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    Quote from Nooney53

    Wait, so wands are like they are in WoW, or like D2?

    If wands are some lame throwing weapon like in WoW, that will be laaaame. Wands were my favorite type of weapon in D2.
    Actually I don't see a real reason to use it. If you've been watching the beta videos, Magic Missle at higher levels (L5 onwards) does not seem to drain AP at all, and its spammable.
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    Have you tried using Magic Missle all the way thru and as your main spell vs the Skeleton King? Is it really viable as Blizzard said? I'm guessing at level 8 you can spam the spell and not run out of AP but was it punishing yourself if you didn't use other spells like Electrocute or Arcane Orb?
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    To play the Wizard from Lvl 1 till Skeleton King to see if the spell really does scale as we level up, and more importantly if its viable.

    Ohhh and See if I can unlock that 2nd tab of the Stash. I saw 1 beta player get all 5 slots and then it cost 10,000g to unlock the 2nd tab. I want to know how much the 14 slots cost to unlock on the 2nd tab. It must be higher to be a gold sink, but how high?
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    I agree on this all being theory, however, if we only limit it to the actual skills we have already seen in action, then its theorycraft .

    Frost Nova
    An explosion of ice freezes nearby enemies for X seconds, dealing Cold damage.
    - Super impressed with this spell and its snare ability. Have not seen mobs resist it.
    - So I think Crimson Rune cos doing more dmg is always good.
    - Or Golden Rune cos the cooldown on this is pretty long
    Crimson Rune - Chill to the Bone
    Enemies take X% more damage while frozen or chilled by Frost Nova .
    Golden Rune - Cold Snap
    Reduce cooldown to {Script Formula 3} seconds.

    Magic Missile
    Fires a missile of energy, causing Arcane damage.
    - The beta testers I've seen don't seem to like using Magic Missle once other abilities are avilable. But the AP drain on this is very low and its spamable
    - Alabaster Rune is the only option for me. Guided Arrow!! So now I can Spam and running like a chicken avoiding mobs :)
    Alabaster Rune - Seeker
    Missiles track the nearest target and damage is increased to {Script Formula 3} - [{Script Formula 3} + {Script Formula 2}] Arcane damage.

    Shock Pulse
    - ok not super impressed with this skill. I thought it would act more like Charged Bolt but then again no videos I've seen use this skill by spamming
    - Because of this I think might as well make it more an Orb
    Indigo Rune - Lightning Orb
    Turn the bolts into a floating orb of static lightning that drifts directly forward, zapping up to X nearby enemies for X Lightning damage.

    Wave of Force
    Summons a wave of pure force that deals Physical damage and knocks nearby enemies back and repels projectiles.
    - Super impressed with this spell, and from all the videos I've seen this and Frost Nova allows the wizard to do AoE better than any other class till lvl 13.
    - Alabaster Rune cos more knock back and stuns rock for someone who only wears Cloth
    Alabaster Rune - Impactful Wave
    Increases the distance enemies are knocked back and stuns all affected enemies for X seconds.

    Spectral blade
    Summons a Spectral Blade that strikes enemies in front of the Wizard, causing Physical damage with each hit.
    - I was so not interested in this spell. But then the graphics and its 'range' is much much better than I expected
    - Indigo rune - Cos I still think Wizards should not be in melee range
    Indigo Rune - Thrown Blade
    Extends the blades out to reach everything within X yards dealing X% weapon damage.

    Lightning arcs from the Wizard's fingertips towards an enemy, dealing Lightning damage.
    - Man is this spell impressive. If you've seen the videos, nuff said. Although spamming it is a AP drain
    - Golden rune to offset the AP drain or Indigo Rune to hit even more mobs!
    Golden Rune - Power Surge
    Gain {Script Formula 6} Arcane Power for every target hit by Electrocute.
    Indigo Rune - Chain Lightning
    Increases the maximum number of jumps to {Script Formula 9} enemies.

    Arcane Orb
    Conjures an orb of pure energy that explodes on contact with enemies, dealing Arcane damage to all enemies in the blast area.
    - On the fence on this one. I like Arcane Orb in idea, but spamming this is like HUGE AP drain. Looked like almost 20-25% of your AP per cast
    - Naturally Golden run to reduce AP cost, or Obsidian rune so it's now more of a protective spell
    Golden Rune - Fusion
    Reduce casting cost to {Resource Cost} Arcane Power.
    Obsidian Rune - Arcane Orbit
    Create X Arcane Orb(s) that orbit you, exploding for X Arcane damage when enemies get close.

    Diamond Skin
    Turns the Wizard's skin to diamond for X seconds absorbing damage from incoming attacks.
    - I saw this being for 5 sec only. Seriously?!? Might get better as we level up but until then, I'd rather not use it
    - Indigo Rune to increase the duration.
    - But if the duration does increase decently at higher levels, Golden Rune so we can conserve mana and blast away even more, or Obsidian Rune to up the dmg absorption
    Indigo Rune - Lasting Impression
    Increase duration to {Script Formula 5} seconds.
    Golden Rune - Prism
    Reduce Arcane Power cost of all spells by {Script Formula 4} while Diamond Skin is active.
    Obsidian Rune - Rock Solid
    Increase the maximum absorption amount to {Script Formula 0} damage.

    Emanate a beam of pure energy, dealing Arcane damage per second and disintegrating enemies it kills.
    - Holy cow. If you've seen the video, you'll understand - Holy Cow.
    - Alabaster Rune for sure - Add explosions to Disintegrate's already awesome power? Sign me up.
    Alabaster Rune - Volatility
    Enemies killed by the beam have a X% chance to explode causing x Arcane damage to all enemies within X yards
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    Diablo 3 Beta Wizard Skills

    Diablo 3 Beta Wizard Skeleton King

    I love the video of the battle vs the Skeleton King. The other classes like the Barbarian I've seen were able to tank the King, but this one really shows how fragile the Wizard really is. Heck the templer went down (not sure how he came back to full health afterwards). I love how Arcane Orb rocks, sadly it is a arcane power drain.

    And all the skills are listed in the Wizard Skills youtube. The new UI rocks!!! If you're impatient scroll to 6:40 on the Wizard skills to see all the skills, + power cost + dmg.
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    Quote from soulzek

    I really find it ironic how they implement + EXP mods in D3 (granted they were in D2, but only on very few, select special items), but removed the whole giant/optional grind to 99. Getting to 60 isn't going to be all that hard, why the exp mods as commonplace?
    You're assuming every one will hit level 60. Blizzard already said that most people playing D2 (on Bnet) over 60% never did Nightmare. They completed normal or didn't even complete normal, and that's probably the norm for games in general. For Wow, there's a much much larger population that have never reached lvl 60 on any character than there are level 85's.

    I consider myself a core gamer but no where near 'hard core'. I only had 1 char that hit low 80's in my D2 playtime. Most level out at 60+. Its just too much of a grind. (PS. I tend to play solo on bnet). Same goes for D3, I fully expect to finish nightmare, perhaps Hell if the grind for items isn't too bad. But probably not inferno. After over 30-40 runs in nightmare a day looking for a single Stone of Jordan, I gave up after 2 months. So I am all for the AH.
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    Quote from Zaagazug

    Short question: Where did you get the 4000-6000 people number from? Me - I do not know the Diablo III number but would be surprised if it is not quite alot higher than that. The main reason there is that the upper limit for WoW/WAR/EVE online and other MMO servers is driven by that the data traffic increases exponentially (this is the key word) with the number of people in one area. Since Diablo clearly limits exactly this function - number of people in one area cannot be higher than 4 - the number albeit unknown to me should be significantly different than for regular MMOs.
    You're right that number was more for MMO's. But D3 has the added complexity of needing to spawn infinite number of games instead of just ensuring everyone is in the same world server. I need to look at more videos but I didn't see a lobby system for D3 like there was in D2. So is locating others for a game like the instance matching in WOW?
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    Actually they are rolling out new functionality with Bnet2 for Diablo3. This includes the cross game achievement thing, Auction House, Banner System.

    In terms of actual game development, they were on the fence about runes as late as E3. They specifically said they are not changing the way it interacts with skills but they were not 100% sure about making runes a 1 time socket or if you would pick them up not identified and would only show the color when socketed. If a rune once socketed could only be used for that skill or transferable.

    I'm sure its all settled now since beta has started but they now need enough servers to prevent lag for day 1, and we are talking huge setup times. Every server can only hold 4000-6000 people, if you have 1,000,000 copies sold on day 1, we are talking 200 servers at least, not including Login servers, region servers, auction house servers etc.

    I expect at least 2-4 million sold on day 1 world wide. That's at least 400-800 servers, probably double that to prevent lag issues and including all the other kinds of servers. If each server takes just ~2 hour to configure. You do the math. Even if you assume all this prep work is already done, every change means a new patch and they need to patch ALL the servers. The only reason I think D3 might have a trouble free launch is because they have had 7 years of experience with WOW.
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    Its Diablo, you can recreate the game and kill him again... and again... and again... hehehe
    I think you hit Lvl 8 by the time you kill him but you can replay and just kill for XP, not sure about the level limit.
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    omg! Thanks Gallown!!!
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    Good grief, hehehe I actually downloaded a bunch of the streams and put it on a flash drive so I can watch it during lunch. Now its burning a hole in my bag and while in meetings all I can think of is "When's Lunch!"

    PS. If anyone sees a video of the Wizard in action please link it. I want to see spells flying so bad.
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    Ummmm... Look up South East Asia (SEA). It includes Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Singapore. These countries more spifically Brunei, Malaysia, and Singapore are not 3rd world countries which we associate with "Chinese Farmers". In fact Singapore is listed as a developed country.

    They are very familiar with US currency and trust me when I say gold farming is not coming from SEA. The ONLY countries where gold farming thrives are countries where the dollar exchange is much lower. Singapore and Brunei's current dollar exchange is about US$1 = S$1.25 and cost/standard of living is equivelent to that of a major city like New York or Tokoyo.
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    I love how they split the resources for the all the classes, and being a Sorceress person I'm totally in love with a fast regen resource. Kinda worried about the shallow resource comment but ... from all accounts the first few levels will be spam heaven.
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    Long time RPG player here who finally decided to join what I think is the most "established" Diablo fan site :) I mostly played D2 on Bnet but alone. The spammers and constant duelers threw me off grouping but I'm hopeful all that will change with D3. Especially since any loot we see is only for our character.

    I doubt I'll ever hit Inferno mode, excessive grinding for items just burns me out, but then again... with the Auction House now :P

    Its strange but all this waiting has finally got me fired up to play D2 again, after over 6 years hiatus. The addition of the maximized window mode really helps gameplay. I've got a L55 Charged Bolt/Energy Shield Sorceress currently facing problems in Nightmare Act 4, so I'm building up a Hammerdin as well while farming for better items. :pirate:

    PS. My first class for D3 will be the Sorceress (Slow time for the win)! But if I'm lucky enough to get into beta, I'll start with the Barbarian cos... I'm just not a Barbarian guy and I don't want to burn out in Beta.
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