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    posted a message on Critical Feedback - Why aren't I having fun?
    Methods of Player Reward

    Disagree completely. How is this different from actually trading in D2? The ease of use is a much needed boost. With this new method, many more people will now have access to Hell and Inferno. I'll be perfectly honest and say that I would have eventually made it to Hell, but it would have taken weeks upon weeks.

    You don't have to use the AH if you crave a challenge just like in D2. You can farm and farm and farm till you get better loot. But that's a slow painful method and reduces the number of people making it to the higher difficulity modes.

    Lack of exploration

    Good point. And I do agree on this.

    Lack of community

    The community in D2 was the absolute pits. People joining in and going hostile on you, spammers/bots jumping in spamming then leaving. etc. Joining a group in D3 is so much easier and smooth. At least till end of nightmare.

    Once you get into Hell/Inferno, it really helps to have a regular group to with because random players seem to join games and do nothing or are under geared.

    Being able to create and name your games in D2 was nice in theory but I'll take the current matching system D3 has and join an external group to get a D3 play group going.
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    1 more thing to fix is the affixes. There are quite a number out there which are completely useless as far as I can tell. And Legendary Affixes are kinda lack luster as well.

    But whatever they do, DON'T TOUCH GAMEPLAY. It is so damn addictive and awesome right now. Any better and I might start missing work, and worse and I'll be a sad panda.
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    posted a message on I love Diablo 3
    Put me down as another person loving this game.

    65 hours on my Wizard and in Hell Act 2 and got a Monk at 32. Going slow and steady, savoring the content and just doing nothing but D3. Sure it's not perfect, but as a launch game it is awesome. Not even close to done with the game yet.

    Will my interest lag before the expansion? Probably, but its been a long while since I HAD to play 30mins of a game before leaving for work in the mornings. And I've done it for 2 straight weeks.
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    Yep. When using force weapon, take your weapon dps only. increase it by 15% then add in Int bonus and attack speed bonus. Remember that at higher levels most of your character dps comes from bonus Int and attack speed, which in turn are based off weapon dps
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    posted a message on The endgame in Diablo 3 is pathetic, and disapointing
    Quote from SFJake


    Everytime I use it as an example of what I found to be a nice incentive, JUST AS AN EXAMPLE, people bash me for it. And oh my gosh, it was so hard to add and was added years later. Obviously Diablo 3 could NOT have any such thing early on because of that.

    I can't take you seriously.
    Right back at you. I can't take you seriously at all. You must imagine that games just magically become instant hits. That taking a much loved franchise and making a 3rd sequel must be so easy.

    You obviously have not put any thought into the amount of work it took to redo D3's skill system 3 times to get where we are, to ensure different animations for all skills, to develop an entire system of affixes, to ensure gameplay is fun, to build a completely new game engine, and on top of everything else to ensure that it remains true to diablo fans.

    Nope. To you having a previous game and making a new sequel is an instant snap. It should be everything D3 is now, + have all the previous additions to Diablo 2's content + have all items and affixes be 100% perfect + have absolutely no technical issues. Must be nice to live in your world of instant gratification.
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    posted a message on Why Diablo 3 will not last as long as Diablo 2.
    Quote from Theungry

    I also think if internet forums existed the same way in '00 that they do today, Diablo 2 would have been ripped to shreds in week 1 by the fanbase. Time will have a lot to say on whether or not D3 compares in terms of successful patching and replay-ability.

    Totally agree with this. In 2000 forums were literally only visited by a handful of people. Heck in 2004 when wow was first released, it was a debacle. When was the last time you had a game stop selling all box copies because they could not add new severs fast enough? And the AH was a HUGE problem that took Blizzard over 6 months to finally correct, in the mean time no one went to Ironforge because you would literally slow to a crawl cos it had the only AH around.

    There is no way any game could have had the issues Wow had at launch and survived nowadays. Mostly because people are too well informed and games are much more mainstream now. Also there just wasn't much choice. Now a days we have Torthlight 2, Path of exile, Guildwars 2 etc to look forward to, and every year has new highly anticipated games. A mediocre or bad game just won't make it.
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    Quote from burninfate

    Quote from Theungry

    You seem to be comparing D3 in week 1 with D2 after several years of patches and expansions. I'm not sure that's a useful reference point.

    True but mostly what I have stated is the CORE make up of the game. How can this game progress if people leave it in the first year?

    I'm sure your too young to know this but Diablo 2 classic had almost NONE of the things you currently enjoy about the game. The leveling game to 99? The total immunity mobs? The hard Hell difficulty? The Runes/runewords you have? Useful followers? The Ubers as you call them? None of these were in the game at launch.

    So if Diablo 3 happens to last another 10 years, you can be assured that you would have had nothing to do with it. It is true diablo fans that are anxious to improve the game by keeping the community going, by making constructive criticisms to Blizzard, by continuing to enjoy playing the game realizing that things take time.

    PS. I personally feel the game is good enough to go another decade, provided of course we get regular patches and expansions. And hopefully along the way, we can weed at least some of these negative people from the community.
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    posted a message on The endgame in Diablo 3 is pathetic, and disapointing
    Quote from SFJake

    Even Diablo 2 has more interesting end game. Uber Tristram (which did come late) is actually interesting, albeit very small and a bit lazy, end game. Thats the kind of content thats fun. REWARDING places to go, new weird things to find and do, new places, new monsters, new bosses or redesigned boss encounters with new attacks, name it.
    You do realize that that D3 has already shipped with more content than Diablo 2 classic right? Did you even know that Uber Tristian was only released 5 years after the game shipped right? Good god, you're comparing content for a game out 1 week vs a game that's had 13 patches and 1 expansion over 12 years.

    Quote from burninfate

    Give it time? Let them Revamp? Last time I checked, games come out complete and are amazing when they first come out, not a year later. Blizzard has dropped the ball, any other company would be fine. The fans have waited years for this and are already finished in days.
    If you want the game to have long legs like diablo 2 then you need to allow for the patches. Let's be perfectly honest, can you think of ANY other franchise either on PC or console that has had the success that Diablo2 has enjoyed where thousands still play it even after 12 years? Diablo 2 is the exception, not the norm. And for your info Diablo 2 HELL was also beaten in days. But that didn't stop people from playing it over and over.

    Here's an idea, build a lasting community that will span another 12 years rather than making snide comments and acting like teenagers with no self control.
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    posted a message on A realization about the game!
    Quote from maka

    Remember when Blizzard told us they removed manual stat allocation because everyone would put most poins on Vit? Funny how this turned out...

    They never said you didn't need Vit. They removed it from being a character stat you can pump cos it was a given that going to hell you need to pump Vit.

    The difference being it is now a gear choice or requirement just like + Resist gear was a requirement in D2. In Hell you had -100 resist so you NEEDED the resistance gear.

    Also @Enty, Blizzard has hotfixed the Wizard's Energy Armor rune that many were using cos it was an exploit. This is Diablo, we fully expect skills to undergo balance changes. You're expected to farm better equipment to advance not rely on 1 skill.

    Are there problems with itemization? Yes, but they will patch it up. For heavens sake D2 had tons of skill balance issues + gear issues + itemization issues + Hireling issues etc. Stop looking at it with rose tinted glasses. The D2 you play today had over 13 patches many of which had tons of balance, item, difficulty changes and many were pretty major.

    +1 to the OP for having a level head and actually contributing to the community.
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    posted a message on Why do you think you should be progressing without gear?
    +1 to OP cos this is how going from hell to inferno should work.

    Not quite at inferno yet but glad to hear the game is working as expected, hard to judge sometimes with all the rage out there. I realize that there are some issues with itemization of Legendary's and a too heavy reliance on DPS only but I'm sure that will get worked out with patches. (Just not as slow as D2 was)

    PS. Holy cow, 100k-200k an hour, no wonder the AH is so crazy with the gold prices.
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    posted a message on D3: Unfinished. Blizzard dropped the ball.

    D3 is in no way other than graphically superior than D2. I really hope they get off the high and mighty, high horse and realize they fucked up.

    Like I said this is a DIablo fan website, not a blizzard fan websiite, so if your not a "diablo fanboy" why are you even here? really the dumbest shit i've seen in awhile.

    Wow. You really hate all the design decisions they made.

    * I and many others love the change in skill design. And the sheer wealth of skills D3 offers. If you can't get over the old Skill tree design, that's going to be a huge issue for you.
    * Art as you mentioned is awesome
    * Gameplay is amazing and I will say definitely a heads up on D2. However I understand that some people don't like it.
    * Playing Co-op in D3 is a dream come through

    But there are down sides:
    * Item Affixes - There is a problem with Legendarys at the moment, and aside from DPS no one really bothers with the other affixes. But this is something they will work on.

    Please Remember:
    * Diablo 2 classic was a mess at launch as well. There were no exceptional weapon types, uniques were very lackluster as well, the leveling game was a joke, Hirelings has NO customization and were a complete joke, and Hell mode was easy.
    - All these issues got fixed with patchs that sadly too way too long. But despite it all, fans loved the gameplay. And since I've been spending way too much time before/after work + weekends all on Diablo 3, I think the gameplay will hold me for a while till the required patches arrive.

    PS. Path of Exile has an excellent skill system, and I love the concept of no gold, instead getting "items" and using that as currency. But I hate the Final Fantasy passive thing, playing any of the classes shows a distinct lack of ... "awesomeness" that diablo 3 delivers, you don't feel powerful like you do when a Barbarian in D3 smashes something.

    We're diablo fans capable of being objective. I have not read any of your previous posts, but your last one reads like a 13 year old internet hater.
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 and Poorly Implemented Difficulty
    Quote from Furyandhate

    I'm tired of reading these forums and hearing people say "get better gear" yes diablo is about gear, but lets face it "getting better gear" isn't fun its a chore its not hack and slash its "poke and run for your life or become invincible for a few seconds".
    If you didn't expect to be constantly farming the previous difficultiy just to get better gear for to advance in the next difficulity mode, you bought the wrong game.

    Quote from Furyandhate

    More over farming for items wasnt instant one shots whenever an elite came on screen. There were plenty of elites that you could kill (because your build countered it in some way) and then mobs that countered you and you would bang your head against the wall over them. It is not fun to fight a mob that you cant get far away from (mortar, teleport, fast) and you cant get close to (plagued,desecrate) but you cant escape from (waller,jailer) oh and you cant nuke down (shield,extra health).
    In Diablo2 going straight from Normal to Nightmare and Nightmare to Hell you're saying you didn't get 1 shotted by bosses without farming for gear? Then we were playing very different games.

    Quote from Furyandhate

    Without this room farming isnt farming its just progressing through the constant tunnels they are pushing us through. I really am so confused why they got rid of the big open randomly generated squares. That is what made farming fun you have to have space to grow (shut up it was funny). Making elites 1 hit wonders when you dont even have the room to kite them is just a poor programming decision in my opinion to cover up the fact that the game doesnt really have alot of space.
    Main chage is instead of Boss farming we are now game (elite/champion) farming. Its a design change and some like it some don't.

    Quote from Furyandhate

    Diablo has always been about destroying hordes of minions because your build was made to destroy A, in D3 your spec is a generalized whatever (or switch because this one thing needs this certain thing) therefor since your spec is generalized the mobs better just cover everything and call it a day! This is a poor design what is the point of playing a ranged character if you dont counter certain things (I'm talking hell difficulty and up). Why play a melee character if you dont counter something? Everything has just been homogenized into this big roll of make everything equally hard for everyone. (lets not count the skills that are clearly broken).
    Huh? So if you built a barbarian and faced a 100% physical immune elite in D2 or a Frozen Orb sorceress and faced a 100% immune elite? Worse in Hell you faced elites with 2 immunities as well and it was basically create a new game. How is this different?
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 and Poorly Implemented Difficulty
    Quote from Mysticjbyrd

    Its not hard to beat, and its bad design, because its not challenging in the right ways.
    check and mate.

    Mysticjbyrd perhaps you could actually contribute something constructive in one of your posts.

    People seriously need to do their homework when referring to Diablo 2.

    In diablo 2 going from 1 difficulity to the next was all about gear and nothing but gear. Levels did account for something but over all items were the main issue. Nightmare was hard because they made resistance a negative off the bat, and same for Hell, with -75% resistance. You HAD to farm resist equipment like mad and it actually was more important than DPS. That was not a great game design either.

    And there were only 2 kinds of mobs, melee or ranged. Diablo 3's monster design is head over heals better. And definitely Elites/Champions are a great addition. (if gosh-darned frustrating at the same time)

    Also Synergies did not appear until Patch 1.10 after LoD was released. Same goes with leveling till 99 at a reduced XP gain. That was also not released till Patch 1.10 in late 2003. Diablo 2 was released in 2000 and LoD in 2001.

    People talk about Runes, runewords, and all these additions were all in LoD which was an expansion.

    It is so easy to talk about what's wrong in Diablo 3 but they have done a heck of a lot right for a first game. Am I 100% happy? No, I have issues with some things as well, but you know what that's where the expansion comes in and they can now do a lessons learnt and add that end game content that some think is missing.

    All of you whiners want Diablo 3 to last another 10 years, and so does everyone else who is a diablo fan. But that means make sure the base game which again was redesigned from the ground up is solid like Diablo 2 was. And with lessons learnt (learning) we can expect the expansion to add to Diablo 3's legacy.

    And the design for loot drops not being as much use was the same as in Diablo2. You got to nightmare and get great items ... for normal. You go to hell and get great items for nightmare, and only very rarely you find items actually good for Hell. That'ss the diablo design. Don't like it then you've obviously never played diablo.

    Bottomline, leveling from 1-60 is fun. Thru Hell the game is still awesome and fun. Inferno... not sure cos at this point I'm not sure if items will help and I've not seen posts of anyone getting what they call Tier 3 loot either. Might make a difference just like going from Normal to Nightmare to Hell. Switching out a few items makes a HUGE difference. Imagine that.
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    posted a message on A question to the true Diablo Fans...
    Hi Cannon-Balls Booker.

    * The game (Diablo 3) is awesome. Leveling to 60 is a treat cos most every skill/rune unlocked make sit seem like a totally different skill and none of the skills are repeated across the 5 classes.

    * It is addictive as heck which is what we all want and remember from Diablo 2. I'm waking up early to play before work, rushing home to play after work. Its been quite a while since a game has been this wrapped up in it. The gameplay is unparalleled

    * It is Online only. But complains aside, joining in Co-op is so darn smooth and fun. I ran my first character solo to absorb the story but there after it just makes more sense to just fo co-op. Aside from the initial 2-3 days of server problems its been smooth sailing (For me at least)

    Things that People are complaining about:
    * AH woes. I will admit game servers are stable for most now, but the AH is still a little iffy. Its getting better and depends on the time of day but over all not a huge issue and it will get ironed out. That said the AH is usable and works 80% of the time.

    * There are valid points that you will eventially only value a few item affixes on your gear. But over all it is still darn fun to find magic items. And I'm constantly comparing stats before I sell/salvage them. Let's put it this way, I have 2 full stash tabs and 3 mules currently and I'm only in Nightmare Act 2. The item game is alive and well.

    * Legendary items (Uniques) are I think a disappointment. But it is a design philiosophy that Blizzard made, which many disagree with. I do too and I'm hoping that they will relent and patch in new and better stats for Legendary items. Ideaily in my mind the worst Legendary should be as good as an upper rolled magic item, with the potential of being amazing.

    * Longevity of the game. In Diablo 2, once you finish Hell, there were 2 things to do, level up and get better items. Now there's Inferno mode and the ultra hard core are saying they have beaten the game and there's nothing else to do. Well looking for better items is one thing. But truly, no one knows much about how long Diablo 3 will last and if it has the legs that Diablo 2 had. Only time will tell.

    However I can gurantee you that the expansion will be just as anticipated. Bottomline, if you enjoyed diablo 2's gameplay, you will like diablo 3.
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    posted a message on D3: Unfinished. Blizzard dropped the ball.
    Quote from Bleu42

    lmao " D2 had SO much more to offer! We played it for YEARS and YEARS! But D3... We hit the level cap! and some! (less than 1% of the people playing D3) have cleared inferno! And some (again, less than 1%) have some really good items! The game won't last a month!"

    D2 - duping was common. Everyone had the best items.
    Everyone could faceroll hell without a problem.
    The secret level was found! zomg!
    It may have taken a bit longer, but everyone was capped at 99, or happy staying around 85.
    People played D2 for over a decade.

    So all this whining that there's nothing to do, is unfounded. The proof is in D2 my good sirs. But hey either way, hate the game? Good, don't play it. Go whine somewhere else.

    Agreed. And I'll add a few points:
    1) The whole concept of lvl 99 and the last 10 levels being crazy crazy tedious to achieve? That was not rolled out till after LoD and in patches. It was not in the original d2 game. People are talking about a patch that was implemented years after the original launch.
    2) Runewords and Uniques you see today for D2? Both rolled out several years later with LoD. Trust me the original uniques were not that impressive either. Go check the D2 patch notes.
    3) Not only was duping an issue, all those lvl 99's? At least 70% of them used bots to repeatedly run levels gaining items and XP. Yes the bot industry was very very busy with D2. And it usually took folks over a week of 24/7 botting to get to lvl 99. A real achievement.
    4) People played D2 for over a decade. Yes. But very few continuously. It was the kind of game you jumped into when you got bored etc. D3 has been released 1 week and you're making crazy ass assumptions about its longevity.
    5) You completed D3 thru inferno in a few days. Guess what, you can complete Hell in D2 in 1 day. It is totally doable as well.

    Valid Points some haters made
    - Uniques are lackluster. I just have a different philosophy on uniques than the Blizzard design team. They should be special, and with the number of complaints this might be changed in a future patch.
    - There was a carrot to reach lvl 99 for the ultra hard core. I personally have no issues with D3 removing this since it only made up less than 5% of the total population. But to do this uniques do really have to be buffed to make them carrots worth chasing.
    - The comment about AH making the game less fun and its only human to want to use it? That's called will power folks. Also I'd rather have the AH than to have illegal sites selling D3 items and stealing cc info and etc.
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