard, along with Valve, are probably the two most innovative developers out there. Diablo was innovative, Diablo 2 upped the ante for the genre, then Diablo 3 is a rehash of endless Diablo 2 wannabes.

    Titan Quest Immortal Throne has better graphics than Diablo 3.

    Dude, no clue if you're a troll or honestly just very new to the discussion.

    Every single ARPG out there that has you dump attribute points is essentially an illusion of choice. Same goes with the selection of skills down a tree. It is all an illusion of choice.

    It took Blizzard a long time to come to that conclusion and months of discussion on forums for many people to finally realise this. So take a step back and think.

    Let's use Titan's Quest and Diablo 2 as examples.

    - Attributes when you boil down to it, every serious gamer eventually placed attributes into the same spot. There was no variation or at best only a handful of variations. (In D2 everyone put points into Str/Dex to equip their dream items, and then the rest into Life)

    Sure you could be a mavrick, but you could also gimp your character for harder modes. Hence the illusion of choice

    - Skills. Diablo 3 hands down has THE MOST SKILLS (runes included) of any other ARPG out there. If you disagree please give examples of any other game with more skills. None of the class skills overlap, each have their own animations, and while some runes are merely extensions of the original skill, many change the way the skill works completely. And that's all excluding the passives.

    In Diablo 2 and Titan's Quest, you had to scrap characters and start a new char to experience a new set of skills. You might call it the fun of the game, but in reality, (and since you said yourself you have a life) you're not going to be one of those who creates 40 wizards just to experience every single skill.

    Let's also not forget, in D2 if you wanted to be a Frozen orb sorceress, that meant saving all your points till level 30 and putting them into 3-5 skills only. This was seriously not fun when leveling. And only truly got fun at about level 40+. This was great design in 2000, and everyone followed it. But not great game design for 2012 if you ask me

    Hence, in Diablo 3, pick whatever skill combo you want. All skills are available at lvl30, all Runes at level 60. Makes leveling up super fun, I've been experimenting like a banshee on all the skills/runes.

    And when you hit level 60, there is a buff that increases magic find for killing elites/champions that stacks. If you switch your skills about, that buff goes away. Its a good mechanic for wanting you to stay with a certain build at least for each game session.

    With Diablo 3, you have a developer that actually sat down and thought what can I do to really improve the game. To make it more fun. Everyone else was following a formula that Diablo 2 created 23 years ago, making it the default this is the way skill building should be.

    So bottomline is what you truly want is a fun game. But you are stuck in nostalgia. Or at least stuck with the pre-conceptions of how skills / attributes etc truly work. Time to think outside the box.

    PS. That old design might still be fun (eg. Torchlight 2), not sure as I've not played TL2 yet. But that does not mean it is the only way to go. Play Diablo 3 till level 60, then make a decision. Most of us have had several months to get used to the idea of this new design decision and honestly I don't want to go back.
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    posted a message on A question of CE
    All Blizzard's CE's are limited. And there was a blue post stating this a few weeks back, too much trouble to look it up.

    For Wow Cataclysm & Wrath CE's they initially printed a huge amount of boxes hence the lack of shortage. But the original & 1 expansion CE's were indeed very limited and were scarce even before launch, just like Diablo 3.
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    posted a message on Is Hydra useless?
    That's certainly good news. And it completely disproves all the naysayers who looked purely at numbers and made summary decisions that were completely off base.

    I'm only lvl 14 now but I can't wait till I get Hydra. I want it so bad.
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    posted a message on anyone got rage @ amazon?
    Nope no problems with Amazon here.

    Pre-ordered it Oct 22nd. And since I have Amazon Prime it was upgraded to release day shipping free automatically. I have my UPS shipping number now.

    I know many others called up Amazon the past 2-3 weeks to confirm that it was upgraded to release day shipping. Did you call or at least check your order before this weekend?
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    posted a message on Golds Value in Diablo 3
    Quote from RushingRiot

    Yea but I didn't even farm in the beta. Just did a play through. Gold is perfectly done, In my opinion

    You might have been in a previous beta version. On the latest beta build at about lvl 8, after killing the skeleton King the 1st time, a typical player would not even have the 10k required to buy an extra inventory slot. It took me 2-3 skeleton king runs to amass the 10k required for my 1st inventory slot. So gold (at least initially) is going to be an issue. And if you plan on crafting with your first character, you'll need to either farm or not spend on anything.
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    posted a message on Are these new affixes even possible? [Spoilers]
    Yes it is serious. You did see how many HP monsters in Hell and Inferno had right?

    In Hell Act 1 - 12k-21k hp for normal mobs (Assuming this is a sample monster) and by Hell Act 4 - 54k-76k hp.
    So ya, if you choose to max crit damage, 450% sounds about right. And you'll be especially good against champion & elite packs.

    Aranchnid Horror (appears in Act I)
    Hell: lv.52, 12k-21k HP damage per hit: 4097
    Inferno: lv.61, 49-81k HP damage per hit: 18k (!)

    Armaddon (appears in Act IV)
    Hell: lv.60, 54k-76k HP damage per hit: 14k
    Inferno: lv.63, 306-428k HP damage per hit: 170k (!)
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    posted a message on Would you consider quitting D3,
    No Subscriptions fees for Diablo 3. No character wipes for Diablo 3.

    There's nothing to give up. Delete the game when you're bored, install it 10 year later and carry on from where you left off.
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